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Just gotta remind yourself that when someone leaves it's because someone better is about to arrive. Stay positive. #PRIMEwayoflife

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Be stronger than your excuses!
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We all have had adversity in our lives but it's how you embrace the obstacles you are faced with. It's not about what happens to you, it's how you react to it.
In my newsletter update last night, I went over the 'Language Of Life' and everything I learned from one of my mentors in Cabo this past weekend. (He built 5 different companies all from scratch for a value of $2.7 billion). Topics I wrote about were:
Step 1) Become more aware.
Step 2) Conquer yourself.
Step 3) Mastering your language.
Step 4) Staying disciplined.
Mastering your language was the most impactful for me. Our words are our most powerful commodity. In fact, in the email I gave an example how using the right messaging, building rapport, your congruency, and your delivery allowed my mentor to secure a $420 million dollar deal.
I challenge you to be more aware of the words you use. Questions? Comment below and I'll reply back to you. If you're not signed up yet for my personal emails sign up with the link in bio. (I've been a writer for 14 years) thanks for all the email replies, i'll be responding. -
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Many people look at Gods as mere symbols, representations of forces or mind areas. Actually, the Gods are beings, and down through the ages ordinary men and women, great saints and sages, prophets and mystics in all cultures have inwardly seen, heard and been profoundly influenced by these superconscious, inner-plane, inner-galactic beings. Lord Ganesha is just such a being. He can think just as we can think. He can see and understand and make decisions, decisions so vast in their implications and complexity that we could never comprehend them with our human faculties of limited understanding. He is the Lord of wisdom and knowledge, also the first deity who awakens in our spiritual meditation and guide us on the path. That's why he is worshipped invariably first by every Hindu. He is Vighnaraja because he is the lord of obstacles. He also removes them when he deems fit. So Hindus worship Ganesha before starting any new venture.

Ganesha was also popular in both China and Japan centuries ago because of his association with Buddhism. Buddhism integrated Ganesha into their pantheon just as they admitted many other Hindu deities with same names but different status. The early Buddhists who went from Indian subcontinent to spread Buddhism in other countries introduced Ganesha to followers of Buddha in China and from there tradition moved to Japan. Subsequently in both China and Japan Ganesha gained popularity as a god who brought romance and good luck into people's lives. According to Buddhist tradition Buddha himself revealed a mystic mantra called Ganapathihrdaya to his close disciple Ananda at Rajagriha. Followers of Mahayana Buddhism allotted a specific place for Ganesha in their drawings of Mandalas or mystic diagrams. In China as well as in Japan, Buddha was worshipped in two forms. One was the traditional Ganesha with the usual and familiar appearance and the other was a two faced Ganesha standing opposite to each other. laughing Buddha who became popular in China shares some physical features with Ganesha and is also associated with good luck and good fortune.! ✨🐘🕉🎨
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Sacred Geometry 🌀⚛️

Self awareness❤️ We get so busy we end up reacting to everything in life without knowing where we're coming from or what matters most to us. Be alone with your thoughts.... Meditate, journal or just be... Do it every day if you can for even ten minutes (no phone in hand) . You will thank yourself soon enough when you start to get clarity, patience and joy.
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