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BYE BYE LIZARD! 😳🦎 @luke_fishing_ feeding his pet bass! No wonder why they make "Lizard" lures. Bass eat em' up! Tag a friend below! 🎣💯💥🇺🇸🐟🐠👍🏼👌🏼
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After she lost her son, Tonda Thompson dreamed of a baby in a washing machine. She’d stuffed in dirty clothes and closed the door. The lock clicked shut. Water rushed in. Then she saw him, floating behind the glass. Frantic, she jabbed at a keypad on the machine, searching for a code to unlock the door.
When Thompson became pregnant she was 25, living in Los Angeles and working as a model. She and her boyfriend got engaged and moved back to #Milwaukee , #Wisconsin . She’d grown up on the city’s north side, a predominantly African-American neighborhood with pockets of deep poverty, in a zip code known for having the highest incarceration rate in the United States. Thompson went to all of her medical appointments, took prenatal vitamins, and stayed in shape. On her birthday, she wrote on Facebook that the only gift she wanted was “a healthy mom and baby.” But she also wrote about how hard it was to be pregnant in a city where there was “nothing to do that’s fun and safe.” Thompson got married in April 2013, and a month later went into labor. Forty hours later, Terrell was born. He lived less than half that time, due to “complications” with the delivery. By the time Thompson got home, all of the baby’s things had been moved to the basement. She’d gotten to hold him for five minutes.

Thompson sank into a depression. She thought about suicide. On her birthday, she received divorce papers; by the next summer, she was on the verge of homelessness. She often felt angry that the hospital didn’t save her son. But mostly she asked herself, “What did I do wrong?” Each year in the United States, more than 23,000 infants die before reaching their first birthday. Though the mortality rate varies widely by state and county, the average in the United States is higher than in the rest of the world’s wealthy countries, worse than in Poland and Slovakia. Because infants are so vulnerable, their survival is considered a benchmark for a society’s overall health. What our infant-mortality rate tells us is that, despite spending more money on health care than any other country in the world, the United States is not very healthy. (read below) via @polyvagabond

Skydiving instructor Mike Robinson was at 12,000 feet, just seconds away from his fourth and final jump of the day, when a second plane carrying other skydivers struck the aircraft he was in, sending them all tumbling toward the ground.
By: @cleared_for_takeoff_cft
Thanks to: CEO of great Shatel group @a_nakhjavani
None of the nine skydivers or two pilots sustained serious injury when the two planes collided in midair Saturday evening in far northwest Wisconsin near Lake Superior.
Robinson, an instructor and safety adviser for Skydive Superior, said the skydivers had gone up for their last jump of the day – called the "sunset load" – and the two planes were flying in formation. It was supposed to be a routine jump, and a fun one for Robinson, who usually jumps as a trainer.
All of the skydivers were instructors or coaches and had hundreds, if not thousands, of jumps under their belts. It was Robinson's 937th jump.
The three skydivers who were on the step of the second plane got knocked off upon impact, Robinson said, and the two inside were able to jump. The pilot of Robinson's plane ejected himself, and the pilot of the second plane landed the aircraft safely at Richard I Bong Airport, from where it took off. The plane was damaged.
هواپیمای مایک رابینسون مربی چتربازی در ارتفاع3600متری بر فراز ویسکانزین و چند ثانیه قبل از پنجمین و آخرین پرش روزانه با هواپیمای دیگری حامل عده ای دیگر از چتربازان برخورد کرد و همگی به سوی زمین آمدند. هیچکدام از9چترباز و دو خلبان صدمه جدی ندیدند.
او در رابطه با این حادثه گفت: چتربازان برای آخرین پرش روزانه که به "پرش غروب آفتاب" معروف است آماده میشدند و دو هواپیما در حالت فرمیشن پرواز میکردند. بنظر میرسید که یک پرش عادی و تفریحی دیگر باشد.
همه چتربازان خبره و مربی بودند و بیش از صدها بار سابقه پرش در کارنامه خود داشتند. خود رابینسون937-امین پرش خود را تجربه میکرد.
پس از برخود دو هواپیما همه چتربازان از آن جدا شده و یکی از خلبانان هم به بیرون پرید. خلبان دوم موفق شد هواپیمای خود را به سلامت به زمین بنشاند.

The face u give when u find out #Wisconsin upset no. 1 #Villanova and u had Nova winning the #NationalChampionship in your tourney bracket #NotAwesome

Don't forget to check my Snaps out (username: elizabethaudre0 👻). I've got done fun things happening in the next few weeks...just sayin 😉😊

Can the Badgers make another Final Four run!? Just another reason why we LOVE all the madness that comes in March! 🏀👌🏼 #Splasharmy #shotmechanics #ballislife #basketball #marchmadness #wisconsin #badgers #buckets

What a gorgeous sky in Cassel, Wisconsin! 📷: @connie.higgins 🌅🙌#midwestmoment #sunrise #wisconsin


Are you a Midwest maker? Do you have a favorite Midwest-made product? We want to see! Comment below and/or tag your favorite Midwest creatives. You just might end up in our magazine! #bedriftless

@kwiktrip you guys rock!! Clean bathrooms, good food 🍕🌭🍎🍊 All at reasonable pricing. Awesome for when I'm on the go!! ⛽🚗
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While in Wisconsin for dinner yesterday, I swung by Specialty Meats & Gourmet to see what they had in store for me. They introduced some (new to me) hors d'oeuvres. You take some Bavaria Old Fashioned Beef Summer Sausage, top it with A Beer's Best Friend, Chechil handmade smoked-braided-string cheese and then top that with Jalapena Nina's Spicy Pickled Garlic. Viola! It really all works together and I think this is a perfect snack with beer. Your breath will be something funky, but it's good and different.

Nothing is more motivating than opening up a National Magazine while waiting for your salad takeout and seeing your picture and your ability to balance work and a healthy lifestyle to keep pushing.. My salon is even listed for Woodbury MN!! 😍 Nails, Esti, Oxygen and Comso have featured my balance of beauty and healthy lifestyle.. #twincities #woodburymn #minneapolis #bbl #wisconsin #makeup #lashextensions #microblading #fitnessmotivation #fattofitjourney #bossbabe #blessed #brides #minnesota #tattoomakeup #eyebrows #eyelashes #nails #nailsmagazine #oxygen #cosmopolitan

With enough of these eaters in the freezer it's time to chase some big girls.

Stocked and ready to rock!! Nice to come home to after a hard days work 👊🏻👍🏻👌🏻💥 Check out @buckedupsupps with code Wisco20 and rock that shit! 🔥🖕🏻💪🏻•

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It takes a lot of work to get to the good stuff... but it's worth it. #thejuiceisworththesqueeze #deconstruction #reclaimedlumber #floorjoists

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