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Sorry I'm too lazy to crop these right but the last one is the best 💀😂

this country didn't need an eclipse to fall into darkness #staywoke #wokememes #wokelife

Morning motivation. #wokememes

The town of Dickinson, Texas announced in their Aid Contracts that the receiver of aid must not boycott Israel.
I guess the First Amendment doesn't count for ISIS-RA-EL lol.
Israel has No Past except a criminal record. The land of apartheid, tyranny and genocide. The land that receives the Most Foreign Aid. America is Israel's bitch. Trump just gave em 38 Billion. We pay for their free health care while we don't have our own lolol. Anyone who disagrees is an "antisemite". So in other words if you don't support the daily slaughtering of Palestinian men women and children Oop You Hate The Jews! That's how they getcha. They have far too long gotten away with their plot for world domination. Notice how ISIS will travel 3,000 miles to strike America but they won't strike Israel, their neighboring country. That's because The snake doesn't bite it's own tail. Through the media and Hollywood and politics (which they run) and the slow taking away of our basic human rights, which we see is happening all around, what will stop them from Total Control but Me and You!
#hurricaneharvey #dickinsontexas #israelrunstheworld #israelstartsallwars #wokememes #conspiracymemes #conspiracy #isis #terrorism #israel #palestine #trump

cash us outside at international women's day events u probably put that you're "going to" on fb! gotta keep that performativity flowing to impress ur tinder dates and climb the ladder of social capital, amirite dudes?! ...but will u rly be "going to" the event called "hold yrself accountable for yr internalized misogyny with the way u treat us both platonically and intimately" - or are u just "interested"?? haha
#wokememes #cancelled #cashmeousside #ivyqueen #intersectionalfeminism #verylit


Sorry I'm too lazy to crop these right but the last one is the best 💀😂

Yes hello I'd like to adopt every stray dog in the world they are pure and selfless and I want to protect them and I actually sometimes cry about the fact that humans actually domesticated these sweet creatures and bred them to be so gentle and entirely dependent on us and then still have the audacity to neglect them and lack the resources to ensure they are properly cared for while refusing to condemn puppy mills and failing to neuter our dogs leading to more neglected puppies and families taking on an animal they aren't willing to commit to caring for and eventually abandoning them and *deep breath*oh my god. Okay. Im gonna go cuddle my doggie. Can't think about this. Too much. I do not yet have the means to protect every doggie. But god help me. One day. You'll see.😭💔🐶

John Dunsworth "Jim Lahey" passed away this week and this is how we're coping okay👏👏

"If I'm wearing a top, I don't wear a bra. If I'm wearing a bra, I just wear a bra"-Queen Rihrih, Vogue 2014

they gon come n find me 4 this one lol

so obvious but football got em lookin other way

Exactly!!! Which is one reason I don't fall for celebrity ambassador partnerships with organizations like Red Cross, UNICEF, Make-A-Wish Foundation, etc. #trueaf #true #accurate #scam #redcross #fraud #unicefambassador #unicef #fake #celebrities #wokememes #woke #memes

Ollie’s busy so you get a meme from me!! -C

Let me slep-J

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