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Notification - To Heal Pain
#innervoice #wittyfeed

Its Great To Be In Long Distance Relationship
Two People In Different Places in different Citys Or States Or May Be In Different Countrys Are Crazily In Love With Each Other
They Are Deeply In Love With Each Other Even After They Never Met.
They Trust Each Other More Than Anything Its Insane
You Love
You Trust
Without Meeting Person one Single time
While Everyone Is seeing Your loves one Everyday
Without No effort
Without No Wish
And You Even Can't See Your Love one For One Fucking Time
Even After Dreaming And Preying About It all day
People Can Randomly Touch Them Even They Are knowing Your Love one Or not
And You Here Dieing For MAGICAL TOUCH Of Your Love One
You Will See them Hanging Out With Their Friends
And You Will Die Inside Cause You wanna Go there
You wanaa Hangout with Your Love one
You wanaa Be The One Whom They Touch
You Wanna Be The Hand Which They Hold
You Wanna Be The One Whom They Wanna See All Day With Soo Much Love
You Wanaa Sit Next To Them Under The Fading Sun
You Wanna See 'Us' In The Reflection Of Water Of Lake
You Wanaa Walk Lonely Streets in Dark night With Them
You Wanaa Kiss Them By Your Arms
You Wanaa Hug Them By Your Lips
But Sadly You Cant Do Anything
You Can Only Imagine This
You Can Get Them Only In Messages
Then Words Are The Only Thing By You Travells Long Distance Between You And Them
Even After All This Complications
Your Love And Trusts Are Same
Its Never Fades up
Its Got Brighter Only
But I Do
Cause Even After All This Pain
Even After This Distance We Are Still Together
Stronger Than Anyone
Closer Than Anyone
Distance Makes Our Love STRONGER Only ❤

#innervoice #wittyfeed

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Date - 25th Feb 2018
Gates open @2:30 pm
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