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A Mother's Blessing Way is a sacred ceremony that we do to honor a mother as she enters the great transition into motherhood 🌸🤰🏼🐣✨ All the women brought flowers for the altar and for beautiful Claudia's flower crown 🌼👑🌼 We each gave her gifts to remind her of her strength and grace during the birth. We said prayers and set intentions together for her and the baby's health and well-being 🙏🏼. Here I'm giving Claudia and Orion a Reiki energy recharge. I loved being a part of this, I hope more women are inspired to do these in the future... Life is beautiful ✨🌀✨

I am Sekhmet
I am the fire in your womb space.

I have come to burn the dross
The stagnant energy that has kept you silent and in fear.

It is time to RISE and Embrace the Goddess within you
I am here and ready to grant boons to the ones who desire to stand in my light.

Beloved Sekhmet
Lion hearted lady of the Solar Ray
Warrior Goddess
Goddess of Love

She who is known by many names

Giver of Ecstasies.
Satisfier of desire
Enrapturing one
She is coming now if we call on her
To help you to reclaim your power.

Sekhmet, the warrior queen is the here to help us bring back our voices.
To allow the authentic expression of our unique aspect of feminine power to come through.

We as women need to call back the fierce feminine again.
Claiming her, is part of claiming our voices back from our abusers.
All the times, you wanted to say NO, but it couldn’t come out of your mouth.
All the times you were hushed or dimmed down trying to fit in or be liked.
She seeks to bring out the best in you and in that calls forth the fierce aspect of you.
Find your peace with your fury and find your eloquence amidst the silence
And speak that which has not been spoken.

We can not change the trajectory of our planet right now without the Goddess Sekhmet.>
⭕️The Goddess is calling her priests and priestesses.
Do you feel the call?
🔺http://www.kundalinidance.com/sekhmet-warrior-queen/ 🔵IMAGE & TRANSMISSION VIA: KUNDALINI DANCE ON FB
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In the #womb sundae
Punching the air is the #sound of peace
#blessedbonusbollard from @magical_feelism

Tag your friends turned family below ⬇️⬇️😍😍Share that love.

A great adventure is about to begin..But seems like my little prince is really comfortable inside my cosy #womb 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ We all are counting on u my little angle, its time to make a move now 🤗❤️☘️✨#happybirthday time! 🤔🌏

#JUSTICE #womb #dj #GaspardAuge


日中は、振り入れのリハに自作ナンバーの振りを考えて 衣装のお直しの毎日😊❣️ リハの合間にディズニーやアートアクアリウムにふらりしたり、舞台3本見たり、香和やこんぱるの素敵なショー見たり😆


今週は、準備をしつつオフ満喫できました❤️ 明日でオフはラスト‼️
また劇場1ヶ月がんばりますよー💪🎶 何を踊るかは見てのお楽しみに💖

写真はね、演目とは全然関係のない写真です🤣😅 また劇場で皆様とお会いできるの楽しみです❣️ コースのおさらいと外部イベント情報‼️ 8/21〜8/30@新宿ニューアート

9/1 〜10@東洋ショー劇場


9/24 samurai empire live@womb




🌹I'm due on my period soon 🌹 - shall I tell you why that pleases me? .
I've gone and brought myself a @mooncupltd. 👏🏽Excuse me ladies - I just think the time has come where we no longer need to stuff a dry mass of genetically modified cotton infused with a cocktail of chemicals up our vaginas every month 🚫. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I love my vagina ❤️! I love my body ❤️. Our vaginas are highly permeable and I for one don't want mine to be sipping on that cocktail & popping it straight into my blood stream 🥀✋🏽. But that's just me. So I'm using my moon cup! 🌙
Moon cups are reusable so say good bye to continuous sanitary tax ladies. They've comfy, convenient, and most importantly aren't full of scary shit. Being latex-free, hypoallergenic and containing no dyes, perfumes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins, the Mooncup menstrual cup is ideal if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
Why do we not all have one of these?! 🌞

miscarriage at second trimester, suction evacuation done #CT #suction #miscarriage #womb #uterus

来月9/2(土)は06S @ womb
今回は #blockfm とのコラボで開催で、タクさんとジョンさんが出演です😊
#WOMB #東京 #TJO #takutakahashi #blockfm
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We Love all music🗻🏯🗻
#womb #edbangerrecords #feel #house #techno #disco

#womb #lollipop #shibuya #wombtokyo

#JUSTICE #womb #dj #GaspardAuge

Blessup Sunday wif a bro from a different #womb

Always wif the winning team....💏

We've delivered over 100 adjustments the last two days 😬 on our last day in the US for a minute, we also held a womb health class, painted our studio (thank you to the men that step up and support us boss ladies!), and encapsulated a placenta... AND a Sprinkles/Whole Foods adventure with a couple ride or dies was thrown into the mix 😍 the most extra, always. And of course it's after midnight with laundry, cleaning and packing still needing to be done before an early morning flight. The amount of love and energy poured into each day is sometimes overwhelming... but this community... my ride or dies, we roll deep. Each of you generously shares your gifts, without hesitation, to make us better. Our healing team will be available all week in house, and doctora lexi will have that international service activated, available via text- replies may be delayed (BEACH, please 😜). As always, be an example. inspire. empower. ✌🏽

#womb #フェフ姉さん

来週末wombにてplay👏ディスカウントご希望の方はDM or LINEください🏃🏼‍♀️ 実に12年振りに来日を果たす ROGER SANCHEZ は、マイケル・ジャクソン、ダイアナ・ロス、Jamiroquai、Maroon 5 のリミックスを手掛け、2003年に No Doubt – “Hella good” のリミックスでグラミー賞最優秀リミックス賞を獲得。20年以上にも及ぶキャリアを持ち、DJ としてハウスミュージックの様々な楽曲を MIX し世界中のオーディエンスを魅了し続けているレジェンドだ。
先月のベルギーで開催されている世界最大級のフェス Tomorrowland でもプレイし、2016年に惜しまれつつもクロージングしたイビサの老舗クラブ Space Ibiza の Closing Fiesta では、Carl Cox、Sasha、Nic Fanciulli など錚々たるメンツと共に最後の夜に華を添えた。
ROGER SANCHEZ は今月だけでも、イビサのアムネシア、クロアチアでの Defected、バリ島での Pacha Festival などなど世界各地をギグで飛び回っており、この来日公演を逃すと次はいつ見られるか分からない、まさにプレミアムな一夜となる。

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Put into practice what you've learned and God will be with you and bless you abundantly, so are your household. As God promised Abraham that He will bless him and his descendants, because of his faith, God blessed him abundantly! 👆
#blessedmom #blessed #abundance #faithful #obedience

Avocados are optimal in womb health.
It takes 9 months to grow an avocado- same amount of time it takes for a human to develop in the womb.
Avocados also resemble the womb.
The signs are always present, you just need to tune in. Namaste 🖤

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