This Easter Sunday, I woke up to the above view... every inch of the ground covered in thick white snow. No sign of spring today, just a clear message that the wisdom of winter is still the reflection I need right now.
For a while now I have been experiencing long waves of exhaustion. A tiredness so deep, my heavy body feels like it will never move again... Iv become quite accustomed to this exhaustion and been lucky enough that life provided the space for the slowness of my being to be respected and allowed. But there were certainly many times I struggled to give up my to-do list, judged myself for being lazy, without ambition, weak, and experienced frustration at the lack of anything happening. The fact our world is so fast paced and frowns on anything that isn't living up to that pace, was often a tough reflection to bear.
This winter I finally gave into the wisdom of being SO very SLOW. I put on my cosy slippers and my grandma dressing gown, and pretty much didn't take them off for 4 months! I just allowed myself to rest and move at the snail pace that my aching body demanded
In this time iv come to realise that birthing the deeply mystically yet embodied nature of Being Truly Me is a great weight to bear. It's a grounding down into the soil so deep and uncovering of feminine wisdom so endless that it is no surprise this body cannot move at the pace it once used to.
Yet in amongst what felt ridiculously slow and the very opposite of efficient, something miraculous began to happen... As I was continually carved out by silence and grounded into stillness by life, an entirely new capacity was born that allowed so much to quietly get done. An efficiency so quiet began to show itself. And by quiet I mean minus the 'someone' trying to achieve/accomplish/do anything. Just as if by magic things got done.
And this process continues. As I honour the slowing down and allow my identification to be humbled through surrender it seems the efficiency grows in its capacity. Accomplishing exactly what's needed and nothing more. Life dancing.
Bowing deeply in gratitude for yet another humbling lesson in Her wisdom... 🔻

So thankful for the opportunity to show at the Small Works Gallery of the Marquette Arts and Culture Center. But mostly thankful for the wonderful friends who came to support me♥️
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When I arrived here in the woods six weeks ago, it took me a couple of days to go outside and actually sit with the land. The grief of separation and reunion was so painful and so emotional. As I sat down there for the first time, and cried for my own human ignorance and stubborn conceit, the land told me that she forgave me, and that I was here now. It was okay. She told me she would teach me how to tend her, how to love her and how to grow food and medicine.
“But,” I asked, “What do we do in winter? How do I love you in winter?”
She laughed. “We don’t do things in winter. We rest. We watch. We find the tracks in the snow. We see things we don’t see in the other seasons.”
And then, she whispered, “Go follow the tracks of the deer.” And so I did.
And after about ten minutes, I came upon this.
A full deer skeleton, brilliantly preserved in the gleaming, frozen snow. And I just wept, breathless, at the mystery.
It’s the last dredges of winter, deer ones. What will you let die before the seeds start sprouting through the soil?
I love you.
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this winter has been nothing short of challenging
some of the challenges have been external + some have been internal
for the first time ever though, I've surrendered to the challenges. I've allowed what needed to be seen + heard + felt, to be seen + heard + felt. No struggle, no denial, no wishing for it to be different
and for the first time ever, amongst it all, there's been a trusting + a knowing: I am where I need to be + these are only passing through
when we can do this, when we can really truly allow the challenges in our life to unfold, something happens that can be described in one word: h e a l i n g
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“Learn to laugh things off & move forward” - BF
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This is my journey
My journey may not great as yours
But I am trying to be honest with my soul
The longer the journey the more I understand my soul
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When I complain to God, I see this pic and feel shame.
Even a dog can bear his problem and still enjoy the cold winter
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#tbt that time we hot tubbed in a falls-fed pool while gazing at mountain peaks. Learning from, and listening into, my bioregion comes with some perks! 😉 #rewildingretreat #rewildingwonder #rewildingworship #rewildingwholeness #sacredecology #bioregionalism #spiritofaplace #listeninginplace #theenchantments #northcascades #winterwisdom

A little plug-in heater works wonders for your tack room over the winter months, and will prevent your tack from getting damp and going mouldy… Just remember to turn it off when you leave the yard! How often do you clean your tack? #WinterWisdom

Blue is my favorite color. Snow is a moment when I can be like kid
Embrace life.
#snow #winterwisdom #souljourney #soultraveler

Trying to sit in peace at the feet of winter and learn from it’s quiet stillness what more it has to teach me, but I get anxious, break the gaze and my eyes long for spring.

Simbolika vuka 🌬🐺❄️🌪🌤 Od kad sam počela da pišem za Sensu o simbolima odlučila sam da svaki mesec intuitivno odaberem o kom simbolu ću pisati. Baš kao i do sada moj mudriji deo ličnosti bez greške je odabrao odgovarajući simbol 🧘🏻‍♀️ Proteklog meseca bilo je vrlo turbulentno i kroz ne bas prijatne dogadjaje sam naučila važne lekcije, a simbolika vuka pomogla mi je da se u svemu tome snadjem na mudar način💭🖤 #7dropsoflight #postaniteumetniksvogzivota #simboloterapija #wolfsymbolism #snow #winterwisdom #newstart #newenergies #importantlifelessons #innervoice #love_sensa

It was very warm (for here) today at -11c as it was insanely sunny. #winterwisdom #winter #life #life #daily #snow #sunshine #energy #healing #today #gratitude #beauty

Here's an image of nature, as it now, elegant - and wintry.
Focus on the forthcoming spring alone, and you'll miss these last austere but illuminating moments of winter wisdom - insights that may considerably enhance your spring.
In short, be here now.
Try it.
That's where inner peace lives.

Artwork by Airi Puig
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This winter has been a gateway. When one dream dies, another is born. That in between time can be challenging. But this time is the most precious. Because even if the mind tries to go backwards, the higher self will keep moving you forwards, sending you all kinds of new information and experiences to fill the gap. For me, the only option is the growth that comes from listening to spirit’s whisper. .
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I feel like my faith has grown feathers and my hope, horns. More reflections on my Winter Rewilding Retreat to come at the Waymarkers Journal. I’m home and sipping on the collected fall’s water, sacrament of the mountains. #rewildingretreat #rewildingwheel #rewildingwonder #rewildingworship #winterwisdom #theenchantments #sacrednorth #sacredecology #ecotheology #feralfaith

Wild ones, I’m going into my personal Winter Rewilding Retreat up in the North Cascades for the remainder of the week. Here, in a cave-turned-cabin, I’ll be engaging prayers and practices that reconnect me to the deep and sacred symbolisms associated with Winter, North and Air, locating them in the bioregion of mountains and high places. From this place I can seek the mythopoetic wisdom of the sage, the elder, the crone. Weather forecast is for single digit temps so time to get the cave’s wood burning stove burning, not so unlike the fires around which wise ones gathered to tell their stories of what the wild had taught them. Peace of the wild things to you! #rewildingwheel #rewildingwonder #rewildingworship #rewildingretreat #winterwisdom #northernprayers #sacredwild #ecotheology #deeppeaceofthemountainstoyou

Everyday balance. As above so below. I believe that everything in our lives is providing insight toward the balance that is right for us. My body prefers homeostasis despite my actions that do not always support that preference. Balance looks different for everyone. We are unique humans with very different needs (although some needs are indeed universal and contribute towards our inherent connectivity) sprained my ankle pretty badly a few weeks ago and have been contemplating balance as a result. I thought I was balanced, everything seemed ok on the surface but an injury that forced me to be more sedentary than usual provides ample opportunity for contemplation. Winter is a time for rest and reflection, and as much as I felt like I was respecting this natural rhythm, the universe had something else to say. Slow down. Breathe. Pay attention. Come back to your body. Create space for healing. Align with your heart. And BE. #listenandlearn #getquiet #balanceandbeauty #winterwisdom

Our horses needs exercise all year round, so keep riding (or lunging) throughout the winter, especially if you have restricted turnout 🐎 #WinterWisdom

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