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If you had to choose one, would you rather Emma play Snape or Umbridge? 😂💞 Comment '😍' if you knew this fact and '😮' if you didn't.

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what should i ask for for my bday?


⇢ Friendly reminder that it was Dobby who came up with that idea, not Neville :')

⇢ I've started delving into scholarship history in class and wow that shit is actually really fascinating, I'm just anxious about the end of year exam for that since only 3% of the nation gets it lol

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#QOTD : Ask me a "would you rather?" question, anything you like
#AOTD : (I'm going to choose my favourite and use it as tomorrow's QOTD and give credit!)

Happy Gryffindor Pride Day! I've always known that the Sorting Hat would probably say I was equally split between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor but I'd definitely choose Gryffindor. I thought I'd channel my favorite HP girl Hermione today! What's your house?! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


"The wand chooses the wizard, Mr Potter" Comment ⚡️ if you love that quote!!!💛💛💛⚡️


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The name's Cenzi. It's pronounced CHEN-ZEE. I'm a wizard. The Wizard Of LA. 🌞🌙✨🎩 Photo By @cyril_m_official 🌟 #wizards_of_ig

Spring is here and the flowers are starting to come. I can hardly wait cuz they make things so pretty at the Sugar Ranch plus they smell good. Hope your day is as colorful as these flowers.#merlinthepitbullwizard #pitbullwizard1 #bullybreed #pitbull #americanpitbulls #americanpitbullterrier #pitbullsoftwitter #pitbullofinstagram #bullybreed #puppy #animals #pitbullsoffacebook #wizard

Knew I couldn't go past this guy... Even has a golden snitch!

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