Pantry door dreams come true!!! Found this amazing antique metal door with wire glass for a pantry in a current project. Thank god our clients give us plenty of rope to explore 🙏🏻 @antiquitieswarehouse #metaldoors #archtecuralelement #antiquedoors #wireglass #pantrydoor #pantrydesign #jonezng4moore

Lazy afternoon.. where is the sun!?

Custom blackened steel portals and pivot window for the King Street project ▪️ Architectural design by @jennchang0 & @charlieabledesign.

We recently stumbled across the work of Kristen Wentrcek and Andrew Zebulon which can be seen in the third photo in this series. Their use of wire glass is both subtle and striking. At Imagic Glass we can laminate metal mesh sheets or in the case of the first two photos, we can digitally print any texture or material. The benefit of printing means a lighter product as well as more aesthetic control over colours and opacities. Get in touch if you have any ideas!
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These windows must have been beautiful in their prime!
#arkasipi #wireglass #amber #abandoned #windows

Custom door detail ▪️Blackened steel and wire glass for a SoHo apartment renovation in collaboration with @jennchang0 and @charlieabledesign.

#MattesHideout reveal - Finally the dream home I have dreamed off in the past few years, has finally been realised. Designed the entire home myself from scratch to 3D to actual space.
Theme : #Industrial #MUJI #IndustrialMUJI - which is a marriage of steel, wood and concrete with Japanese brand MUJI influence.
Had a custom-made sliding #BarnDoor with #wireglass panels that also act as a nightlight feature for the living room at night.
Also had ordered a duvet cover from Threadless - The Great Ramen off Kanagawa.

For the shower area I wanted to split it into a dry and wet areas. The glass panel for the shower area is meant to be clear because bathing in the ‘open’ is such an exciting feeling. But if you’re a little shy, you could switch to the toilet door, which has frosted texture for more privacy.
The dresser also has an inbuilt sink, with industrial themed copper pipes / tap to complete the industrial look.
The wardrobe is rather simple with a retail mindset. Draw the curtains open to have access to the wardrobe. The hanging poles for the wardrobe were custom made as well. The storage drawers from below are existing MUJI drawers that I’ve had from before.

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