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Ne limites pas tes défis, défies tes limites! Next step 🔜 surprise 🤗 @bornprimitive @crossxwod @box_legion @xeniosusa

Sorry for the bumpy vid! Some guy at the gym was lifting hella heavy and my lil tripod couldn't deal 😂😂... ok maybe that's cause I'm thrusting 100kg 🙊.. A lot of peeps are starting to realise that to build a booty, it's not all about the squats! #shesquats no more, #shehipthrusts for the booty & uses resistance bands! (Thanks @bretcontreras1) 🍑🍑🍑. I'm using @thewodlife Hip-X Band --> there are a lot of bands out there, but these are my favourite because they grip to your leggings/ legs really well (no folding or slipping like the others I used to use), and the resistance is NEXT LEVEL (see last few workouts I can't even stretch my legs out haha). For those who struggle to feel glute exercises working the glute - using this kind of band will really enhance that burn 🔥🔥🔥 (use my code SOPHACTIVELIFE10 for 10% off).
🍑 hip thrust 100x8
🍑 raised single leg glute bridge x 12 each leg
🍑 KB squats x 20
🍑 glute bridges x 20
🍑 side lying hip abduction x 12 each leg
🍑 side lying clams x 12 each leg
🍑 frog pumps x 50

It's always good having a bro @aldoalduccio , pushing me over my limits ...love what you do and do what you love ... @musclenationofficial

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¥ Chest 2 Bars finally clicked today! 🦋 .

Two-time TEN Awards @aafbham winner just shortly after my second year anniversary at @intermarkgroup surrounded by a great group of girls (who run the world?) 🏆

☀️Take what you have, and do what you can☀️And don't blame the equipment 🙈
Had to give this challenge a try! It looked so much fun! And it was😛
#PulloverDipPullup with a twist, inspired by @joosartori @veganninjawarrior and @lind.slaaay 💪
I managed to squeeze out 6 rounds before my arms turned into spagetti, my butt felt like a tonn, and my Core was non-eksistent😅
Tried to Keep the momentum up, but my very light bar was wiggeling, so had to adjust with my feet a couple of times👣 .
#pulloverdippullup #challenge
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Perks from restraining and attempting a new PR for a long time.... Zike..... I was actually intimidated with a 175 lb snatch.
(Old PR: 165 lb). New PR: 175 lb, 180 lb, 185 lb) #crossfit #fitness #coachbt #killcliffpr #wodlife #snatch #agressive #xwerks #iwantmore

Facts from @sherwood215 : "You do not need to make the wall ball [heavier]. The pull-ups do not need to be chest-to-bar. The clean & jerks do not need to be 135/95. Those are cleverly designed excuses for a slower time." Everyday before the metcon, our coaches describe the programming intentions. Some days its about steady pacing and consistency across intervals. Some days its all out sprint repeats. Some days its intended to be heavy enough to force athletes to reset between reps or rounds. Some days are feather light and intended for max effort to the point of achieving muscle failure. Some days its about setting mental targets from the jump about how you as an individual need to break up your sets in high volume chippers. Whatever the case, every day of training has purpose & intention.

Coaches will be the first ones to tell you if your barbell is too light or if you're overscaling; ultralight weight and more volume doesn't always mean a better workout, and sometimes more volume is more dangerous. We also need you to train challenging loads for certain WODs.
But other times, we will be the first to tell you you need to deload the barbell, scale your double under volume, or bring down your box jump height when it's appropriate.

Good box programming and great coaches know what they want to get from you each day, and they can communicate it. Ask questions, seek feedback, and get the most out of your training.

More reps is not always better. Heavier is not always better. Only better is better.

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Thanks to #akpcrossfit in Dayton for letting me drop in this week. Everyone was super friendly and made me feel right at home. I love checking out other boxes, talking to other coaches, and seeing different programming/class styles. Just a couple days, but learned a few new things. #womenwholift #crossfitcommunity #wodlife #merica🇺🇸

Tell us we're wrong. Happy Friday!

21/7/2017 WOD
End to a fullfiling week today!

¥ Chest 2 Bars finally clicked today! 🦋 .

KB complex - harambe swing + kb hybrid burpee to deadlift + RATM = BURNED #poundNaic #hybridtrainig #crossfit #wodlife

Picked up a tub of #corenutritionals ABCD this week and can confirm this stuff is awesome!! If you are anything like me and tend to purchase energy drinks during the day forget about them and grab a tub of Core ABCD you will love it. #legit #drive #focus #energy #teamflexaustralia

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