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It never ever gets old! #amwriting #wipjoy

Here's me hanging with one of my kids. I am a mom of 5 boys, a culinary teacher and have written 3 books. Wow. Can't believe I can say that.
My current WIP is a young adult contemporary about a boy suffering the loss of his mother. He isn't taking it so well. #wipjoy day 1.
#writersofinstagram #amwriting #authorsofinstagram

Still behind! Day 4: Remnant Chronicles series; original Grimm/Andersen tales; From the Stories of Old. #fairytale #retelling #WIPjoy

Day 28: Share some authors whose books my readers may also like! The Twisted Fairytales isn't out yet, but it sounds too good to pass up. @simmeringmind #wipjoy

#wipjoy day eight (I missed a few days, oops) : what would the MC be like as the antagonist: James would be... bitter. Angry. Dark. Alone. To be honest, rather scary. #tattoosandtiaras #campnanojuly2017

Day 10: (yes, I know, I have catching up to do. What's new?) Dishing on a side character. Tristan. King. Blind, cursed, unwilling, and desperate. But totes adorbs 😍 #wipjoy #wip #amwriting #ya #yalit #historicalfantasy #characterinspiration

#WIPjoy Day 10: in your antagonist's own words, what is their happiest memory?

#WIPjoy 16: Choose an ideal reading spot, food, drink and music to go with your book.
Personally, I prefer reading/writing in complete silence, as my musician brain gets way too distracted when it hears music. 😛 But for those who do, Celtic music is a good fit. 😉 And everything else is basically my idea of the perfect reading day. ❤ #amwriting #fantasy #HallOfMemories #readingspot

I was already doing #wipjoy on Facebook, so figured I'd do it on Twitter and Instagram too. Although this is my personal Instagram (I don't have an author Instagram yet). [Day 1: Describe Yourself and Your WIP]

I'm a 30-something Christian girl from Southern California who loves reading, writing, and long walks on the beach (no really). I write mostly speculative fiction, though I'm open to other genres (I've got a historical romance in the works, for instance). The WIP I'm posting about (I've got five WIPs, not counting fanfics and stories I put aside) is called "Music Land Maestress." It's the story of seven girls who are recruited by Allegron Elyden, a knight from the music-filled magical land of Lyra, to fight against the Dissonance Kingdom, a mysterious group devoted to plunging worlds into despair and darkness, then feeding off the negative energy, who have invaded his world. Lyra's only hope lies in seven jewels containing the essences of Lyra's seven princesses, who were mortally wounded in the battle, and Allegron's mission is to find people who resonate with the jewels to take the jewels into their hearts in order to protect them from the Dissonance Kingdom. In return, the girls gain the ability to become magical girls and to help Allegron fight the Dissonance Kingdom, who has followed Allegron and his partner to our world. But between this and the normal issues of being a teenager, can they pull it off? *** The pic is of my 1st draft notebook, which is nearly full, since I've been working on this novel since 2012. (It won me my first NaNoWriMo in 2012!) Thankfully I had more notebooks. I recently decorated the notebook with princess stickers I got at a store called Kidsland in L.A.'s Koreatown.


#WIP of some #KamisamaKiss #fanart This series is very enjoyable so far. 🤓 #WIPjoy #MondayMotivaton #anime #manga #MangaMonday#somefilter

All three of my Robot-fic journals together. They go together so well! #WIP #writersofinstagram #journal #bookstagram #book #robot #wipjoy #sciencefiction #Etsy #oneofakind

Journal 3/3 arrived today. Will be using it for the final section of my #wip , a robot science fiction novel. #amwriting #writersofinstagram #journal #bookstagram #book #robot #wipjoy #sciencefiction #fiction #etsy

Sweet, and just a little #naughty. Who doesn't love that? #FictFri #FP #amwriting #WIP #WIPJoy #amediting

So... I guess I've been late. To be honest, my answer is "I don't even know if I would be sharing the completed story with the world". For me, writing is more about keeping my imagination alive than with publishing my story. #WIPjoy

Thank you to all who did #WIPjoy this month - it was a blast! One of my favorite events yet. 😃 Thank you for sharing about your stories with us. Hope to see you back in October! 😊

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