Grateful for another season in the books with the multi squad. #wjctrack #heptathlon #decathlon #familyforever

Missin' track, the beach, & old quality friends ❤️
Gosh dang... I miss all our shenanigans! 😂 I could go on forever about our friendship but in short, just know: you're the realest & I'm grateful for you ✊🏽 Love & miss you Evs! 😘
#WomanCrushWednesday 😍#WJCTrack #JewellTrack #Roomies #CorpusChristi #SpringBreak #MemoryLane 🤗

Is this considered #ThrowbackThursday? I never thought I'd miss working out everyday... but I sure do! I miss being a collegiate athlete. ✊🏽 #WJCTrack #ThrowersLife 💪🏽#TanLinesForDays 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 Love my track family (yes, including my freshman year seniors 😏)!

Jumping into the first week of official track season like 😁😁🙌🏼👏🏼 #wjctrack #boomerang

It only took a lightning delay and a couple of basketballs to make us realize that we are collectively terrible. I think we're going to stick to running in circles...🏀🏀 #wjctrack #ballisnotlife

Inner squad Halloween 4x400 relay was a blast. We still found a way to rep the @kcroyals on this World Series game 3 day! #1738 #wjctrack #happyhalloween

There are a few perks to getting up before the sun to do a hard workout with your teammates...this is one of them. #trackperks #WJCTrack
Photo credit/repost @_sheruns

This girl is one of the toughest that I know. Just last season doctors found that she has a rare heart condition, and today she underwent surgery to make sure that her heart keeps on beating. She is a phenomenal athlete (pictured above medaling at Outdoor Championships in the 400m) and her strength and dedication on and off the track is inspiring to us all. We love you Goldy, you've got the whole team pulling for you!! #WJCTrack

Track banquet then and now. Boy a lot's happened since freshman year, but I couldn't be more thankful for my support system. My coaches, my teammates, this team, has changed my life. Can't wait for what's ahead. #wjctrack

PR'd in the Heptathlon, PR'd in the HJ, PR'd in the 400, PR'd in the 200, and PR'd in the hurdles...twice. Great day for a Cardinal home track meet!! #wjctrack #DGO15

Had a blast competing in the UIndy Dome for the last 2 years, love all the people I got to spend them with. So long Indoor season 2015! #wjctrack

Solid day at Mizzou. #meetday #wjctrack

Thankful to be able to get some work done today on the outdoor oval. Beautiful day in one of my favorite places. #WJCTrack☀️

New William Jewell College Indoor Track and Field Women's High Jump SCHOOL RECORD HOLDER!! So excited to see what the rest of the season holds!#hardwork #firedup #wjctrack

Life of a heptathlete includes many late nights of practicing events after everyone else has gone home. #wjctrack #heptathlete

I miss this goofy bunch! Is it time to go back to school yet? #WJCTrack #Family

Fancy fancy athletic dinner!!! #WJCtrack

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