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Off to tend to this LA business. Keep us in your prayers. Hat by @yushaassadmusic and his #withgreatcare movement.

"Everything on this planet can be accomplished by one willing to Grow for it." ~@yushaassadmusic
I am proud to say my friend @yushaassadmusic through his consistency and leadership has accomplished another raise! Doing over $4000 in business helping people get amazing results! Thank you Bruh for taking this on as you embark on empowering our community and our youth understand the power that they have and the limitation they can surpass!!! #withgreatcare anything is possible!!! Congrats King! #Herbalife #goodproblems

Love when I run into friends that's doing amazing things. Great performance @yushaassadmusic.
#withgreatcare #kurated

Don't have a move this upcoming weekend?? Come out as @dclaproductions presents @kmichellemusic. I'll be singing alongside @yushaassadmusic as he brings the fire. Super excited for this opportunity and to jam out with such amazing talent. See you there. #blessed #ivoryhazemusic #withgreatcare #yushaassad

#TBT with the homie @yushaassadmusic 🙏 go follow this guy! #BiggieFlow #WithGreatCare


Prayers with all those affected by the terror attacks in Barcelona.
#barcelona #whendoesitend
Love #withgreatcare #uprising

'Freedom is very fragile and must be handled with great care; it is easier for those who have never tasted it to gain it, than for people who once had it but lost it.' ~ Paul Bamikole

#freedom #quotes #fragile #taste #liberty #people #men #war #free #handle #withgreatcare #leader #grace

Changing the game cause we do things right. You perform at Revival, You get paid

Of course @revival_dc is a #WithGreatCare event. Excellence is a behavior!
Get access to the September show!

Y'all already know. Revival- The Premiere Variety Show in the Mid Atlantic.
The September show is soon approaching. Visit @revival_dc to get Access.

That time again. Gain access early!

And from the heart, shall pour forth the gift photo cred: @everydaylavan
#dontmattertour #withgreatcare

@yushaassadmusic :
This Tuesday August 8th. @fillmoresilverspring with @augustalsina @rotimimusic @tonestith @patrice_live and ❗️❗️Yours Truly❗️❗️headed in the right direction! #withgreatcare

Rp from @yushaassadmusic - This Tuesday August 8th. @fillmoresilverspring with @augustalsina @rotimimusic @tonestith @patrice_live and ❗️❗️Yours Truly❗️❗️headed in the right direction! #withgreatcare

Because eating right is live #withgreatcare @hipcityveg

Greatness is measured by time, excellence is measured by #Benson @bensonwatch #blackowned #issalook #withgreatcare #issamovement

REVIVAL IS BACK TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! ___________________________________________

REVIVAL DC: Distinction "Giving Rising Stars a Space to Shine"

Come & enjoy live music, comedy, visual art, poetry, fashion, drinks & food! This month we'll be featuring Grammy nominated singer @mumufresh, comedian @eddiecomedian and spoken word by @lukisplace and @minofculture !!!

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