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Cosy nights in. Red wine. Thick Blankets. Hello winter my old friend. โ„๏ธ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ—“๐Ÿ’˜

Nailed it ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป #winterwonderer #contiki #noregrets

Strolling through the locks #WinterWonderer #DatCanalDoe

Not the clearest photo but holy shit I miss this sexy bunch !

A mountainously good time #datview #mybanff #winterwonderer

London supplied the goods! Next stop Paris!! #contiki #winterwonderer

#photography #mrdesigner #creativedirector zvedu zvinobhadara
Creative director in the making.
Wednesday shoot for my winter collection the #winterwonderer #abstract for splits Louis
Model : Splits Loui

Finding new buildings everyone I come here!!! #contiki #winterwonderer #contikitamara #vanezia


4 months until we're in Europe @jeffsux666 ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ‰โœˆ๏ธ #europe2018 #winterwonderer

Cosy nights in. Red wine. Thick Blankets. Hello winter my old friend. โ„๏ธ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ—“๐Ÿ’˜

#photography #mrdesigner #creativedirector zvedu zvinobhadara
Creative director in the making.
Wednesday shoot for my winter collection the #winterwonderer #abstract for splits Louis
Model : Splits Loui

Welcome to spring season.!!! Colours around my home changed dramatically. It rained few days back and it changed everything. Now its all green and colourful here. Apple trees are in bloom. Path from highway to my home has become beautiful. It feels like i am going to dream home in real sense. There is abundance of butterflies on the way. We used to chase colourful butterflies in childhood. Today after a long time again i caught one. I feel like keeping butterflies in my pocket but i always realesed them they look beautiful flying freely here and there amoung flowers. I am getting high on Fragrance of flowers everyday. Thank you Mother nature. We should feel lucky to be on this beautiful planet. Save and respect nature.

That is my house in Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh and it's snow all over the roof. Few years back my friends reached here riding on infield they couldn't sleep in my glass room as one can see infinite stars from the window. Mountains in the light of moon look very different during night. Sound of Chandra and Bagha river can be heared clearly as I leave the window open. When me and my cousin used to go for late night Lugdi parties to karga we used to plan before leaving the house in the evening. People in our house never appreciated this. So we were always sure that doors will be closed. I used to leave the bolt of one of the window open from inside so that with the help of wooden stairs we could climb till the window. Then I used to enter from the window and open the door from inside for my cousin and he always Kept stairs in its place after the use without making any sounds. We became so good at it that nobody never caught us doing this. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž. Lugri made us so good in planning and execution.
Plan to visit this place during 30th May to 30th September. This place can give you the experience of your lifetime.
Note : "Consumption of Alcohol is injurious to health. "

"Song Says plant trees."

"Ki ki so soย lha gyal lo"
Kunzum Pass 4590m connects Kullu and Lahaul valley to Spiti Valley. This place is very colourful as there are a lot of Prayer Flags all around this place.There are two kinds of prayer flags: horizontal ones, calledย Lung ta and vertical ones, calledย Darchog. Travellers always stop here for sometime.
Traditionally, prayer flags come in sets of five: one in each of five colors. The five colors are arranged from left to right in a specific order: blue, white, red, green, and yellow. The five colors represent the 5 elements and the 5 pure lights. Different elements are associated with different colors for specific traditions, purposes and sadhna. Blue symbolizes the sky and space, white symbolizes the air and wind, red symbolizes fire, green symbolizes water, and yellow symbolizes earth. According to Traditional Tibetan medicine, health and harmony are produced through the balance of the five elements.

What is the point of your education if you still throw garbage on streets which ultimately is picked by an uneducated worker.

Miyar Valley is situated in the far western corner of Lahaul. Miyar Nallah is a tributary of Chinab River which originates 50km below the Miyar Glaciar, it isย  a long valley. This place is on my travel bucket list as my friend told me this valley is extremely beautiful.
He told me Fobrang Peak is famous for trekking and a lot foreigners use to come to climb this but now number has decreased due to some accidents that have happened in the past. Thanpattan is one the main attractions here.ย  There are a lot of Ibexes and Snowleopards in the valley.
Last night I saw a dream. I was in here and about to reach at my friend' village. I saw two snowleopards in the mountains who are planning to attack on a herd of Ibex. I am afraid few of Ibexes will lose their life. Though Ibexes are agile and very fast but snowleopards can surprise them with their lightening speed and strategy.
Ibexes are still unaware of the danger and busy in grazing. One Ibex has smelled the danger and it is trying to alert rest of the herd. Ibex is planning to escape from there. Snowleopards are observing everything from a distance and they knew one ibex is aware of their presence and it can ruin their strategy.
It's time to charge, one after another snowleopards started running towards the herd. Almost 20 Ibexes started running in different directions. Snowleopard missed the chance.
ย One Ibex was coming exactly in the direction where I was standing and observing everything. Unfortunately both snowleopards were behind that Ibex only. Now I didn't wanted Snowleopard to miss this chance. If they will miss this chance my life was in danger. I wanted to shout for help but I was hardly able to shout as my voice was not coming out of my mouth. Ibex is just 100m away from me and Snowleopards are at another 100m.
When Ibex was just 50m away snowleopards caught it. And I was not able to decide whether to runaway, stay there or try to save the life of Ibex. Suddenly everything started freezing and my friends started calling my name. I thought now we can save the Ibex. But when I opened my eyes my friend was standing in front of me holding a cup of coffee. " Good morning bro here is your coffee"

"Village of secret water source"

Tholang is a village which is famous for secret water source nobody knows about except the villagers. This water has such qualities that after consuming this water you can easily crack any exam including most prestigious exam of UPSC. A lot of people conducted research and failed to bring the secret out.

Tholang has produced 23 doctors , 21 engineers and 19 other officers. The district's first doctor, first lady doctor, first Indian Air Force officer and first engineer were all born in the village In last four decades. The village has not only achieved cent per cent literacy, but 100 out of a total 415 residents are also class I (gazetted) officers, who include IAS, IPS and state administrative officers.
So when you next visit my camps/mudhouses at Tandi we will arrange a visit to Tholang, at just 3km distance and try to bring out the secret water source near Marbal area. UPSC aspirants can come to my camp and do their preparations where I am planning to open a Library too.ย  We assure you good food and stay. (100 times better what you get in Mukherjee Nagger) I assure you to provide two spoons of secret magical water everyday.

This is village Gaushal, my nebouring village just in front of my village Tandi. We have a primary school in our village Tandi where you can do study till fifth standard. People who studied from here had created a great environment for study in this small school and this tradition went on.
After that you have to move to Gaushal for matriculation. Same is true for this school too. I spent wonderful five years here. This village consists of highest number of houses in Lahaul. People in this village have great sense of humour. My elder brother enculcated this quality from this village. He has good sense of humour. If you have some friends from this village you can relate to that.
In winters people go on the mountain slops of Gaushal for snowboarding and skiing. A wondearful waterfall above the village fulfils all the need of drinking water for whole village. It also has a wonderful cricket ground just besides the confluence of River Chandra and Bhaga with all the possibilities to become a beautiful international cricket stadium in near future after Dharamshala.

A short day ride from Tandi to Khangsar khar gave us chance to experience this wonderful sunset. May to September is the best season to visit Lahaul as everything comes into action after long winters. Valley becomes green farmers become busy in their fields. This is also the time when you will see hundreds of bikers passing by this valley without stopping in this wonderful valley. Having few days in hands this place can give you experience of life time.

Drilbu Peak is 4400m above sea level. This is peak is visible from my home Tandi 3250m. I have seen Sun rising from this place for years but never did a visit to this place. We should explore those places too which are nearby. We always think that we can explore nearby places anytime but trust me nearby destinations are very far. It took me 28 years to reach here, though it was visible from my home.

One evening while drinking "Lugri" at Karga on a full moon night with some of friends we planned to do a trek to Drilbu peak. Drinking Lugri is a hovercraft ride. Since I left consuming alcohol, searching something else to get high on life. But Lugri worked that night and finally we did go to Drilbu Peak.
From this peak you can see 360 degree view of Lahaul. You can see the water sources up on the snow covered mountains. One can see different valleys of Lahaul from here. From this height things look very different. We should keeps raising our standards and vision. I saw a wonderful view from that height.

"Rohtang Pass's handful of love "

Rohtang Pass 3978m is in eastern Pir Panjal range of Himalaya. Rohtang literally means pile of dead bodies. A lot of people lost their life while crossing this pass in the past. Perhaps it is only reason that it has got this reputation. Weather in Rohtang Pass changes it's mood rapidly. One needs to check weather conditions before crossing it. Especially in winter weather is unpredictable and dangerous. Natives of Lahaul have a great respect for this mountain pass. As it is believed that this is home to Godess Kali. In order to enter into Lahaul Valley from any direction you have to cross a mountain pass. While coming from Manali-Leh road you have to cross Rohtang Pass 3978m in order to enter Lahaul, From Spiti, Kunzum Pass 4590m, From Leh, Baralacha Pass 4890m and from Chamba you have to Cross Kugti Pass 5040m. In this way Lahaul becomes a prison in winters.
In April 2004 we decided to cross Rohtang pass on foot with few friends because Rohtang Pass was her not opened due to heavy snowfall in winter. It started raining in manali and we were in two minds whether we should cross Rohtang Pass or not. We hired a taxi same evening, next morning as the sky got clear and it stopped raining, driver came to wake us up around 4 0'clock. He dropped us around three km short of Marhi. Two ladies with a kid accompanied us till Mahri in the taxi. And on arriving Marhi they changed their mind and went back with the taxi to Manali as wind was very strong. It made me nervous still we continued climbing Rohtang pass. It took us 12 hours to reach other side( Gufa Hotel) in the heavystorm almost loosing our lifes.

In 2014 again decided to cross Rohtang Pass solo on foot in summers. When I arrived Rohtang Top I met a passer by from lahaul and we stopped to exchanged few words. Before leaving from there he gave me handful of dryfruits.

It was very strange that Sun sets here in North East India very early and it gets dark by 5:30pm. Walking on the banks of Bhramaputra river experienced one of the most wonderful sunrise/sunset of life after Kanyakumari and Sarangkot, Nepal.
Crossing Bhramaputra on the ferry was an amazing experience. Bhramaputra river is the only male river in India and as per natives, in the rainy season this river is prone to catastrophic flooding. Bhramaputra river is spread so wide in the region that somewhere there are 2 to 3km long bridge over it.

I feel nobody should go away from their home for any reasons from these mountains. Mountains have more than what you need fresh food, air, water and nice people around.
I come from a society where entrepreneurship or business is not appreciated much. Inclination of 99 percent of youth is towards government jobs. I am not saying it's their fault, It's how tradition is. It's how conditioning has been done for long time. 50 years back or so may be it was need of the hour now time has changed. We should live in mountains and earn. You have to find ways if you are not interested in government jobs.

Last month I went to a village called Pulag above nagger. I came across few young boys who were returing back home from school. I asked them what they want to become in their life. One of them said," I want to become a farmer". I heared this for the first time that a farmer's son wants to become a farmer. India' maximum population lives in villages and economy mostly depends on agriculture. India became seventh largest agricultural exporter worldwide in 2013.

Today when I look back to my degrees sometime I feel I have wasted a lot of timd in school, college and working in multinational companies. But that's the cost of learning and experience. It's very expensive. It takes you away from your home.

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