Heat. Passion. Sex. Flame. Action. Heat. Passion. Sex. Flame. Action. Heat. Passion. Sex. Flame. Action.
A delicious mantra. A fierce call. Heat. Passion. Sex. Flame. Action – Each drum beat, each step I take fans my inner fire and calls me to dance.

I am one of a hundred witches circling, dancing, running and writhing around the fire. Some hold the edges, watching the spaces between lightness and darkness. Others circle their way around the incandescent blaze singing, stomping, losing themselves in the rhythm and the heat. The fire inside of me grows just like the bonfire and my clothes have long since vanished. I’m dripping from head to toe with sweat and intention. My throat is dry and parched from singing and from inhaling fire smoke and I imagine myself a half-mad Gofannon at his forge. The heat of the fire is so intense here. Another step closer and I’ll surely burst into flames myself but like the moth to the candle, I’m drawn ever closer. I can’t leave. I could stay here forever.
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Earth. Globe. Planet. Home. Whatever you call it, it’s our responsibility to care for it. All of us. The fact that we allocate only one day a year to celebrate this magnificent, magical marble we live on, is devasting to me. The fact that some people can go an entire day without having a single thought related to Earth’s well-being is devasting to me. Earth Day was yesterday, but Earth Awareness should be every day. Did any of you do a special Earthy ritual yesterday? Feel free to share your DIY tips for minimizing waste, and our impact on the planet, in the comments below. I’m always down to hear suggestions ✨🌚

Spring has officially arrived here in Maine (at least for this week) and I’ve seen my first bees on the property which is good news for the fruit trees I’m bringing home two weeks from now.🐝Although most of my botanical candles sold out rather quickly, these little 6oz Amber Honeys are still in the shop. They’ve got all sorts of botanical and crystal magick to invoke warmth, the sun, and the fire inside including carnelian, citrine, sunflower petals, a calendula flower, and real gold leaf. 100% soy and pure essential oils for rituals or spells to honor or call upon the sun, seasonal magick, the element of fire, the bee totem, or just to envelop yourself in the sweet, aromatherapeutic warmth of sunshine. This is also my prize for the Earth Day Giveaway I’m participating in (see my last post).🌞
Thank you all SO much for your support and for almost selling out my shop update💜🦋I know many of you are interested in the Where the Wild Blooms Blossom Candles and I will be crafting a new batch here shortly so look for them soon. Blessing them with rebirth and renewal will be easy in this sunshine where new life abounds.🐇

Belonging to the nightshade family, potato flowers are quite the adorable little blooms. Although innocent looking, after flowering, little green fruit appear that resemble small tomatoes. These small fruits are full of solanine, which is a toxic substance.
In kitchen magick the potato represents stability and the basic necessities of life.
Sustenance, Health, Healing, Grounding.
Element: Earth
Planetary Association: Moon

Monday blessings!

When my maternal grandfather died I went to his flat with my mum and my aunt to help clear out his things. I was allowed to take a few things and I went to his bookcase and picked an old book that said “poetry” in the title and carried on helping my mum and aunt with the clearing process. When I got home that night I had a look through my bag of things that belonged to my grandfather and picked out the book. I opened it, and the page I opened on was a poem titled “Life” which I thought was appropriate as I was dealing with the grief of loosing my grandfather who I loved so much and had the blessing of spending so much quality time with him, especially during the last years of his life, as a celebration of his life as he would of wanted. I love this poem because it’s inclusivity of everyone’s journey on Earth and how we all have the same destination even if we do seem lost at times, how we make mistakes to get back on track 🖤

All in the dark we grope along,
And if we go amiss
We learn at least which path is wrong,
And there is gain in this.
We do not always win the race,
By only running right,
We have to tread the mountain's base
Before we reach its height.
The Christs alone no errors made;
So often had they trod
The paths that lead through light and shade,
They had become as God.
As Krishna, Buddha, Christ again,
They passed along the way,
And left those mighty truths which men
But dimly grasp to-day.
But he who loves himself the last
And knows the use of pain,
Though strewn with errors all his past,
He surely shall attain.
Some souls there are that needs must taste
Of wrong, ere choosing right;
We should not call those years a waste
Which led us to the light.

“Life” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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