What’s coming up for me now?
Learning to say no.
It feels I’ve been giving a lot lately, and have been experiencing much resentment around it.
So I’m learning,
Learning to set clear boundaries
Honouring my own needs and how I spend my time.
And of course the old chestnut of having expectations! Placing expectation that people will be there, turn up, be the knight in shining armour.
What happens when the expectations come crashing down?
I tune into my heart, my truth, my magic.
I remember evolution lives inside the mucky dark realms of our truth.
My reactions
My disappointment
My resentment
All golden opportunities to grow
To love the shadows *
This morning I arrived for my yoga class at the Magdalene chapel. I had bright ideas about delivering a class about creativity and asking the question to the group β€œwhat do π“Žπ‘œπ“Š want to birth right now?” *
9am came and no one arrived, 9:05, still no one
I am a believer that we always get what we need in every situation.
And I was gifted a great opportunity to reflect deeply upon my OWN question.
What do I want to birth now?
Where does my creativity shine?
As I sat in deep reflection sound began to pour from my lungs. A song I have not sung before but a song that felt so resonate in that moment.
The song was intuitively to Mary Magdalene whose chapel I sat within.
The vibration echoed through my being and filled the acousticly rich temple, the sound rippling out the doors and down the road.
A lady wandered in with her two dogs and sat on the bench outside the chapel and listened to my song for a while.
After she had left a man arrived and did the same thing, I kept singing this ancient devotional song to my beloved.
Today’s experience has enriched me with courage and passion to share my voice even though it makes me super nervous to do so.
This moment was so very magical.
After my practice this morning I was grateful for the time spent and wouldn’t of preferred it any other way.
It truly was perfect and divine.
I feel so much clearer in myself and my vision.
And I give thanks for a moments grace to behold such beauty that is Mary.
Here I am
Ready to be heard
May we rise together in love

𝒢𝓋𝒢𝓉𝒢𝓇 π‘œπ’» π“π‘œπ“‹π‘’ πŸŒΊπŸ‡πŸŒΊπŸ’‹πŸ’—πŸŒΈπŸŽπŸ‡
Ahhhhh HOLY MA!
She returns
Like a smouldering warm breeze at dusk
Caressing our hearts with her sweet essence
Opening us
Holding us close
Kissing our foreheads
Can you feel Her?
I say Ma Ma Ma
Can you taste Her?
I lick my lips, I laugh
For She is ecstatic
She is endless
Be in her body
Your body
Our body
Allow yourself to be eaten
Allow. Allow. Allow.
every release a deeper sensation of rippling ecstasy
There is no need to hold on
Let go
Become all that She is
And you will remember
You are always at home
Beloved child of the waters Divine
Sacred Mother of the stars
A chalice gushing from above
I honour you
I love you
At service
In my avatar of love

Seeing The Best, comes from being The Best Mother to yourself, sister. This is The Mother Journey that ReBirths & Transforms Everything!
::: Ask me how I know?
Ask me how I got here?
Ask me how I #ReBirthandEmergeTransformed πŸ¦‹ :::
I share in community! β˜† Connect at Link in Bio
#HappyMothersDay β–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺ

Happy Mother's Day, every day to EVERY WOMAN & EVERY WOMB! :::
Even the ones who feel Motherless or Unmothered, may you find your comfort in Cosmic Womb reconciliation. :::
May Every Woman find the mother within! Ase!
#ReBirthandEmergeTransformed πŸ¦‹

Stiu puiule,stiu...
In burta la mami te simti cel mai in siguranta...aici nimeni nu iti va face nici un rau...πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜— #motherwomb #kitty #feelsafe #sleep #energetic #conections #wombawakening #wombconsciousness #mybabysoul #mybabyboyπŸ’™ #kittycat #samuel

Calling all Women Who Want to Remember the Secret of Creation…

You are invited to tap into a space beyond the mind.

This space is a part of every woman and holds the power of life and death.

Let’s go beyond the power of your mind and into the profound power of your womb…

You are invited to access a female lineage where the energy of creation is remembered are fully understood.

You will remember that you are wired for CREATION; your body holds the secret codes of your life’s creative process, pleasure, expression and magnetic power.


Creation is a Full Day sacred workshop for modern woman to reclaim their full creative power.

With Sara Brooke at your guide, join an intimate circle of women to:

Unlock the secret code that lives inside a woman; few know how to access.
Discover how the original Creation Myth and Beauty Myth hijacked feminine creative power.
Explore sensual practices that awaken Shakti (Universal Creative Energy) in a safe environment.
Dissolve your to-do list and reclaim the clear guidance encoded in your unique creative cycle.
Tap into a space beyond the mind.
Heal the wounds of your sensuality.
Learn a powerful practice that connects heart, womb and throat for unleashed expression and emotional clearing.
Enter your Creation Matrix; access the 7 directions of your energetic womb space.
Take part in sacred rituals and ancient practices that modern women have not been β€˜taught’ but easily β€˜remember.’
Become initiated in mystery school teachings
Learn how to create in alignment with humanity
Move from creating from competition into creating from a place of collaboration.
Heal your relationship to you body and menstrual cycle.
Create a healthy work/life balance.
Learn the art of receiving.
Release stagnant energy, fear, repression, shame and guilt.

Date: Sunday 24th June 2018 (10am - 4.30pm)
Where: Harvest Yoga Studio, 76 McCracken St Kensington, Victoria 3031
Investment: $222 (inc GST) $100 deposit payable at time of booking to reserve space.
email sara to book sara (at) spaceinbetween.com.au --- full details on my website x Sara

My Mama, your @iyanlavanzant taught us to "Remember The Truth of Who I Am!" Each round of forgetting & remembering seems to get shorter, when I surrender The Ego's projections and illusions. (I get it Mama) ::::
It births me and now it's birthing others. Feels like a win/win to me. Now I know what it means, "All I do is win, no matter what!" :::
Sometimes it's as simple as giving up the belief that you are losing. YOU are (I Am) The Game-Changer.
Stop keeping score. Just play!
#ReBirthandEmergeTransformed πŸ¦‹
#GameChangers Only!
#DivineOrder #DivineAbundance

🌹Hello Beautiful Souls 🌹
πŸ”»βœ¨βœ¨ I have an announcement, I will be taking a break from all Media for a while, I am being called to enter the realms of solitude for a while, much alchemy is in progress and I must surrender and allow this to happen. πŸ”»βœ¨βœ¨
Im sure I will be back soon, with much more wisdom and spiritual guidance to share with your beautiful souls. πŸ”»βœ¨βœ¨
Blessed Be,
Ellenie βœ¨πŸ”»βœ¨
#solitude #hermit #enterintotheunknown #resting #regeneration #phoniex #wombconsciousness #clarity #bast

β˜€οΈ Hello Beautiful Souls β˜€οΈ
One of my passions is writing, since I was a little girl I always had a journal, writing down my thoughts, idea and feelings was always very healing for me.
One of the ways I've always wanted to share that passion was through having my own blog, where I can openly share my stories, wisdom, guidance and knowledge with others... I am pleased to say that this dream has now manifested.. .
I invite you all to check out my blog, as I will be posting weekly on my website @ emitra-thewomb.com
My first blog is now published "Falling in Love With Your Womb", removing shame, pain and the Divine alchemy of a woman. β˜€οΈπŸ”»β˜€οΈ I share my story of growing up hating my Moontime (period) to falling in love with it, and the amazing miracles gained from that shift in consciousness. .
I hope you enjoy, and thank you for your support πŸ™πŸ½πŸ”»πŸ™πŸ½.
#blogger #womanhood #wellness #wombwisdom #wombconsciousness #bloggerlife #womensblog

Two years ago, grandmother ayahusca sent me on a journey back into womb consciousness. I remember entering my yoni space and literally gave birth to myself out of my own vaginal canal. Then zoom! Back in I went and gave birth to my own mother, my mothers mother and so on along the mother line. I even got my blood on that first ceremony, it was that powerful.
With each various plant medicines I since worked with, all have brought me back into womb consciousness and I would always joke how I "looked pregnant" at each ceremony, not fully realising for sometime that indeed I was pregnant, am pregnant with beautiful ascension codes for our Mother Gaia.
She in her infinite wisdom has blessed each of her daughters with codes that run through her womb waters.
With absolute clarity i have said on occasion, "I have just birthed the new earth". This isn't soley me however, it is all sisters, each and every sacred woman here now on the planet past and present.
There is work here and when the time comes, you will know through trusting yourself, exactly what to do. For each of us this birthing experience will be beautiful and unique.
I have been even on my hands and knees experiencing physical like labour so that an energy could be birthed, this was randomly and without warning was brought on one day when I had a day off. Another time I was doing breath work!
Be prepared sisters, the fruits of your labours will be birthed as we all ascend. Hold love in your heart and speak to your womb as though you are with child, rub her, connect with her ~ see what she has to say!
Sound codes for womb waters are coming in fast these days, I will upload when appropriate but you too can see what sound codes are within you by first grounding, then connecting to your heart with intention, then allow sound to come out. Mind has no place here so be gentle with your judgements for there is no wrong way.
Love to you πŸ’™πŸŒˆπŸ’–πŸ’«πŸŒŠ

Regrann from @avaloneia - Deepest bows familia πŸ™brothers and sisters πŸŒˆπŸŒŠπŸ¦„πŸ’« Unicorn energy waves very strong now, showing me this morning they are creating anti-clockwise rainbow portals across the oceans to clear and cleanse, as all waters will start to vibrate at crystal intelligence πŸŒˆπŸ¦„πŸŒŠπŸ’« .
You can assist by speaking to the water within you and visualise this cleansing within. .
Sisters you are assisting the birth of the new earth, you carry the waters of ascension within your womb. Fill your womb with rainbow light! πŸŒˆπŸ’–πŸ¦„
#wombcodes #wombwaters #yoniconsciousness #wombconsciousness #yoni #womb #anewearth #thenewearth #theevent #novagaia #5d #5dconsciousness #wombyn - #regrann

Deepest bows familia πŸ™brothers and sisters πŸŒˆπŸŒŠπŸ¦„πŸ’« Unicorn energy waves very strong now, showing me this morning they are creating anti-clockwise rainbow portals across the oceans to clear and cleanse, as all waters will start to vibrate at crystal intelligence πŸŒˆπŸ¦„πŸŒŠπŸ’« .
You can assist by speaking to the water within you and visualise this cleansing within. .
Sisters you are assisting the birth of the new earth, you carry the waters of ascension within your womb. Fill your womb with rainbow light! πŸŒˆπŸ’–πŸ¦„
#wombcodes #wombwaters #yoniconsciousness #wombconsciousness #yoni #womb #anewearth #thenewearth #theevent #novagaia #5d #5dconsciousness #wombyn

I love the sexy feminine spread of Quartz stones on these uniquely styled waist beads!! These waist beads can be worn by any queen with a 35 inch waist and up. DM for details.
#sungoddessjewelry #waistbeads #culture #wombconsciousness #ankh #quartz

Anchoring womb waters into 5d Gaia. Please join me by watching my insta story for a 4 min sound code upgrade, for sisters feeling the call. .
#theevent #5dgaia #5d #wombconsciousness #yoniconsciousness #sacredwoman #divinefeminine #yoni #womb #priestess #witchyways #wombyn #sistars #sisters

Plants are where the medicine is at 🌱 I make no secret that they have opened me up to different worlds than when I offered pure psychotherapy. .
Plants not only provide the bridge between the mental, emotional and physical bodies but are also an anchor that integrate us into the new earth. .
In complete humbleness I am their servant, and open myself up to each of their teachings. They are expressions of divine truth and I interpret their meanings into each of the yoni steam blends I offer. .
Right now we are working on an exciting batch, for women who are looking to anchor their womb waters into 5d gaia. I will also be singing light codes for you to tune into this coming week. .
It's been an intense year but exciting times are ahead sisters.
Much love πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’–πŸŒˆπŸ¦„πŸŒ±

#theevent #5dgaia #5d #anewearth #wombwaters #wombconsciousness #yoniconsciousness #yoniherbs #yonisteamherbs #vaginalsteaming #vaginalsteam #vaginalsteamherbs #sacredwoman #divinefeminine

Excited to be teaching a series of healing focused #Bellydance classes at beautiful Laya Spa on Queen West. Thursdays at 6 pm. Riding down into #wombconsciousness and #quietingthemind. Yum. #layaspa #roulasaid #livepercussion #omlaila #sevenwaves

A sneak peek at the new Womb Journal, available next week at the Women’s Healing Arts Circle. Register for the event for a chance to win a FREE womb journal with meditations, practices, affirmative prayers, menstrual charts, and plenty of journal pages to support your initiatory journey into womb wisdom and womb health. Kimbady.com/events. #wombmyn #womenshealth #wombwisdom #womb-health #womenscircle #harmony #wombconsciousness #balance #hormonalhealth #hormonalbalance #fertility #flow #fibroids #libido #energy

I’ve been in the process of packing for an upcoming move and a few days ago I came upon one of the earliest Goddess figures I made, wrapped carefully and tucked in one of my chests filled with magick things from my life. What makes this early one special is I made this one for me, to celebrate my moontime and go on my menstrual altar at the time.
The red symbolizes that life-giving blood. She is fairly rudimentary, but this was towards the beginning of my creating my Goddess figures.
I made her around late 1992/early 1993, so she is 25 years old- (which trips me out!).
She still feels so good to hold, and when I hold her, I remember how excited I was in the beginning of my path and work. And to witness this explosion of young women joyfully reclaiming and celebrating their cycles, their bodies, their blood...like in HUGE waves- I seriously cannot underscore enough how fucking awesome and mega-validating to my own experience, expression, place and purpose in this movement it is to witness this. Mind blowing to see the blooms from all those scarlet seeds planted- seeds planted up to 45 years ago by the foremothers of this movement. In AWE.
Yes, I’m writing a love letter here. I’m just feeling really blessed and grateful for my life and for my Sistars right now.
And wanted to share my delight at spending time with this particular Goddess again ❀️

A new consciousness of womb wisdom is birthing through out the earth, bringing to life unity, balance and harmony of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine within us and outside of us. As givers of life it is our blessing as woman to assist with the birth of this new consciousness. Awakening authentic self, living our inner truth, creating and manifesting inspiration through love, divine feminine leadership, community, family & sisterhood. 🌹
Are you feeling the call of remembrance and connection to your Divine Feminine (Inner moon)? Is there a longing to discover your inner world and live in sync with your body and nature?
Is Grandmother Moon & the Earth Goddess calling you to awaken the physical, emotional, spiritual Flow & Rhythm of your true essence?
There is much to discover, transform and heal within your own mystery. Together we share and express our blessings and gifts, in a sacred environment filled with love, compassion and support for you to blossom into your divine feminine leadership. 🌹
What you will Learn? ~ How to live in Harmony with your Cycle
~ How to embody truth and empowerment
~ Balance masculine & feminine energy ~ Uncover the Ancient Blood Mysteries ~ Moon Mysteries/Charting ~ How to embrace your shadow ~ How to have a healthy relationship & Sex life ~ Moon Rituals & Womb Clearing ~ Herbs and Essential oils for all things woman
~ Transform Patterns ~ SO MUCH MORE…… 🌹
When: Sundays from April 15th to May 27th, 2018 from 6pm to 9pm
Where: Rise Mind & Body 3066 George Savage Ave, Oakville Ontario L6M 0Z1
Cost: 2 payments of $188.00 (Plus HST)
With: Ellenie Loudaros Certified Energy Practitioner, Women’s Spiritual Leadership Guide, Womb Educator & Activator, Student of the Divine Cosmic Forces of Love, Intuitive Guide and Channeller. 🌹
Registration: info@risemindbody.com or Mind Body App.

I lost my voice
It was silenced eons ago
By an energy that told me
That I wasn’t allowed to speak
That I wasn't powerful
That I was small and weak
I believed this
For far too long
I denied myself
From singing my heart song
But I shall not choose this anymore
I choose to live life fully
To open up new spirals & doors
Not only for myself but for all women who are ready
To remember their original innocence
And release anything that is heavy
Anything that is still weighing them down
Anything that makes their energy drown
It is time precious ones
To step into our primal power
To open up the womb portals
So we remember
The key to our immortality
And let the goddess
That destroys evil forces
Come out to play
Beloved Kali
Bestow liberation
Bless this incarnation
Open to the transformation
Of letting go of the ancient separation
And all of the suppression
The red river is flowing again
Carving new passageways
For us to begin
To enter into
With eyes and hearts anew
Awakening the wild womb
So balance may be restored to the Earth
As we all collectively go through this ceremony of re-birth
I lost my voice
It was silenced eons ago
That is now an old story
It is time to create an exquisite new dream
One of pure truth, pure power, & pure beauty
And enter into the velvet sea
Of our original innocence
The Divine consecration of humanity
#poetry #divinefeminine #divinefemininerising #goddessrising #goddessrisingsisterhood #embodieddivinity #embodiedecstasy #priestess #priestesspath #wombawakening #wombconsciousness #wombyn #wombhealing #shakti #kali #kalima #awakening

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