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Last trip of the year. #sf #countinteslas #wlfpck. Photo cred @madzilly

You heard it first, we're playing Chain Reaction THIS SUNDAY with WLFPCK!

Tickets: www.neverletthisgo.com/tour

Thank you all for supporting our new video for 'Get To You'! If you haven't yet, click the link in our bio to watch these two go at it! #WLFPCK #GETTOYOU

-sometimes you concentrate on the wrong things when you need to concentrate at the important things like friends- 2017

Tango and Cash. Fun times were had. #trapkaraoke #trapkaraokeChi #ShirtGamePoppin #WlfPck

Hari ini, 5 tahun yang lalu. #wlfpck #sobatngawur #film #vsco


momentary link in bio! Thank you for all your support on this new song! You all are the best!! #wlfpck

“Yea We Litt...” #squadgoals #OTF #wlfpck #dc

“Good Times...” #dc #squad #wlfpck

(For reference I am 5'2" and this was mainly done by memory so its not exact)
I first heard of Anarbor in 2008. I was in 8? 9? and the brightest green was my favorite song. In 2009 Free Your Mind came out and I told everyone I knew about it, but they only knew them as the 'Scooby Doo Band'. 2010 The Words You Don't Swallow became the first CD I ever bought.
2012, I bought the warped tour documentary only because Anarbor was featured.
I was never old enough to see them live until 2013. I waited all year to see them at warped tour (I'll admit I cried as i bought my ticket), their set hit I was barricade and god damn did I scream my lungs out, i was rewarded with a drum stick used during their set (I still have it). I bought two shirts (I'm wearing one of them in the picture fun fact), and a bracelet from their merch as I waited to meet them. My brothers were with me and fuck was I crying my eyes out. I've been in love with band since 2008.
Their signing was canceled due to a tornado warning. They were the only reason I went to warped tour that year and I was heart broken.
2014 (if i remember right) When they announced a small break I genuinely thought my life was over for a second, looking back I know it was melodramatic.
2015, WLFPCK put out an album and that's when I started this painting. I only worked when I listened to them. I was in a rough point in my life and this was all I had.
2016 hit and a tour came with it. I had just been kicked out of where I lived not too long ago and was working my ass off to get it together. I didn't have the money to go and holy fuck was I crushed.
At this point I really thought I'd never see them live and I'd never meet them. (Still believe the latter)
But then 2017 came. Another tour and I see a Detroit date. All I want is to make my 8 year old self proud and see them. Maybe even make up for not meeting them at warped tour. If I meet them I'll probably get something related to them tattooed on me. Mark my words.
I've never felt so connected with music as I have with Anarbor.
#anarbor #art #freeyourmind #albumcover #painting #music #wlfpck
@slade_ech @dstrav @adamjuwig @anarbor

Hari ini, 5 tahun yang lalu. #wlfpck #sobatngawur #film #vsco

I am so blessed to be able to do life with these humans. Some I've known for almost a decade, others just a few months, but they're all family nonetheless. Arizona holds a special place in my heart and it's because of all of you. Thank you for loving on me and for always being so supportive. Y'all are the real MVPs. Never stop chasing your dreams and sharing your heart with the world. Love you, always. ☀️🌵👫💘 P.S. Missing @slade_ech. #anarbor #sundressed #lydia #wlfpck #friendsforever #myfavoritepeople #arizonalove

Tango and Cash. Fun times were had. #trapkaraoke #trapkaraokeChi #ShirtGamePoppin #WlfPck

When life gives you a lemon. #wlfpck #klasik #harold #kumar

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