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IC365 Day 23: One Gift⠀
How often do we ask God for more of something? Grant me peace. Give me patience. I want to be holy. Please heal such and such or so and so. We often ask for things out of a misunderstanding of who Christ is. When we have come into Christ, we have come into the All who is in all. He is Peace Himself. We now dwell in the person of Patience. We abide in Holiness. Healing is our resting place. And Christ, the personification and manifestation of each of these “things” and so much more, now dwells within us. We now have His life and nature upon which we can draw! Yes, and amen!⠀
#IC365 #onegift #ChristJesus #WatchmanNee #withpipeandpen

Looking ahead to the new year, I turn 41 tomorrow and start a new, joint adventure on Sunday. That's all I see, yet I know there is so much more to the year.
There's a little Jesus in that: We only see a very little of Him and His nature, yet we know that there is so much more to Him. How often do we get stuck on what we know (or what we think we know) and not move on or press in to know Him more? If I dwelt on my birthday and the start of this new adventure, I'd miss out on everything else this year has to offer. Let's move on and press into Him this year.
#newyearNewLife #pressingintoChrist #toknowHimmore #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 44: Discipleship Is Not⠀
How many times have we been told, or asked, to invite Jesus into our lives? We often think that He comes to join our life, to help us live our life better, or to improve our life. But He crucified that old life (our life) on the cross. He invites us into His life. He invites us to leave all of our stuff behind and follow Him. He gives us New Life. Christ offers us life in Him, and in return, He lives in us.⠀
#IC365 #DietrichBonhoeffer #discipleship #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 21: Sit with Him
Whether the day’s long, or the night’s fair,
If I’ve a friend or no-one to share,
I’ll grab pipe and pen, and find a chair,
And sit with Him in the open air.⠀
#IC365 #lunting #timewiththeLord #sitwithHim #withpipeandpen
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IC365 Day 141: In Christ⠀
Oh, how we’ve taken scripture passages like this and run! We are blessed with every spiritual blessing! But we miss where those blessings are: in Christ. In Christ we have eternal life; in Christ we have forgiveness of sins; in Christ we have peace, joy, hope; in Christ we have Gods’ love. Only in Christ are we blessed with anything.⠀
#IC365 #inChrist #blessed #everyspiritualblessing #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 140: Packages⠀
To know the Lord as He is, not as our minds conceive is the greatest freedom, yet the most difficult chain to break. We have so many filters and preconceived notions concerning Christ. May we ask Him to remove our filters, so we may see Him with or without packaging.⠀
#IC365 #packaging #inChrist #toknowHim #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 127: Liberty⠀
Oh, how we want liberty or freedom. We fight for it. We long for it. We do everything within our power to obtain it. But liberty is only found in one place: in Christ. We deceive ourselves to ever think that there is liberty outside of Christ. That’s not liberty, but slavery to sin and a satanic system. In Christ, we are set free from all of that and have a liberty none can ever take away.⠀
#IC365 #liberty #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 70: His Anyway⠀
Do we ask the Lord to come into our life, or does He ask us to come into His? When we believe into Christ, we no longer live, but Christ lives in us. Our life is now His life. He lives in and through us. And with that comes all our days and all our moments. In Christ, He has all of us.⠀
#IC365 #allourdays #inChrist #surrenderedlife #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 98: Choose Me⠀
Instead of focusing on all my stuff, Jesus just asks that I focus on Him. In choosing Him, I lay down my hurt. In choosing Him, I lay down my bitterness. In choosing Him, I lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us. In choosing Him, I run with endurance the race set before me. In choosing Him, I fix my eyes on Jesus.⠀
#IC365 #chooseJesus #inChrist #fixoureyes #withpipeandpen


IC365 Day 170: Believing⠀
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the personification of truth. Those trained to spot counterfeit money aren’t trained in all the counterfeits, they are trained to know the true currency. We think not how we shouldn’t believe the lie, but we set our mind on the things above, we fix our eyes on Christ. When we know and believe Truth, we won’t believe the lies.⠀
#IC365 #JessiePennLewis #deliverance #believing #waytruthlife #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 169: Poor in Spirit⠀
Ever consider what it means to be poor in spirit? To be poor is to be lowly, without, lacking, even empty. If our spirit is already full of our own wants, dreams, expectations, talents, and wisdom, then there's no room for anything else. However in Christ, when we empty ourselves of our self, then we can be filled with Him. The poor in spirit are indeed blessed, for they have the fullness of the kingdom of heaven, Christ Himself.⠀
#IC365 #poorinspirit #blessed #inChrist #kingdomofheaven #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 168: Nourishment⠀
The Kingdom of God is of another realm, and so are we who are a part of this Kingdom, we who are in Christ. This means we draw our source, our energy, our life from another realm. In Christ, all our needs in His Kingdom are met - by Christ Himself. He is all the nourishment we need.⠀
#IC365 #eatChrist #drinkChrist #nourishment #kingdomofGod #kingdompeople #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 167: New Life⠀
For those who are in Christ, we have a new life: the life of Jesus Christ. We know no longer live, but Christ lives in us. In Christ, others won’t recognize the new life, because He’s utterly other than the old man, the old life. In Christ, we’re so glad for this new life. The old is gone and the new has come!⠀
#IC365 #aceofbase #thesign #newlife #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 166: Wise Man⠀
To know the Lord is wisdom; to know only His teachings is religion. As Christ’s Body, we can take any of His teachings and run with it, or we can be still before our Head and learn His life for each circumstance. A wise man, a Body living by the life of the Head, understands which action is called for, because in Christ, we have the mind of Wisdom Himself.⠀
#IC365 #deadpoetssociety #johnkeating #RobinWilliams #wisdom #wiseman #fearoftheLord #inChrist #mindofChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 165: Decide⠀
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. However, at the same time, He is always new. His life dwelling within His Church will dictate various expressions and applications within any given circumstance. We can’t make a method or system out of Christ. Ours is to wake up in the morning and decide to follow Him.⠀
#IC365 #thegiver #loislowry #choices #decide #chooselife #followthelife #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 164: New Model⠀
God’s design for creation was to have an expression of His rule and authority, His Life. He wanted it in humanity, but humanity chose to express a different life. So, God sends His Son and creates a new model, a New Humanity in Him. In Christ, God gets His expression in humanity, and we are brought into the New Model, the New Man; the old man is obsolete.⠀
#IC365 #BuckminsterFuller #NewModel #NewMan #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 163: All the Heaven⠀
How many of us would settle for a heaven without Christ? How many would prefer a hell with Christ? And for how many of us is Christ all we want? Lord Jesus, may we come to that place where You are all the heaven we want.⠀
#IC365 #SamuelRutherford #heaven #hell #allChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 162: Desires⠀
It is very easy to take this passage of scripture and run - “As long as I delight in the Lord, I’ll get what I want!” However in Christ, as we delight ourself in the Lord, He becomes our desires. All of them. And the Father delights to give us more of His Son - the Desire of His heart.⠀
#IC365 #delightintheLord #desiresoftheheart #Godsdesire #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 161: What Is True⠀
If the King is love, then the Kingdom is love. If the Vine is pure, then the branches are pure. If the Head is holy, then the Body is holy. In Christ, His life, character, and nature mark His Church. What is true of Christ is true of the Church.
#IC365 #kingdomofGod #ChristtheKing #thetruevine #vineandbranches #ChristtheHead #BodyofChrist #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 160: Take the Chance⠀
For the joy set before Him, Jesus endured the cross. That joy? His Bride, the Ekklesia. Jesus removed all doubt as to whether we’d survive this divine romance. Though you and I will falter, when we look to Christ and take the chance on Him, He assures us that in Him we’re together in the end.⠀
#IC365 #RichardMarx #RightHereWaiting #takethechance #worthit #intheend #inChrist #divineromance #BrideofChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 159: Infinity⠀
Jesus Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. He is the personification of Infinity. In Christ, we are in Infinity and Beyond!⠀
#IC365 #ToyStory #toinfinityandbeyond #BuzzLightyear #TimAllen #inChrist #alphaandomega #infinity #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 158: Dead⠀
Ever consider what a dead man does? Well, for starters, a dead man doesn’t live. A dead man doesn’t offend nor get offended. A dead man doesn’t try, let alone succeed. Basically, a dead man doesn’t do anything; he’s dead. In Christ, our Old Man, our old, sinful nature, our former self, is dead. There is now a new creation, the New Man, Christ! Let us reckon our old man dead and live the New Man, Christ.⠀
#IC365 #TreasureIsland #RobertLouisStevenson #IsraelHands #deadmendontbite #deadmen #deadman #inChrist #aliveinChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 157: Not Enough⠀
Jesus not only knew His Father and His commands, He applied them. He was not only willing to take the cup of wrath, He took it. Now that same life indwells those who are in Christ. It’s not enough to say we know Jesus, we must apply His life. It’s not enough to be willing to embrace the Cross, we must embrace it.⠀
#IC365 #JohannWolfgangvonGoethe #vonGoethe #lifeofChrist #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 156: Gospel⠀
When we come into God’s kingdom, we take on the life of Jesus Christ the King. This means that it is no longer our life, but His. We no longer express our character and nature, but His. The gospel, the good news, is that this is His kingdom, His life, and while it is not about us, He brings us in and gives us the King's nature. Yes and amen!⠀
#IC365 #FrankViola #kingdom #kingdomofGod #ChristtheKing #inChrist #KingJesus #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 155: Heir⠀
There is only one Heir to everything, and it isn’t you, and it isn’t me, it’s Jesus Christ. God made the world through His Son, and He is giving it all back to His Son. Therefore, He speaks to us today in His Son. Praise be to Jesus, the Son and True Heir of all things!⠀
#IC365 #heirofallthings #inChrist #SonofGod #JesusChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 154: Impossible⠀
To focus on the Church without Christ is religion. It is to have the form without the life. To focus on Christ without the Church is individualism. It is to have life without any form for expressing it. The two became One, and this is a great mystery, impossible to comprehend outside of Christ, impossible to confuse in Christ.⠀
#IC365 #ChristandtheChurch #Christ #Church #impossible #inseparable #one #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 153: New Man⠀
I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. Love, Himself, dwells within my spirit. When we’re born anew, born from above, born again, we are born into Love, and He in us. In Christ, we are no longer our own, but we are a brand New Man.⠀
#IC365 #brooksanddunn #borntoloveagain #brandnewman #inChrist #withpipeandpen

IC365 Day 152: Huckleberry⠀
Christ is the right One for any given job. He’s the One through Whom God made the world. He’s the One the Father sent to reconcile us to Himself. He’s the One in Whom it pleased the Father for all the fullness to dwell. He’s the One given as Head over His Church. In short, Christ is our Huckleberry.⠀
#IC365 #Tombstone #DocHolliday #ValKilmer #imyourhuckleberry #theOne #JesusChrist #withpipeandpen

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