Think about it though.

Antoinette is just such an amazing human! To all my black girls, when was the first time you ever felt represented on TV?! I grew up mainly watching women of color and black women on tv shows and cartoons so I’ve never felt that void before... but I always loved and connected to Penny Proud from the Proud Family, Claire from my wife and kids, Vanessa from the Bernie Mac show and Kim Parker from The Parker’s! (Also this post is not limited to just black girls! Other women of color can answer this too :) )

We live for expensive skin 🧚🏾‍♂️🍯

I’m so happy with Bishop Curry. In my own opinion I personally feel like if God says His love cancels out sin then is gay love really a sin?!? It’s just two people loving each other... I just don’t get it. I just want everyone to be happy and love who they want... what’s the issue @God... honestly y’all I believe in God and heaven but it just makes me sad that I was taught that those who love the same sex won’t make it into heaven... it just don’t make sense too me. LOVE IS LOVE.
I mean this with the most respect but it just baffles me that someone won’t get into heaven just for loving someone of the same sex... i can understand murder and rape and those things but for loving someone 😕??? I don’t agree with God on that no shade

Black Girl Mixtape is doing very important work to provide a platform for black women to be able to #lecture as #authority on various issues that matter to black womanhood. Will you:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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“One day in 1994, while staying in Vrindavan, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, I went exploring on my own. I came upon a quiet square. It was midday and the Indian heat was sweltering. I saw a woman lying alone, swaddled in fabric. In the background of this shot, you can see a bundle of clothes. That’s her.
I moved towards her and saw she was dying. She was extremely old and clearly in her final moments. I went to fetch her some water when a group of children appeared. They thought nothing of it. They explained that elderly women and widows often come here to die. She could no longer talk. Sometimes known as the City of Widows, the town is a magnet for bereaved women. Some 15,000 live there, and thousands more travel there each year. Legend has it that Krishna, the Hindu god of love and compassion, spent his childhood in Vrindavan. Pilgrims flock from all over to pay their respects.” Link in bio to read #theguardian article. || ~ #5artistasmujeres #5mujeresartistas #5womenartists #womeninthearts #womenartists #womeninart #womanist #artoftheday #artlovers #photography #cityofwidows #pamelasingh

not all white kids cause ion want y’all to feel targeted.

I wish more existed! I feel so uncomfortable at the gym some times because of the men!!!

“Black girl magic, ya’ll can’t stand it...” Air Force veteran, Spelman College Alumna. #departmentalhonors #Feminist #womanist #blackandeducated #spelmancollege

"tough girl." they said i had alotta heart. 1 of only 2 girls in entire tackle football league i played 4 the HARLEM GIANTS. defensive end, tackle, middle+outside linebacker, special teams. once they accepted how serious i was my team decided 2 train me extra hard so i would be toughest & fearless no matter who. the commissioner found out about me & banned me from games.. it turned into a thing. people protesting on the sidelines, lawsuits, threats. my coaches put me back in during the championship 2 say a big FOH.. it felt like a movie, crowd def cheered. had a couple sacks & tackles that game which we won. the women raising me at the time felt i should make a statement at the awards ceremony so here i was hair laid, skirt, heels & an unbroken smile. they awarded me rookie of the year. played 1 more year then coached 7-15 year olds for the BRONX BUCCANEERS. i can still hear our oldest coach BOVAIN (😇) yelling through his shifty dentures as we ran drills in the cold muddy rain: "DO IT RIGHT THE 1ST TIIIME!!!" lmaofff.. all that & my hands still soft asf || 💪🏿👑🏈 || #Yass #Inspire #Deadass #BossBabe #SheDidThat #Throwback #StrongWomen #Athlete #Wisdom #FemaleAthlete #Football #Harlem #Womanist #Community #YouthSports #Story #Journey #Tomboy #NYCGirl #FemaleRapper #Songwriter #MentalHealth


The hardest part I had to learn about the person I had fell in love with, is I attracted that energy to me, I manifested that in my existence and only way to work past that was to throw out the trash, restore and repair myself.

For soo long I was a victim to circumstances I created, he did everything that's why I reacted. Etc.

I'm not saying brother's don't play Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde I'm saying that we usually ignore the signs because we're soo caught up on who we think a person is, and how authentic we're being to see we're attracting things we subconsciously desire, like drama.
It's soo hard to recognize that part of myself, but it's better to know myself and had suffered pain, then to not know myself and remain in a suffering state. Elevation takes time, accountability isn't easy. It forces you to grow up and say " damn it's me as well" .
I hope it inspired someone #ReenaNicole.#SocialSundays

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Guys I am so excited for FLAMBOYAN and what I'm about to share with yall. It's also a little terrifying cuz this piece is so personal. Not to mention this is my first piece I'm producing totally on my own post grad under my new production company. But I know that I'm not alone and that there are others like me screaming into the void who need a place to gather, celebrate, and mourn. I know that women are sick of their pain being held as collateral. I just have such a special feeling about this piece in my heart. I want to be able to share this with the world 🌎 I feel that if I stay on this path it will evolve into one of the highlights of my career. Stay tuned for the eventbrite link dropping on June 1st if you want to buy tickets. Thanks again to everyone who has helped me and supported me and shown me love 💗

Why would you want to grow balls when they are so freaking delicates! Grow A Pair instead! 💣💥💪🏾. My last soft pink tote bag in my #etsyshopMonailtd 💘. #growapair #womanpower #womanist #feministaf #feministart #feministkilljoy #artefeminista #etsylove #etsyfinds #etsylisting #etsyshop

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