When your community grows so big that you have no more space for the group photo! WOF group photo from this year and back 💙 Swipe left 👈 Congrats and shout out to @andawhamybar @nancychang and everyone who has contributed to making this dream a reality! #skatelikeagirl #wof6 #wof7 #wof8 #wof9

Looking back at last year photos from “wheels of fortune” and counting the days to have the best times with the homies in Seattle! Can’t wait! #wof8

#WheelsOfFortune isn't just for the big kids! Check out these awesome skaters from #wof8 and our different divisions in the competitors registration, live on our website! 📸: @olga_aguilar___
#wofwednesday #WOF8

Like most of us I look back at my year, 2017 was a crazy year for me, definitely I made some mistakes and went through huge disappointment and sad moments but after all I try not to think of the pain I felt, I rather think of the strength I gain and appreciate how far I’ve become. I’ve been thought a lot but I grown a lot too. After all, it was an amazing year and here are some of my favourite moments and accomplishments that I rather talk about to be happy and step forward with grace again.
In 2017 I: •Started working for myself full time
•Hosted my first ever photo show #SkatebroadsVancouver
•Finally learned how to drop in
•Traveled to Cuba for the first time and then went back 3 more times. #patinandoenCuba
•Got to be part of a cool project for @vice and @vans #slambyme
•Got my first ever photo published in a Magazine (@thrashermag )
•Finally traveled to Tequila town and learned all about Tequila •Did my first ever rap song and video with the legendary @_dang.com_ for #srslythemovie
•Enjoyed many skate sessions and skate trips, including #WOF8, @exposureskate and of course #srslythemovie tour.
and as the cherry on top: •Ended the year in Mexico with my friends and family.
At the end it was all the people around these moments and adventures that made these moments worth-while and I can wait to keep sharing more epic adventures with you all. Thank you! You know who you are! 😘😘😘

A while back in Seattle during #wof8. @shariwhite filming for #srslythemovie get yours now! Link in my BIO.

Its #InternationalDayOfTheGirl AND #WOFWednesday! We’re celebrating with some of our favorite photos from past Wheels of Fortune’s and the talented ladies that absolutely shred! #ladiesofshred #girlsshred #skatelikeagirl #wof8 #wof9 #wheelsoffortune #skateboarding

This is Sage. I'd been a fan of their raw style for a while before I finally got the pleasure of seein them rip in person at #WOF8 Shortly after, they started losing the ability to skate/walk and got diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer @theskatewitches are donating all proceeds from their bigcartel until Oct. 31st to Sage's (@dog_hair_on_your_sweater) recovery fund which is in my bio if you want to donate directly. Anything helps! #fuckcancer

#tbt to Queen of the Road antics. Wheels of Fortune 9 will be May 4-6, 2018 and we're already excited!
#skatelikeagirl #wof8 #wof9 #queenoftheroad #skateboarding

There's a whole stack of fun photos by @lapir0 over on her blog (link in her bio) that she shot at this year's Wheels of Fortune // @lil_tubsy gets the trick and @jorda.n_n gets the shot 📷 @lapir0 #yeahgirl #ladiesofshred #skateboarding #WOF8

@fabiana_delfino kick flipping at this rad spot in Seattle for the #WOF8 girls skate tour 🤘🏼 PC: @lapir0

#skateboarding #gotr #skateordie #girlswhoskate #ladiesofshred #girlskaters #chickflip #thankyouskateboarding #havefunordontcome

The one time I rented a 🚙and drove around Seattle with this crew! Huge thank you to @lapir0 for making an edit, taking photos and sharing it to the 🌎. Check out her blog - link in bio. 🌸🎉💜.📸 @lapir0

#TBT: exploring new parks in Seattle for #WOF8 with @breezeana @allysha.le @lil_tubsy @fabiana_delfino @samnar_ @cranberryinmycup more photos on my blog. (Link in BIO).

Fun times in Seattle "Garfield High" with @lil_tubsy @jorda.n_n @breezeana @cranberryinmycup @fabiana_delfino @skaterosie @samnar_ @allysha.le more photos on my blog. (Link in BIO) #WOF8

#waybackwednesday Picking the right name for your crew at contest can be gruelling. But not when you are composed of a bunch of Canadians and people with Venezuelan, Cuban, African American, First Nations, Mexican, Vietnamese, and Filipino descents. In this case, calling ourselves “Team Ethnic” was no brainer for the "Queen of the road" challenge at #WOF8.

Last May, @skaterosie, @lil_tubsy, @breezeana, @allysha.le, @samnar_ , @cranberryinmycup, @jorda.n_n , and I thought we could all fit in a van, cross the border, and be a part of the event. And so we did. We met up with @oldfashionedstandards , @antisocialshop , and @123.cha after a couple of days there. Full video and photo recap of our adventures on my blog. (Link in BIO) @theskatewitches

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