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“The boys is mine” oil on paper almost done with the face. He kind of looks like a cone head with an big forehead but that is about to change

I just realized that I never shared the “finished” painting of my youngest daughter, Emi! I say “finished” because they aren’t really... I have so much detail work to do on them but I needed to get them to the point I could photoshop and print them as gifts to family members for Christmas 😂😂😂. No one else will know but me, and now you. .
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Gizmo (everyone's favorite dog!!) 12x12 oil on wood commission ❤️🐶 varnishing is one of my favorite parts, swipe for the video

Work in progress, what I’ve done so far, just have to add the darkest darks and some details. I’m in love with imprimatura to say the least. Between that and distorting peoples looks being my favorite past time I’m in love with this unit! Winsor Newton Oils on Craft paper •

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WIP #3. I added another layer of oil to the sunflower piece today. The flowers, leaves, background -- everything got more color. #mythirdoilpainting #gessoboard #winsornewtonoil

My contribution to society today. My poison ivy wip that is nearing completion. I am so stoked to see it when it's finished!
She definitely needs more rendering.
I haven't painted a face in about three years so it's so rad understanding that I am still able to paint a face that isn't jacked up! .
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All done with Queen Zoe. I'm hoping this is royal enough for her standards! ❤️ Edited to add: just noticed I left the whiskers off. So... not done. 😅😂

I've shared this on my personal social media, but thought it was worth posting here as well. Today is my Fathers 62nd birthday. He passed in 2005 from lung and brain cancer. He was the most positive person I have ever known in my life. He was patient. He was kind. He cared deeply. He was a true empath. I think some people wonder where I get my confidence from. I'm not a beauty queen, but I feel like I'm beautiful. I'm not a savant, but I feel comfortable enough to attempt any creative challenge usually. I'm not a genius but I know I'm incredibly smart. Why? Because THIS MAN told me that I was the most beautiful thing in the world, that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to and that I am smart enough to make good decisions for myself and that I'm capable of understanding anything if I take the time to listen and learn. What an AMAZING gift he gave me. As a mother to two girls myself, I hold these things in my heart and try to remember that what you plant will grow if you nurture it.
So, today and hopefully always, let's remember how my dad lived and try to be more like that. 👇🏻 -Give without judgement. -Help without being asked. -Treat everyone as though they were your brother. -Ask questions and LISTEN. -Make someone feel important. -Tell someone you have confidence in them.

My Dad was such a seed planter in so many ways. He taught me that it's not always about leading and being on top. There is so much reward in helping others (and he helped so many) by lifting them up with encouragement and being a cheerleader. Be like Dad.

Just a friendly reminder that I'm taking a VERY limited number of commission up until Sept 15th. Info link in bio.

Working session of @IsisRodriguezArtStudio

some of the pastels I like to use that range from hard, medium and soft. It's a dirty job working in pastels....

Also. I ain't mad about this color palette.

Finally putting the oil layers on little kitty Zoe. How do you like my choppy blocking??? That fur is going to take FOREVER. 😂😂😂

Finished. Oils on top of acrylics. My first intense painting with oils and it made me fall in love with them. ❤️ I hated parting with this painting!

Working on das puppy at the moment. Gizmo: coolest shih tzu ever

Slapping on this rich Indigo Oil. "Stars Shine Brighter in the Deepest Dark" #RoundTwo2018 #WinsorNewtonOil #BigPainting

Yummy oils.

Oil painting in my #handbooksketchbook using the zorn palette. I have been practicing painting this month using #watercolor, #gouache, #oilpaint, and #acrylicpaint to see which mediums I like working with the most. So far I am loving watercolor ( of course) and gouache. I will definitely continue to practice in oils and acrylics but they are definitely harder to work with.
For this painting I used the zorn palette which is another focus for this month and I love how the colors look together.
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Can't show the painting but I can show my working area and supplies! I'm using oils and I'm not scared anymore! Whoo hoo! I really love them actually. ❤️ Can you guess what I'm painting by the colors here? 😉

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