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The More You Know:  What is a Stroke? "Stroke is a term used when a blood vessel in the brain is blocked (65% of all strokes) or ruptures. It is also called a cerebral vascular accident (CVA). If the blood flow is stopped or altered, a part of the brain does not receive enough oxygen. Millions of brain cells die every minute during a stroke, increasing the risk of permanent brain damage, disability, or death.

An ischemic stroke, the most common type, occurs when a blood vessel is blocked. One frequent cause of blockage is a blood clot or a build-up of fatty deposits (arteriosclerosis) in blood vessels that supply the brain.

A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel leaks or ruptures because of a weakened region of a vessel or in an area of the brain with a cluster of abnormally formed vessels."


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Our weekly Patient Shout-Out goes to Gianna from Manayunk!

Gianna has been coming in due to an injury that has sidelined her from soccer and softball. Her hard work has paid off and she's ready to start practicing again just in time for the start of softball season.

Way to go Gianna!
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#MoveBetter with Zach from Manayunk as he shows us a proper #PushUp. #WNPT

#TheMoreYouKnow:  What is #SpinalStenosis? "It is estimated that as many as 80% of us will experience some form of back or neck pain at some point in our lifetimes. Spinal stenosis can be one cause of back and neck pain. It affects your vertebrae (the bones of your back), narrowing the openings within those bones where the spinal cord and nerves pass through." - APTA



Our Patient Shout-Out of the week goes to Carolyn from Flourtown!

Carolyn is one of our sweethearts here at Wallace and Nilan in Flourtown, nothing beats her laugh and funny jokes! She is being treated for a torn rotator cuff and works with our therapist, Eddie. Since beginning treatment, she has noticed the vacuuming and driving have become a lot easier for her. She has been working hard to strengthen her rotator cuff! One exercise that was really difficult for her to complete but has since become easier is side-lying external rotation. Her favorite part about Wallace and Nilan Physical Therapy is "Eddie's smile and all of the people here!" Thanks, Carolyn! We love having you! #WNPT #PatientShoutOut

Our #WNPT #PatientShoutOut goes to KATIE from MALVERN!

This month, Malvern would like to congratulate Katie on her success in PT. Katie came to us following a knee replacement that also led to back pain when walking. Now Katie is returning to work, walking with no problems, and no longer having back pain!
Way to go, Katie!

#MoveBetter with Meredith's #DynamicWarmUp! #WNPT

The More You Know: What is a Shoulder Dislocation? "The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and is the most likely joint to dislocate. A dislocation is the separation of 2 bones where they meet at a joint. Shoulder dislocations most often occur during contact sports, but everyday accidents, such as falls, also can cause the joint to dislocate. Athletes, nonathletes, children, and adults can all dislocate their shoulders. A dislocated shoulder usually requires the assistance of a health care professional to guide the joint back into place. After the joint is realigned, a physical therapist directs the rehabilitation of the shoulder, and helps the affected individual prevent reinjury." - APTA

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Shout out to one of the best, Tomas from Rittenhouse!

Tomas originally met the team at Wallace & Nilan in Manayunk when he tore his ACL in soccer. He rehabbed like an all-star and returned to sport right on schedule. Unfortunately he came back 2 years later to our Rittenhouse team for tearing his OTHER ACL! But like the Tomas we knew before, he kept a positive attitude and worked harder than ever. He's now running and we're slowly but surely getting our agility back. Box jumps are looking better and better each day! Tomas is always ready for new exercises and we're getting excited to have him return to soccer with two brand new, strong, happy ACL's.

Tomas, thanks for being such a joy to be around - we are lucky to have you as a patient! #WNPT #ShoutOut #ACL

Learn how to #walk with a #cane! #WNPT #MoveBetter

#TheMoreYouKnow: what is a #RotatorCuffTear? The "rotator cuff" is the group of 4 muscles and their tendons responsible for keeping the shoulder joint stable. Injuries to the rotator cuff are common—either from accident or trauma, or with repeated overuse of the shoulder. Risk of injury can vary, but generally increases as a person ages. Rotator cuff tears are more common later in life, but also can occur in younger people. Athletes and heavy laborers are often affected; older adults can injure the rotator cuff when they fall on or strain the shoulder. When left untreated, a rotator cuff tear can cause severe pain and a decrease in the ability to use the arm. Physical therapists help people with rotator cuff tears address pain and stiffness, restore movement to the shoulder and arm, and improve their activities of daily living." #APTA #WNPT


Our Patient Shout-Out this week goes to Amy at our Manayunk clinic!

Amy injured her ankle playing volleyball, and was unable to walk without crutches on her first visit. Now she’s working out at gym and is getting back to jogging. She’s always fun and positive and we’ve had a great time working with her!

Here’s what Amy had to say about her experience at Wallace and Nilan PT: “As someone who has run and played sports since high school and never injured herself, I did not fully realize how much of an impact an injury can have on your life. I started physical therapy after a foot and ankle injury that I sustained from playing volleyball. When I began PT, I was just beginning to attempt to bear weight and could not drive. After my course of PT, I am doing personal training classes with coworkers and have begun training for the 2018 Broad Street run. I'm very thankful for Brandi, Emily, Alison, Chris, and Nitzan at Wallace and Nilan Physical Therapy.” Thank you Amy!

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Check out our #facebook to see a great #shoulder exercise called the Half Kneel Overhead Press! #MoveBetter #WNPT

The More You Know: What is Plantar Fasciitis? "Plantar fasciitis is a condition causing heel pain. Supporting the arch, the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue connecting the heel to the ball of the foot, can become inflamed or can tear. You experience pain when you put weight on your foot—particularly when taking your first steps in the morning. The pain can be felt at the heel, or along the arch and the ball of the foot." - APTA


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Conor Smith is one of our Flourtown all-stars who is being treated by our therapist, Eddie, for shoulder pain. He is a competitive athlete and says that since beginning treatment "so many things have gotten better! My shoulder is getting stronger and I hope to be back in the pool soon so I can resume training for Ironman." "I notice that the Sleeper Stretch has really helped with my mobility." When asked what his favorite part about WNPT is he said, "Eddie!!! He is awesome! The rest of the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable." Thanks for making us proud, Conor! We are glad that you are able to Move Better!!! #WNPT #ShoutOut

Move Better with SNOW STRETCHES!
It's time to Move Better with Marycate from Flourtown! Today she shows us stretches to do before we shovel snow to prevent injury.

Check out our #Facebook page to see more!
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#TheMoreYouKnow: What is #PatellofemoralPain? "Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) refers to pain at the front of the knee, in and around the kneecap (patella). PFPS is one of the most common types of knee pain experienced in the United States, particularly among athletes, active teenagers, older adults, and people who perform physical labor. Patellofemoral pain affects more women than men and accounts for 20% to 25% of all reported knee pain. Physical therapists design exercise and treatment programs for people experiencing PFPS to help them reduce their pain, restore normal movement, and avoid future injury." - #APTA



Our patient of the week is Hollie from Malvern!

Hollie is a basketball player home for the holidays and 2 months out from her ACL repair. Hollie is doing great finishing up her first and second phases of PT with us, getting ready to gear up and head back overseas for phases 3-game ready. Good luck Hollie!  #WNPT #ACL #ShoutOut

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