Sten is a British submachine gun. It was designed in 1940 and was used during the Second World War and in the post-war period. Its authors were Harold Turpin and Reginald Shepherd. The name Sten is an abbreviation for Shepherd, Turpin and Enfield. The Sten submachine gun is the second, after VIS, legendary weapon used by the Polish underground. The British provided large amounts of Stenów for partisan units in occupied Europe, mainly through air discharges. Thanks to the small size and the possibility of spreading it into shorter components, Sten proved to be the perfect weapon for guerrilla operations and underground city actions. In the years 1942-1944, about 11,000 Stenów were dropped to Poland, mainly in the Mk II version. Sten was a convenient weapon for use in conspiracy because it was easy to carry in a folded state and quickly folded. Compared with the German MP40 machine guns or even the Soviet PPSz, the execution was simple, but the weapon was cheap, easy to hide and in good close combat it was good. In addition to the advantages mentioned, such as low cost and simplicity of production, Sten was not free of drawbacks, which mainly included his poor ergonomics. However, some of the attributes attributed to him: that he was dangerous or unreliable, to a large extent resulted from improper use. Improper wearing of an unprotected and ready-to-fire weapon could easily lead to accidental firing. Some series of pistols, without lock protection, could fire when the weapon fell to the ground or hit the butt. Sten came mainly from allied discharges but was also produced in secret labels. In occupied Poland, Stenów's underground production was undertaken in at least 23 workshops. The first copies (58 pieces) were produced in Suchedniów in the FUT factory. Polish Stens produced in Warsaw had a stamped eagle sign, a serial number and a production date. In Poland, Stena developed its own improved submachine gun - Błyskawica.

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Uprising 44 - The operation "Storm", was an entry of the Home Army against the German army that occupied Warsow. \\//
Powstanie 44 - Wystąpienie zbrojne przeciwko okupującym Warszawę wojskom niemieckim, zorganizowane przez Armię Krajową w ramach akcji "Burza". #history #patriots #poland #warsaw #polska #warszawa #warszawa_love #like4like #likeforlike #commentforcomment #followforfollow #followme #army #wojskopolskie #soldier #war #stanartdesign

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Jak na 25km marszo-biegu wyglądamy całkiem dobrze 😁
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