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So I am a bit behind on the @wiren_challenges 30 Days of November challenge. Being behind though allows me to post this as something very near to me. ••••Growing up I was one of the millions of children who suffered from ADHD. This diagnosis was spot I but the cure was not. My Mother gave me Ritalin for one day. She said she would rather have me zipping aroun than be a zombie. To this day I am grateful for that decision. As I am older I realize what it really is that I struggled from. Focus. Plain an simple. I didn't know where to put the energy I had. I do now and I love my life because of it. So today as you think about your kids and how hyper they might be or "out of control" try to look for what they are interested in. Start in encouraging their creativity. Stimulate their mind, but always remember, they are just children.•••• Day 11: Childhood Memories #wirennov2011 #wirennov2011_cupcakesonstage #wirennov2011_11

First ever ferris wheel ride @Gurkha Fair in d '80s

Day 11 childhood memory. Swings! I could spend all day on the swings! #wirennov2011 #wirennov2011_11#wirennov2011_intheclouds_ #swings#play#park#child#childhood#memory#fun#cool#old

Some things are #destined--like becoming a #librarian! This is a pic of me from 6th grade. My #mother could dress me In absolutely anything! #librariansfashion

November: 30 Days 30 Shots Day 11 - Childhood Memory #WirenNov2011 #WirenNov2011_11 #WirenNov2011_moody11 This was my favorite toy, Kitty. I took it everywhere with me. This is actually kitty 2.0 as the first was torn apart, repaired and then 'lost' when my sister buried it under our playhouse. My mom had to replace it to mend my broken heart!

#wirennov2011 #wirennov2011_11 #wirennov2011_kthd Day 11 of 30: Childhood Memory ... I use to carry this Levi jean backpack everywhere when I was a kid...hence my name being on it 😊

5 things about me.....here goes!

My feed already says Christian, wife and mother do I'll do things that are not easily put in a short bio.

1. This picture is for @wiren_challenges for #wirennov2011_11 a childhood memory. This horse was given to me by my father. He died when I was only 6 years old. I have very few memories of him and even less things that remind me of him. This horse is one of the things I know he picked out just for me. I hope it's never lost or destroyed. #wirennov2011 #wirennov2011_aubree42

2. I received my bachelors and masters degrees from OU. OU was actually my absolute last choice for college. I didn't want to be in huge classes with a zillion people and just be a number among many. After going to my first choice college that I dreamed of attending, that will remain anonymous, I absolutely hated it. So, I transferred and completely LOVED OU. Point being....do not count something out just because you think it will suck!

3. My mom remarried when I was in 8th grade. She had worked in the elem. school cafeteria while I was in elementary. Then when I got to go across town to middle school she got the middle school secretary job. Then in 8th grade when I'm about to go back across town to high school she marries the high school principal. So I never attended school without a parent working in my school....and watching my every move....and not being able to do or get away with anything.....

4. I work as a high school counselor. I love my job. I hate how much crap school counselors have to do. In short, 5% is counseling and 95% is paperwork and testing. Literally. But I love how the students keep me young at heart.

Honeybear | This teddybear was given to me when I was still in my mother's belly. He's been across the country when we moved house, to the every sleepover, and still makes me feel better when times are tough.

1)Antique Piggy Bank (filled by my dad who died when I was 5 2)Mema (every GOOD time I remember was with her 3) Apple (I still love the jingle found this one in old abandon house)

Childhood memory

For @wiren_challenges November challenge: 30 days 30 shots #wirennov2011 #wirennov2011_selinag80 #wirennov2011_11 childhood memory what says that better than bubbles

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