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Happy rescue anniversary to Winter (yesterday) and Hope! I love the fact that Hope was rescued 5 years and 1 day after Winter and moreover on the day of the Dolphin Tale premier! You both inspire me so much and I found my passion by you!

Cozi with the cutest 🐬 #cozizuelsdorff #dolphintale #winterandhope

Riley and Hope getting to know each other. It was just amazing how drawn she was to Riley. Everyone crowded us because Riley was getting all of Hope's attention! There were happy tears. This time last year I visited while pregnant with Riley so it was a little emotional for me. Definitely a happy day! 😄 #clearwater #clearwatermarineaquarium #dolphins #winterandhope #hopethedolphin

12 kids at the aquarium... pray for us!!! #bigfamily crazylife #florida #clearwatermarineaquarium #winterandhope #clearwater

Met the two dolphins Winter and Hope at the CMA in Clearwater, Florida. 🐬
#dolphins #winterandhope

Love at first sight! Grace’s wish allowed her to meet Winter and Hope, the two rescued dolphins featured in the movie “Dolphin Tale.” She and her family traveled to Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida for a special visit with these two beauties. #dolphintale #wish #MakeAWish #WinterandHope


🐬💙🐬Fell in love with these sweet angels today and all of the rescued Sea animals at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter & Hope are my two favorite Dolphins 🐬💙🐬 and I'm so grateful for the experience of learning their stories' and meeting them up close in person. These Dolphins never gave up hope and kept fighting. They are so inspirational, and the trainers and marine vets who take care of these animals every day are making such a difference in the world. 💙🐬💙 #clearwatermarineaquarium #dolphintale

I had my Swim practice tonight at Clearwater Marine Aquarium! Very good practice. I knew that swimming to the bottom to retrieve the object was going to be no joke! It ended up being 15 ft deep, and I just couldn't do it. I think I just stressed myself out too much. On a good note I did great with everything else! I'll just keep practicing. Still have another practice before the test and I can practice at home. Another AWESOME thing, we didn't swim in just any pool, we swam in THE FAMOUS, WINTER AND HOPE of DOLPHIN TALES POOL!! They put them on the other half of their pool and we used the other side! SOOO COOL! 🐬🐬#encephalitis#encephalitissurvivor#dolphins#dolphins🐬#winterandhope

He saw the movie #dolphintale a year ago and would not stop talking about one day meeting Winter and Hope. Just this past week he finally met them! And there was love in his eyes😊 @cmaquarium @dolphintalemovie @_winterthedolphin_ #winterandhope #dolphins #wishescometrue #clearwaterflorida #takitour #dolphinwithprothetics #recue @itscjuy @charles.uy @michimochi1104 @tumblemonkey_ry

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