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Time flies, our Nathalie is already so big after four months #Nathaliecuty #secondchild #Germany #WMAF #mixedbabies

Lavar wildin out 😂😂💀#lavar #lavarball #ball #wmaf

@A1Whipss 2nd Annual " Pull Up & Swerve " Car & Bike Show 😍 ( Invite Only Session - So Add Me On PS4 : Ba11Lyfe772 ) . Be There 11:30pm EST Both April 14th & 15th ( 2 Day Show ) 💪🏽 Located Behind The Life Invader Building 💯 #WMAF #TSGF #PullUpAndSwerve
- The Family -
@palmbeach_jay91 @hondagang_b @gta.bracefacechapotsf @gta_dank @guccigangdexx @king_titus_229 @stunt.nation @world.of.whips @attitude_nation @gta.droid @gtatrap @swurv.magazine

Don't worry, I haven't totally sold out...I was wearing basketball shorts #InstaOfficial #WMAF #BallIsStillLife 📸: @corinu / @disneylifewithbaymax

🥋journey continues.. #wmaf @mswmartialarts

He was fed up 😂❔#wmaf

Little Nathalie joined us today after being late for one week. Now her mommy can have some rest till #nathancuty comes to visit his sister #secondchild #baby #newborn #WMAF


My memes are funny because you know it's true •

Self hating East Asian women are the lowest status women in the world, and so to market themselves to loser white men, they have to advertise themselves as the least feminist. Sexual Coolies serving as strikebreakers against White Feminism. By being so openly desperate for the lowest white men, Asian women have destroyed their own bargaining position in the sexual market. It is impossible to drive a hard bargain when you are so obviously desperate for whiteness. Athletes/ Actors/ Models/ Millionaires are the Alpha Males of American society. And it is impossible to name a single athlete married to an Asian woman. They have become the Geisha goddesses of white male losers. This also explains why top tier Asian males are able to date out of their race with ease.

#amwf #wmaf #awwm #wmaw #asianeuropean4love #asianeuropeanlove #alphamale #betamale #europe #eurasian #eurasianmodel #eurasianbaby #eurasianguy #eurasiangirl #extensions

The reason why white worshipping Asian women (the ones in a relationship with white guys), are creeping on "HOT ASIAN GUYS" and hate AMWF is because it's a direct contradiction to their white worshiping behavior.

Asian women for some reason are very insecure about their Asian features and feel that they are the least attractive race, but they think that when they date a white male, that they are desirable. It's a social statement, so that's why they are so desperate for whiteness, that they will even date the lowest status white male, the white males that are literally the bottom of the barrel of the dating pole.

An AMWF couple would confirm to a white worshipping Asian woman, that she is not attractive.

1) AM defied racism, stereotypes and media propaganda. This is significant because these are suposed the reasons why Asian women are dating out.

2) See number one, Asian women are dating white guys because they are suposed to be better than Asian men, but if white women, in her mind the highest status of women (the woman she woshed to be) date Asian men and list all the positive qualities of Asian men it literally debunks all their reasons why Asian men are weak.

3) White worshipping Asian women act like they are better than White women but deep down they desire to be White and believe that white women are more beautiful then them, sexier and hotter. So if a white woman choses to be with an Asian men, it hurts her status.

4. Many ASIAN WOMEN Believe THAT THEY ARE UGLY. They date white men to "feel MORE BEAUTIFUL". They think: If a white male wants me, it means I am desirable by society and the racial asian stereotypes don't apply to me".

So when they see an Asian guy with a White girl she would even feel more ugly, 'cause most Asian guys that date white women are top tier Asians, plus she is jealous of the realness if the AMWF relationshio, because even she know that WF need to be openminded to date AM, yet her relationshio is based on status/ worship/ fetish.

#amwf #wmaf #awwm #wmaw #asianeuropean4love #internationalcouple #asianeuropeanlove #interracialdating #trigger #asianboys #halfasianproblems #eurasianhair #eurasianbaby

When you are suppose to sleep at night but them feet are much more interesting #Nathaliecuty #Neumuenster #crazychinesefamily #chineseingermany #WMAF #mixedbabies

SOURCE: NHL.com 🏒🏆🏅

29 out of 31 of all professional hockey players (93%) of mixed Asian/ White heritage, have an Asian father and a White mother.

Shit, Despite the fact that WMAF sons outnumber AMWF like 100:1, they are no where to be seen on a ice hockey field. Is hating your own race and worshipping white people a healthy environment for their children?

#amwf #eurasian #eurasianmen #eurasianboy #eurasianhubbies #eurasianhotties #halfasianproblem #hapa #nhl #asianathlete #eurasianbabyboy #eurasianmodel #eurasianbabygirl #asianeuropean4love #hapababy #awwm #wmaf #jeremylin #tigermom #hapagirl #eurasianguy

Meu campeãoooooo!!! 🥋🥋🥋 Os prêmios são reconhecimentos do seu amor e dedicação ao esporte. Voce é um guri muito esforçado, filho. Parabéns! Você conquistou o quarto lugar no #WMAF Fall Challenge na sua categoria, mas é sempre o número 1 para mim, não importa o resultado!!! 🔝🔝🔝 Parabéns #SenseiTony pelo belo trabalho com seus pequenos campeões. .
#shotokankarate #GaburieruSan 🥋#oss #shotokan #karate #caratê #sermãenaamérica #faixaverde #greenbelt #Gaburieru #faixaverde #oficinadocorpo #karatekid #caratê #caratêshotokan #SerMãeNaAméricaEsportes #ArtesMarciais #MartialArts #SerMãeNaAméricaCaratê #osu #Gaburieru #karateka #carateca #karatelife #karatetournament #BudokanDojo #wmaffallchallenge #9anos #9yearsold

Right around the corner, @womenartmusic festival!
I am especially looking forward to this event, last year they rasied over 10,000 dollars for women's rape counsiIing here in Fresno!! I will be doing a non fire performance for this show, and I am so excited to share this piece here along with these group of amazingly talent women <3. Get your tickets at towertheater.com!
#wmaf #womensmusicandartsfestival #tower district #towertheater #performer #sundancer #hooper

The beta white males who go for Asian women as a last resort; hate Asian male/ white female couples the most, oh and ofcourse Black male/ white females couples. 🤔

The Asian women who date white men exclusively will actively harass Asian men/ White women couples! 💑

These bitter self hating Asian women demand to know why a white woman (the woman she wishes to be) would date an Asian man, when she a self hating Asian woman refuses to. Deep down she knows the racial dynamics.

In a way AMWF is a DIRECT reproach to the WMAF couple. The White Male/ Asian female couple claims that Asian men are the worst kind of men, who no women would want. This excuses the Asian women to date even the nerdiest white losers. And so when a white woman (the woman she wish she was), of the "highest racial status" (in her opinion), dates an Asian man, it is a direct refutation of the WMAF ideology.

And so Asian women will try to break it up. Asian women in relationship with beta white males are determined to ensure that there are no women for Asian men. That not only will they deny Asian women, they will work to deny all women to their brothers.

Also they are jealous, because the irony is actually that all the top tier Asian guys are actually dating hot white women. Their children will get the real best of both worlds, while these bitter women are dating the bottom of the barrel males.

On a positive note, Self hating Asian women are so insecure about their race, that they need approval from white (women) to find an Asian giy attractive.

Oh I am not attracted to Asians but that dude from Glee is so hot. Or well if Becky think that the Black Power ranger is sexy than I think too. It's really pathetic.

#amwf #toptierasian #hotwhitegirl #wmaf #awwm #wmaw #asiangirlswhiteguys #bottomofthebarrelwhitemale #betamale #selfhatingasiangirl #jealousy #envy #difference #real #fake #eurasian #eurasianhair #eurasianson #eurasiandaughter #asianporn #asianpride

Sneak peak of the new custom instructor/black belt uniforms for Rising Phoenix Martial Arts. It sports the school colors red, white, yellow and black. Had to break it in a little. #worldmartialartsfederation #wmaf #moosoolsa #risingphoenixmartialarts

WMAF stems from and embodies long standing western colonialism especially against the Asian male. Yellow Peril/ Chinese Exclusion Act.

Ever since the Chinese arrived and became succesful in America, there has been a propaganda champaign against Asian men. Also know as the Yellow Peril/ Chinese exclusion act to discourage white women from dating Asian men and Asian men to immigrate to America to make money.

So what has this to do with WMAF? Why do Asian women prefer white men and does yellow fever really exist?

It doesn't. Asian women are not "exotic", the curvy latina with long curly hair, sexy accent and green eyes is exotic.

It's also not white men blowing up Asian women's phones. White men have a preference for white women or latinas that look white.

Any top 10 hottest women list or playboy/ penthouse/ swimsuit/ victoria secret/ miss universe models feature mainly white, caucasian looking latinas or busty models.

That means it is Asian women who are ones likely actively seeking the white men/having a preference (that's really a fetish) for white men - they're literally throwing themselves at white men by catering to them. Also, hating your own race is self hatred.

Asian women are so insecure about their Asian appearance that they desire acceptance by the Eurocentric world that we live in.

Media is key. The media bashes Asians, make us look bad, uncool, ugly, weird, foreign, but at least the Asian women feels due to this brainwashing that she is slightly above Asian males and her ticket to whiteness is to date out, openly bash Asians, to appear that she is not like the "other Asians".

It is this, openly desperate for whiteness that causes her to bash Asian males, to feel accepted, to feel beautiful, that she is desired by a white male, doesn't matter if he's beta or a bottom of the barrel white male, he's white and that's all that's counts.

Asian women wish to be white.

That's why Asian women also get triggered by AMWF, because it's a DIRECT REBUTAL, to her claims that AM are inferior. If the woman in her eyes of the highest status date the most alpha males of the Asian race it reinforced that the white women is above her

I believe that most beta White males go for Asian women as a last resort, while only top-tier Asian men can attract White women and this is why there are more successful AMWF hapas.

Here's another theory as to why there are more famous AMWF hapas than WMAF hapas.

WM who go for AW often have a defeatist attitude in life. They feel like WF don't want them as they are undesirable by western standards. I'm sure most of them would be able to attract a decent WF if they work on their personality or hygiene yet they chose the "easy way out" for going for AF. This is particularly the case if they choose to move to Asia to find a girlfriend or wife.

For an AM, things are pretty much the opposite. A Princeton study posted here shows that >90% of the WW in the survey refuse to date AM. Statistic-wise, it is unlikely that an AM will be able to attract a WF that he desires. An AM who does not give up chasing her despite that the odds are against him must hence be really determined about pursuing his goals.

Such mindsets towards dating extend to other aspects in life and they will be passed on to their children. To become famous, you often have to keep on pursuing your goals despite that there is no guaranteed success and the odds of becoming famous are really against you.

Children often ask their parents for advice. A WM will most likely to tell his hapa kid to pick the "easiest", most lucrative job. An AM may yet encourage his hapa kids to pursue their passion. Although pursuing an easy, lucrative job is more likely to lead to financial stability, pursuing a career related to your passion is more likely to lead to fame

Again, the same applies to their moms. An AF mother is more likely to be obsessed with status so she may push her kids to pursue a career path which is seen as prestigious or pays well. While this makes sense status and money wise, it is unlikely that the kid will end up becoming really successful if he lacks passion. A WF mother married to an AM is more likely to care about her own desires than what society thinks. She is hence more likely to advise her kids to get a job that they love. Loving what you do leads to career success.

While not all WMAF couples might be intentionally against Asian males. There is a lot of internet rhetoric among WMAF couples based on white supremacy and anti-feminism. While it is not necessarily representative, it is extremely common and shares common themes. When combined with the WMAF imbalance, and the known bias against Asian males, it provides a very easy answer to the WMAF question from WMAF themselves.

White worshiping AsianWomen don't date Asian men, because they are inferior. Asian women are openly desperate for whiteness that they are willing to submit to white men.

Just put yourself in the shoes of an Asian-looking Hapa man. You know 1st hand that your looks make you the least desired race. Your Asian mom is the one who "gifted" you with the Asian looks, but she at least implicitly by her choices judged Asian male looks inferior. And it becomes very explicit when you look at the overwhelmingly unequal dating trends, as well as what WMAFs actually say on the internet.

If you don't understand why Asian-looking Eurasian men are miserable about this situation, its because you don't want to know. You are closing your eyes and ears to facts you don't like.

#real #savage #amwf #awwm #wmaf #asianeuropean4love #whiteprivilege #whiteworship #asianselfie #asianselfhate #asianguys #asianpride #asianmemes #eurasianhair #eurasianson #eurasians #eurotrip #eurasianmodel #hapa #hapababy #hapasushi #sushi #loser #beta #psyco #halfasianproblems #freak #creepy #tigermom

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