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A very huge majestic dragon looms over the desert where a war has taken place for a while. The dragon descended from the sky to hover over them, suddenly releasing a ball of fire from his mouth, scorching almost everything although magically not even hurting his allies.
"What was their objective?" a voice is heard by their tactician although no one's there.
"Don't know but they seemed to be prepared to kill them if they refused to come with these knights..."
"Why are you laughing"
"Nothing, just thinking how ironic"
The dragon is suddenly engulfed with a very bright turqoise colored flame, the flame flickered down and a silhouette of a man in flame can be seen walking out of it.
He reached of what seemed to be a fancy cell created to hold a prisoner and talk to the girl inside,
"Your knights was here."
The girl finally looks up at him, face full of hope,
"What is this, I almost feel jealous of them. Well too bad we have to send them back to the creator because they were up to no good."
"Why are you telling me?"
"Perhaps I wanted to get on your good side, princess." the male winked at her and proceeds to sit back on his throne.
The end?

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