We got a random wonderful letter today from @witchofscorpio sending lots of positivity and good vibes. I think my familiar Marty was feeling it. 😊
It is the little things like this that can brighten a day and change the world. ❤️
This is something I want to do now. Kindness is a ripple. This is a new project for my soul, now what will I do with it. 🤔❤️ .
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New Tag! First one I've been inspired to do, and I'd love it if you want to join in.
#mytestimonyofmagick (of course feel free to spell magic/magick/majick however you do in your tradition)
This was inspired by a video that I recently watched about witches we look up to, turning to Christianity and feeling the need to post their testimonies and all the ugliness that entails. So this isn't about people bashing, this is about bringing community together by sharing our testimonies of magick. I chose #mytestimonyofmagick instead of (my testimony of witchcraft) so those who identify differently (i.e. vikings, magicians, heathens, pagans, ect.) can participate as well! Please give the video a watch and participate if you feel so inclined. This is all about standing together as a community especially when we receive a blow such as this from one of our own.

This is for all those times that the random person says they'll pray for you, or claims you are going to hell. This is for when your parents and family abandon you because you no longer share their beliefs.
This is for when you are hurt, alone and wondering if this path less traveled is really worth all the struggle it has caused.
Remember. Who you are. What you are.
And know, that you are NEVER alone.
Blessings my loves,

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A witch is simply a being in touch with his or her inner power. I’m a witch...are you? #freespiiiritlife 💫

a place to find inspiration, meditation, recipes, and more! leave a comment to just say hi, post something you made for dinner last night, share a recipe to be featured, or share your artwork 🌿🧙🏻‍♀️🌗 #thegreenwitchclub #greenwitch #wicca #wiccathings #witchywoman #witchcraft #goodwitch #goodvibesonly #sage #earthy #earthyvibes #art #artlovers #lifestyleblogger #lifestylebrand #onlineclub #kinship #witchesunite #witchesofinstagram #witchery

Repost via @shedoesthecity
We take a break from our regular witch programming to give our thoughts and energy to the devastating human rights violations in the US.
It is wrong. It is a global-scale emergency.
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Love and prosperity Tonight

Edit: June 21st not July! My heart is so heavy. I am sad. I am PISSED. It's time for action! We have to stop the madness! Please participate in this mass working on this day of extreme solar energy. We are calling to the Universe to help stop separating families, stop this racism, and corrupt government! There is no mass written spell, as everyone has their own beliefs, gods/goddesses/ etc but use Lady Libertys torch as a focal point. Speak from your heart and the Universe will hear. 💫🔮 Also!: Find out who your representative and senators are! Call them everyday and express your outrage! Demand they introduce legislation to end the zero tolerance policy!

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The Goddess insisted. Announcing #lifeaslivingprayer beginning July 1st with daily invitations and sparks of inspiration into your inbox. Not an IG challenge, but an exploration of expansion with Gaia. May your mind be blown.

30 days 33 bucks 🍀
Massive good juju. More details in the flow. Register at Veruschka.normandeau@gmail.com

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River talk last year @cedarbloomfarm for @spiritweavers 📷: @thepeacefulseed // Pt.2
{Continued from last image}... 🌈I was shown that mothers can do tremendous things. That small business and projects can still bloom and thrive with children, and that oftentimes it is the inspiration of motherhood that makes it so. I have seen and now experienced how mothers take care of each other, that within community (even from afar) mothers do not forget or overlook other mothers. At @spiritweavers women practice changing the narrative around competition to instead collaboration. It turns out there is enough for each of us and that celebrating each other only brings more abundance for all. It felt more than right that the last days of my pregnancy would be taking place during this portal time, leaving me to day dream about the moment I get to introduce baby in the flesh to this magical space. So thank you @daughterofthesun and all the individuals who make this gathering possible. I have been nourished from afar, simply by knowing that women were gathered and that ancient knowledge ways were flourishing through being shared. I step into motherhood stronger because of it all. .
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A moment to talk about the atrocity and monstrosity of systematic separation of families.
This is my youngest child. I would literally do anything to keep her safe, it has been a struggle not to cry everytime I look at her and imagine myself in the shoes of many other mothers at this very moment.
This is not a new tactic. It is a tried and true colonial and pre-colonial war time method to overtake and conquer a population.
These Cycles will undoubtedly continue until we remove the incentive for those that do not have the capacity for empathy and sympathy. Sociopathy is not a mental disorder, it's a capacity.
Bret Weinberg estimated that somewhere between 1 and 4% of the population are sociopathic. I meant there are adaptogenic advantages to having a lack of capacity for empathy and sympathy, for instance in war times they're capable of carrying out much more horrific acts than a normal human being might be able to.
Bret posits that if we remove the incentive of acting in ways that harm others that sociopaths would acquiesce to those new social dynamics that don't allow for the monetization or incentivization of harming others.
So how do we get to a point where we can do that?
After spending days on end feeling the emotional rollercoaster of wanting to actively participate actively participate in helping these children and these parents reunite but not knowing how other than making phone calls and writing letters and giving money to lawyers... I was reminded of why I do what I do and one of the reasons that myself and my colleagues formed social purpose Corporation @aurumq ... and one of the foundations was to support people in and discovering their source of empowerment their source of personal power and strength.
The more we develop our ability to be courageous individuals the less likely the sociopathic individuals in power ( and those particularly attuned to actually carry out that will) will have no opportunity to act in ways but are so violating of humanity, the animal world, and the planet we called home.

We have a duty to develop ourselves, as well and as quickly as possible. Reach out to who you feel called, we cannot do this alone.

7. The Sight

Dear Fellow Traveller,

Its true that we choose whether or not we will engage the spirits and yes,
Sometimes they choose us.
If these visions become your mantle, wear it proudly and always with divine love and trust.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Cosmic Witch,


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Some new books I found at work yAy

Welcome only positive good videos👌🕉✌

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