Hello everyone💕 I’ve had a very fun day today, I bought a citrine and a sunstone as well as a new set of cards🌿🌙

In my efforts to detox my bathroom cabinets (and my general everything) this year I have been ALL OVER @grannyskills brilliant book. Her DIY deodorant and house smellies are the best at preventing resident pongs, and I have just made a massive vat of this luscious body cream. Literally good enough to eat (mmm, cocoa butter...) #donteatthe toiletries #natural #witchcraft

two of these are on their way to two very important people ❤ #witchesofinstagram #pendulum #divination #witchcraft #witch #greenwitch #witchessociety #pagan #nature #forest

Artwork by @mistersamshearon
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Shells are not exactly a gemstones or mineral, rather it comes from the sea and is a vacated house of a marine animal. Like anything, shell has a vibration to it which therefore give it metaphysical healing properties.

Shell is known to relax and quiet the emotions and bring peace within yourself. Shell can facilitate visualization, imagination, intuition and help one communicate with spiritual masters of the world. Used in meditation shell can connect you with those spiritual masters, allowing their wisdom to come forward to the user.

Shell helps one to become more balanced and in harmony with nature and the forces of the Universe.

Shell has been known as the stone of regeneration and purification. It is known for providing boundless growth in all areas of life, stimulating imagination, adaptability, and assisting with sensitivity. Shell is also known to promote a binding energy for groups, allowing cooperation between the self and others to take place.

Shell is useful in stimulating one’s learning and retention capabilities, it helps to provide the person in recognizing that they can achieve intellectual control. Shell is said to have a very creative energy to it. Providing both intuitive and artistic energy to the user.

Physically shell can be used to strengthen the circulatory system, as well as regenerate tissue. Shell can also be used in the treatment of calcium deficiencies, and dysfunctions in the spinal canal and nervous system. It is helpful with broken bones and enhancing the assimilation of vitamins A and D. Shell has also been used to protect the muscular system from atrophy.

Shell is connected astrologically to the sign of Pisces.

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New #blog by @TheWandCarver ~ Crystal of the Week - Howlite .
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Choices, choices, your resting, testing, potential realities, your potent possibilities, veiled by or vibrant in your irreducible blend of raw biology and reason. What makes your moves, what prompts and prods and pokes? What within you calls you to task and daringly demands you meet the fates you’ve formed?

In quiet, solaced silence, what rises in you? What goads, what guides, what tries, terrorises or beguiles? Do you meet the creatures of your curdled sub- and super- conscious, greet them with beseeching trepidation and see where they take you? Or do you dismiss the wit of your incisive quiet, the discomforting directive reflections, and riot in favour of tireless entitlements, the adornments of ordinariness, the anthropocentric metrics of acceptability? What do you accept, unwitting, will-lessly, as ordinary wisdom? What leads you in your daily tedium? Which forces fuel your unwished feelings, provide your passionless motivations? In your settled solitude, do you brood mundanely, profanely, fixate on your impotence and failings, bray about and petulantly pray for petty pennies or empty recognition?

Or do you let your unwound mind meet its marvels, its matches, and allow the factions of your awareness to find ground upon which to collectively stride? Do you allow yourself to be your wisest, to enact your insightful intensities, to indulge your propensity for perception?

Here, choice-maker, -taker, -creator, chaos may cloak us, boast supremacy, but in amongst the madness we meet and make patterns, craft meanings fleeting or ones which continue, self-seeding, until their unseen ends. There is no crafting of chaos from minds myopic or too messily spread – the best patterns, reiterative realities which birth their own eternities, are stitched wittily by the ceaseless seekers, the seers, the souls with gazes well-directed at the plain, the painful, the purely true in its transient grandeur. So let me suggest a stand, a meeting, an entreating of the quiet, incisive wisdoms which offer the solace of honesty and the stirring of nascent eternities.

Happy Birthday to me! I just learned that one my birthday in 1692, eight people were found guilty of witchcraft and hung. Two of whom were named Sarah by the way. And for those of you who don’t know, i have a red mostly unnoticeable birthmark on the back of my neck. I’ve always joked that i was a witch that was hung in my past life. This confirms my suspicions 🧙🏻‍♀️⚰️✨🦇
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