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I agree☝️

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Half the world is dying of over eating and the other half is dying of starvation.
Why do two kids need to eat 200 nuggets? Disgusting.
Pray for Syria and everyone in distress around the world, it's a daily struggle for them. My heart is with Syria
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*(Swipe For More Information)* NEPHILIM: The Nephilim Giants were the offspring of sexual relationships between the sons of God (Fallen Angels) and daughters of men in Genesis 6:1-4. There are much more scriptures that identify the existence of the giants. (2 Sam 21:20, Duet 2:20, Josh12:4, etc...)

Why would the Fallen Angels do such a thing? The Bible does not specifically give us the answer. They are evil, twisted beings...so nothing they do should surprise us. One speculation is that the fallen ones were attempting to pollute the human bloodline creating abominations to God, which resulted in hybrid Giants. They wanted to make the earth just God and the Angels like it used to be before the rebellion in heaven. Another theory is that God had promised that the Messiah would one day crush the head of the serpent, Satan (Genesis 3:15). The fallen ones in Genesis 6 were possibly attempting to prevent the crushing of the serpent and make it impossible for a sinless "seed of the woman" to be born. Again, this is not a specifically biblical answer, just theories, but it is biblically plausible.

The Nephilim Giants ultimately became a destructive presence on Earth and were said to have consumed "all acquisitions of men" in the book of Enoch. In order to rid these beings from Earth (along with the humans who mixed with them and all other wickedness) God created the Great Flood. In order ensure the survival of humanity, however, Noah was forewarned by God to build his ark.

The Nephilim were on the earth after the flood so It seems that the demons repeated this act sometime after the flood as well. However, it likely took place to a much lesser extent than it did prior to the flood. The Nephilem were later destroyed by the Israelites during their invasion of Canaan (Joshua 11:21-22) and later in their history (Deuteronomy 3:11,1 Samuel 17).

It appears that the Nephilim not only modified human DNA, but altered the genome of animals too. Perhaps, this is where the legends of centaurs, unicorns, minotaurs, and other genetic creatures originated?? If that seems far fetched, today’s scientists have already created a a pig-human hybrid in the lab.

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God I wish I was that woke 👁️👁️ Follow @some_bull_ish 👈 for more

My favourite thing Trevor Noah has done

HBD nessie💛 thank you for making me laugh every single day. I love watching you grow up into a beautiful badass of a sissy:) never stop smiling #eyebrowsarecousinsnottwins #woke #15!!!

Not saying Joe should run in 2020, but if he does, here's the campaign poster and slogan 👍


This is the CRAP I used to eat! I plugged it into the Fitbit food calculator tonight to get an idea of what a fat ass I was...JEEZUS!! I ate like shit. Whole boxes of Mac N Cheese, McDonalds on a regular, coke, milk, cookies, flour tortillas with every breakfast, doritos, frozen burritos, 1 whole can of chili on my frozen burritos, top it with a huge tablespoon of sour cream...the list goes on and on. I must have been packing 4000 calories a day easy. AND ZERO EXERCISE!!! I was like "what are carbs?" SMDH!! #woke #fit #healthy #hardwork #gym #motivation #weightlossjourney #fitfam #runner #halfmarathon #journey #tall #run #socal #sweat #asics #fatloss #nikeplus #womensrunningcommunity #igfitness #runningcommunity #fitness #health #fitbit #tattoos #plantbased #mealprep #fatass #poordiet

So good. Link on bio.

Lol my dude #woke ✊🏽


🔥This is actually going around on Christian fb sites and they want a sided war🔥 They are waiting for the call to serve their dictator! Stay awake! They are silently trying to silence us! Thank you @house615 for the time you took to share this! Kool Aid drinking leads to traitor THINKING! Stay #woke ✊👎
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Face planting is my forte 🏔🏂
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