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Tune into the NVIDIA Twitch live stream of the @first_official_ teams’ final match tomorrow, April 22, at 2pm PST. #FIRSTChamp #omgrobots #FIRSTinspires #WINVIDIA

Having a blast at the innovation fair! #winvidia #firstchamps

We love robotics because we get to bring our best ideas to live, inspire others in STEM, and have some fun along the way! #winvidia #FIRSTChamp

We love robotics because robots are awesome!! #winvidia #FIRSTchamp

We use the TK1 to process vision for our robot! We love NVIDIA! #winvidia #FIRSTChamp #OMGrobots #pythonprogramming #openCV

Just a couple of robotics kids doing the robot for Nvidia #winvidia #firstchamps

Robotics inspires me #winvidia #FIRSTChamp

My name is Will, and the reason I love NVIDIA, is because it continually inspires me to challenge myself and to push the limits of what I think I can do.

Although my FRC team (5895), is relatively young (only 2 years), NVIDIA products have helped us learn a lot about engineering and design. NVIDIA’s graphics processing units have enabled my Peddie School team to design our robot with various CAD and advanced simulation softwares. The processor's exceptional capability made it possible to be able to understand and then troubleshoot design flaws before construction, saving us lots of time, building materials, and ultimately improving our robot’s design.

NVIDIA has had an extensive impact on my life! #winvidia

Loving robotics because of all the cool things you can do with it! #winvidia #firstchamp


Thank you @NVIDIAEmbedded for the Jetson TX1! We are excited to experiment with it's better processing and GPU capabilities for vision processing! #WINVIDIA #omgrobots

#WINVIDIA @NVIDIA Here's my photo of my PC, powered by a GTX 950! I like Nvidia because their processors are helping to power the devices of tomorrow such as self driving cars, powerful and effecient PCs, and game systems like the Nintendo switch!

Whether you're intensively gaming like I do, or filling out business spreadsheets like my mom does, Nvidia outperforms the competition 100% of the time. Nvidia to me means my computer will never by dragged down by graphics intensive programs and it means performance when I need it and beauty when I want it. Thank you Nvidia for being a trusted brand for 3 generations with many more to come.

Member/Mentor of FIRST Lego Robotics League 18 years old.
#WINVIDIA @nvidia

3D CADing software, like SolidWorks, requires a powerful graphics card to smoothly render complex contraptions you create. The Nvidia NVS 5400M Graphics Card from 2012 in my CADing laptop still does just that, even though it's about 5 years old by now. Nvidia Graphics processors are long lasting with excellent build quality. They bring performance and reliability to the table, allowing for endless possibilities. I love Nvidia for these reasons and will continue to use Nvidia products to supply my graphics needs. #winvidia @nvidia

Nvidia powers my CAD work to allow me to create new things and make them in the real world. I use an Nvidia card in both rendering Solidworks and AV files ( photoshop and Sony Vegas) The Nvidia sticker was the first one ever to go on my hood, I got it at scholarship row at #firstchamps 2014. Seeing the simulator at your both is highlight of the championships. #winvidia #omgrobots ( Personally identifiable information blocked out)

We ♥ @NVIDIA #jetsontk1 because it has the 💪 to power #FRC vision 🎯 💯 with style 😎 #winvidia

I've had this lanyard since world's 2015, and our Jetson powered our robot to score 8 kpa in auto this year. Team green FTW! #winvidia #firstchamp

@nvidia #WINVIDIA #firstinspires
Nvidia has inspired me with great breakthroughs in technology that drive me to do good and school and become involved with technology. Nvidia provides our robotics team with the graphical processing to utilize CAD software's and simulation abilities to overall improve our robotics functionality. The proccessor gives us the ability to interest others and teach CAD software's to fellow students. Nvidia gave our team a new aspect towards emerging technologies and countless logic lessons on engineering and design. I show off my Nvidia products with pride and passion. This post is dedicated to enter our team 5885 villanova robotics team into the nvidia sponsored contest. This team deserves a prize for the huge accomplishments for the just 2 year old team out of a small community. Hard workers and talented mentors and students. Cannot wait to celebrate our teams second year going to worlds. Proud to be a part of the team!

In pic is of my Msi titan with two Nvidia 900 series gpus

We not only build robots, but we dance like robots too. We love #nvidiaembedded for giving us the opportunity to have this dance memorialized on Instagram! #winvidia #FIRSTChamp #OMGrobots and yes, that is a #FedEx cape!

We use the TK1 to process vision for our robot! We love NVIDIA! #winvidia #FIRSTChamp #OMGrobots #pythonprogramming #openCV

#winvidia #FIRSTChamp Have to simulate a robot. My best robotics move. 😏 Day three of the competition things are progressing well, and the kids are doing a great job keeping up the energy

#WINVIDIA @nvidia I love Nvidia for their unrelenting pursuit to push boundaries in technologies, from machine learning and artificial intelligence to virtual reality, as they strive to engineer our future. #firstchamp

I love playing League of Legends on NVIDIA as it lets it run at more than enough frames, allowing me to dominate the lane #winvidia

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