Well I'm super stoked to take my engine building to the next level. My first #L83 #2014 #chevrolet #turbo build. #wisco pistons and K1rods. #arp main/ head studs, comp pushrods and rocker trunion upgrade!!!!! @ #ALECSMACHINESHOP

Wasted food has a larger impact on the world than you think 💭‼️

I’ve been MIA lately because the half marathon wore me the eff out. I was so sore working out was not in the picture and cheerleading got hectic so the past week has been go go go nonstop and this week isn’t any better🙈
Not only have I been slacking on my workouts, I’ve also been slacking on my nutrition and water intake. So I made a pact with myself that this week would be a fresh start!
Well, Monday hit me like a train because I woke up WAY too late with a pounding headache. Luckily I’m able to work from home so I got to stay home until my headache finally went away. While my to-do list is super long I still decided to make myself a priority and squeeze in a workout and it felt great!
Here’s to a new week🎉


Those photos below are from three years ago but I STILL find myself falling victim to the SAME temptations. That’s because I’m human and I freaking love pizza, okay?!

But here’s the point, I used to do A LOT more of the beer guzzling and the junk food eating before I found a fit family to hold me accountable. Now, more times than not, I think twice before I shove an Oreo down my throat or add 7-Up to my old fashioned 🤣 ✨
Before I became part of online fitness groups, I had no one encouraging me to workout or put the bowl of ice cream in the freezer. And now I get to lead those groups!!

You’ll always have temptations. You’ll always have reasons or occasions for making choices that can hinder your progress. But do you know what else will always be a constant? The support, motivation, and accountability of your fit family.

So why not join us?! Comment below or send me a message to get more info!
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The best athletes engage their lats.

According to @theodysseyonline, it’s #NationalCheeseburgerDay 🍔 Should we start a petition to get @innout on campus? Our team says yes 🤤

B-Y-who? Good morning, #badgers 🤗 It’s game day 🏈 #wisconsinodyssey #odyssey

Today we have one of our creators @chanicorpus taking over our Instagram 😍 See what she’s up to on our story! 👆 #odyssey #wisconsinodyssey

The start of a new school year means new orgs to join 🤗 We’re looking for creatives who want to share their voice with the world ✍🏻 DM us for info on how to apply! #wisconsinodyssey #odyssey

Four days into the semester and we’re already studying 🙃 but at least we’re doing it on Bascom Hill 😍 #odyssey #wisconsinodyssey

Happy first day of school, #Badgers! We’re back and better than ever 👍 #odyssey #wisconsinodyssey

Tomorrow means the return of @badgerfootball, but it also means the return of @uwbadgerband ❤️ #odyssey #wisconsinodyssey

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