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The best place to be, behind the dj booth w a baddie from Sweden #WINNING💯

My Friday nights consist of watching my favorite football player! 🏈💕😘#boyfriend#winning💯
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❤️🤘🏼💋 #WiNNiNG💯

The face you make when you hit the game winning buzzer beater to go to the Championship!!! You might win some but you just lost one!! ~Lauren Hill

I been fighting devils my whole life, so the heat in hell feels good on my skin!!!😤😈 #winning💯 #thegrindisreal #whatsnottolike #kingme👑

Look what ya'll hating make me do #winning💯

Pretty face, Brains, plus she's a hustler...#Winning💯


People..😁 Everybody has a choice when faced with a challenge and difficulty. You can withdraw or decide to never confront your fears or handle setbacks, letting defeat will put a permanent barrier between yourself and your potential - or you can choose to have a mindset focus overcoming, learning and GROWTH. Don't label yourself or surrender to the feelings of defeat or frustrations even when you feel uneasy or distressed, Be ready to take risks confront challenges and KEEP ON WORKING ON YOURSELF..💪💯 #winning💯,#selfdetemination,#fitfam,#fitnesszone,#fitnesslife,#workhard,#dontgiveup,#motivation,#dreams

Sound on!

Cardio is in full effect. Round 2 for the day #NoExcusesOnlyResults #EOY2017BTC #WINNING💯 #Healthy #Fit #MyMissionIsNutrition

Back to my regularly scheduled healthy program‼️ #HerbalifeNutrition #SpecialtyShakes #AllProduct #Winning💯 #PoweredByGodFueledByHerbalife

So, people in my part of the world may think this post taboo to speak about but I reckon it's an important one. I've been using natural bath, body and beauty products for close to 7 years now and I have been quite religious about it. However, I never quite thought deeply about feminine sanitary products. Sure, I would occasionally buy the "better" option of organic cotton pads, liners and tampons. After finding out by chance about the zero waste movement, it shook me even more that even though my options were "better" since they were organic, it was still creating waste. I mean, here I was, cloth diapering my twins (concerned about the landfill), but I wasn't practicing it myself! Through educating myself via the world wide web and accounts such as @kate_arnell, @trashisfortossers, @paris_to_go, @plasticfreemermaid, my all time girl crush @leefromamerica and our own local @sueyeekhor, I have got comfortable with my snazzy zero waste feminine sanitary pack, packed and ready in my reused @cosmekitchen mini cloth shopping bag! It's so true, the hype of a menstrual cup! It's life changing once you get the hang of it and it really is easy! My cup by @freedomcups via @thehivebulkfoods. Cotton liners by @ecofemme via @frangipaninatural. Both local Malaysian shops, both ship zero waste. So epic to see local shops zero waste!
For every @freedomcup bought, one is donated to an underprivileged woman. @ecofemme- "When you buy Eco Femme pads or support our work, you give an adolescent girl in India the opportunity to attend a workshop on menstrual health and the chance to choose washable cloth pads through our Pad for Pad program." So much YASSSS to all these initiatives! Plus you never need to worry about running out of sanitary needs AND YOU SAVE SO MUCH MOOLAH! 5 months in and counting! 😄😄😄 ~💯 #WINNING💯 ~ .
#twinmum #twinmom #mumlife #momlife #zerowaste #zerowastemalaysia #zerowastesingapore #nopackaging #plasticfree #iquitplastics #organiccotton #loveforearth #cyclesyncing #periods #nottaboo

Want to know what winning looks like? It's right here. #winning💯

“You know ima get it bitch til my casket closed” 😎👸🏽#onone#winning💯#feelingit

I don't take myself too seriously. 😛 Yes. I did in fact eat tacos that night 😔
#HotTaco #TacoFriday #🌮 #winning💯

Body goals💪 #winning💯 #womenofgod🙌

I Don’t Lose #Winning💯

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