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The first day I met him was in the school canteen. He sat in a corner eating his food and he seemed to be staring at nothing, I stared at him. He was lanky and looked frail. He had his side to my view; his head seemed to be quite big, bigger than his body. Then he turned and our eyes met and I noticed the hollowness in his eyes and I saw a quick frown on his face, then I immediately removed my eyes and focused on my lunch. I heard the bell, signaling the end of our lunch break. I stood up and walked back to class.

After classes that day, I sat outside waiting for my mum. Then I saw him, this time he was walking towards a car, I watched him enter the car and as the car drove away, I thought our eyes met for a minute, he looked at me, this time without a frown, I smiled at him, he smiled back and I watched as the car drove off.

The next day in school, during lunch I looked out for him, he didn’t come. The bell rang again, this time I looked at the corner where he would usually sit and he still wasn’t there.
Days passed and turned into weeks.
I had gone to eat lunch, then I saw him, I wasn’t sure. I saw his back and his head. He was the only one with such conspicuous head. My heart began to beat in excitement as I hurriedly walked towards him. I tapped his shoulder and when he turned and looked at me, he looked pale and had dark circles under his eyes.
‘Are you OK?” I asked.
‘Yes’ He replied. ‘’My name is Gideon”
“My name is Amara” I said.
He held my hands and together we walked into the canteen and settled down to our meals. We talked and he told me he had a certain kind of illness. He said it wasn’t serious. He said it only made him unique and gave him lots of super powers; hence he had to stay at home to ensure we weren’t bewildered by his powers. I thought he was funny, I laughed and he laughed too.
This story is about to take a turn that will physically melt your heart ♥. The remaining 2 parts of the story was shared in the comments section. Please scroll down to finish reading.
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Warning 18+: This ebook may quench your fire and give you a boner and the sort of thing. Set in the Lagos Metropolis are distinct personages tapering to one twisting end. CAUTION! 🔞
Written by SUCCESS DAVID for SADAViD Entertainment.

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