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My baby lives in shades of cool
Blue heart and hands and aptitude
He lives for love, for women, too
I'm one of many, one is blue #thelovewitch #shadesofcool #witchcraft #witchesunite

Be like Britton @archaichoney !
Maybe you won't be a Witch from Portland, Oregon, reading Tarot & Bones, practicing folk magic, talking to plants & making plant medicine, not to mention you might not be hiking the PCT this summer like a hella badass, but YOU TOO, can contribute to The Cauldron!
Today is the last day for unsolicited submissions, so check out our last posts and JOIN US.
And follow our magical Britton on her powerful journey. Her trail blog is full of beauty and amazing writing.

THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT retweet: @a24 #blackphillip #thewitch #witchesunite

Blessings on the beach 🖤 #witch #witchesunite #witchesofinstagram

Jessica Caponigro for Western Pole @jessicacaponigro #westernpole #witchesunite

Look at this beautiful #firecider , her red color comes from a few pieces of chopped beets added to the mix. I had a beautiful Saturday with plant and human friends. We made fire cider, drank tea, and talked about ways to resist capitalism and honor traditional wisdom. I'm always left feeling inspired after spending time with other bad ass women. I love thinking about all of the special sisterhood energy in this batch of fire cider, makes it extra medicinal, don't you think? 💫🌱#sisterhood #witchesunite #resistance #herbsmakeeverythingbetter


Surround yourself with people who lift you up, accepting higher vibrations into your inner circle is an act of self-love. #selfcaretips #waftwithus #WAFT #witchesagainstfascisttotalitarianism #witchesofig #witchesunite #selfcare #selflove

Blessings on the beach 🖤 #witch #witchesunite #witchesofinstagram

• W I T C H E S U N I T E •

Happy summer solstice to you all #witchesunite

💥🔺 S U M M E R 🔺💥
Happy Solstice ya'll! I'll be facilitating @empress_vintage a lovely ritual tomorrow eve Wednesday the 21st at 7 p.m link to register through bio link. Stay kewl ✌🏽#witch #witchesunite #watercolor #art #witchschool #summersolstice2017 #summersolstice

Summer Solstice vibes ✨🌙🔥🔮

Card of the Day! Reversed Ace of Wands. The Ace of Wands is ruled by Aries, our Moon is currently in Aries. While this card typically represents bursts of creative and goal oriented energy coming to the forefront, the reversal can indicate some blockages or delays in this area. With the Moons effect on this energy it could also indicate the the energy is directed more towards our feelings rather than the outside world. Perhaps we feel a need to expand and go after creative projects but it is requiring some patience on our part to wait for the opportunity for this energy to manifest itself in an outward way. We may have some feelings or ideas we need to work through at this time in order to get to more of the upright meaning of this card. It could also indicate we feel like exploring our goals and creative energy in a more inward and isolated way today. Maybe we have spiritual goals we want to focus on at home rather than taking this expansive creativity out into the world at this time. This card can also be a card of beginnings. The reversal can indicate some hesitancy moving forward into this new chapter. Allow yourself to feel the inner fire of getting things done but remember to be patient with the process! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! #tarotreader #tarotcards #dailytarot #witches #witch #witchesunite #wisdom #oracle #motherpeace

Philando Castile was fatally shot by Jeronimo Yanez, a St Anthony, Minnesota, police officer, after being pulled over in Falcon Heights, a suburb of St. Paul on 6 July 2016. Yesterday Officer Yanez was found 'not guilty' clearing him of second degree manslaughter, 2 felony counts of intentional discharge of a dangerous weapon and for endangering the safety of Philando's girlfriend and her four year old daughter. Philando's mother, Valerie Castile told reporters, "I'm mad as hell right now. Yes, I am. The system continues to fail black people." #blacklivesmatter #justiceforphilando #antifa #endpolicebrutality #sayhisname #witchesagainstfascisttotalitarianism #witches #witchesofig #witchesunite #witchesdoitbetter #WAFT #WAFTisonewith

TODAY @walkthewest 🦄 Palmistry + Tarot with exquisitely yours @tarotgraph + free Tequila cocktails AND the 🔮 presence of @morphologicallynyc for all your herbal fantasies + crystals @gratefulgemhead to enhance your true desires ~ 6-10pm

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