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Respect🙌🤝⚽️ Is Cristiano the best?

Transportation Thursday !
Here’s a buffet of fun & luxurious rides ...
In it to win it !

For all of you that have asked! My protein pumpkin fluff recipe is here! 🙌🎃 The key ingredient in this pumpkin fluff is GELATIN! Beef Gelatin to be exact 😆 sounds gross right? Adding gelatin to your fluff? I promise y'all it's not gross one bit! Actually tasteless! Gelatin is loaded with amazing benefits & is also GUT healing! #winning.

This powerful little powder is optimal for immune function, weight management, improving gut health & digestion, loaded with dietary collagen, *which is the key protein in the body made up of amino acids so it's great for joints, hair, skin and nails!* Glycine makes up about 1/3 of the amino acids in gelatin powder that is a powerful anti-inflammatory fighter and gut healer! This recipe is a must have for me! Read how to make below! 👇.

✅in a Nutra bullet add crushed ice (little less then half way full).
✅add 1/4 cup almond milk at bottom before adding in other things (I make home made almond & cashew milk it's so much better!).
✅add 3 tbs canned refrigerated pumpkin.
✅add 1 scoop of your favorite vanilla protein.
✅add 1 scoop of beef gelatin (look up 'beef gelatin' on amazon & some should pop up).
✅add cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice and 1 tbs vanilla extract or maple extract flavor.
✅add 1/4 cup of dairy free milk ON TOP of your powder, pumpkin & spices! (this step is a must, when people don't get the consistency right I tell them they are probably missing this step LOL).
✅screw the cap on shake up the nutra bullet & BLEND! That is all! 🙌.

Hope you all LOVE my super easy protein pumpkin fluff recipe! It is killer! 🎃 I switch it up every time. Some days I add frozen cooked chunks of butternut squash as well for a even "thicker" fluff. The gelatin will make it pretty thick without that "melty watery" protein ice cream look. Enjoy! #cookingwithcourtney

Does it get any sweeter than this!? LeBron James and his very special runway guest at the annual "Big Shots and Little Warriors" pediatric cancer fundraiser. #lebronjames @kingjames @cavs #cavs #winning ❤️ #bsls17


Fifa day!! #fifa #winning

Don't underestimate my power of will !

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Get you a #bestfriend that will do 100 commit to your #strange photo request.
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I hope so, cuz I have my day like damnnnnnnn 😒😒.. But thats my test of my strength and will.. Never will let anything or anyone hold me back.. Never will I stop.. I kno im meant for more.. #Savage #Heartless #Flawless #Versatile #NoFilters #BossLife #Boss #Beautiful #Natural #NaturallyBeautiful #Prosperity #Prevail #LiveLoveLaugh #Motivation #Blessed #Peace #Success #TeamMe #RealOne #TooReal #Loyalty #Driven #LetsGo #Winning #NeverStop #NeverStressed #l4l #ff #followforfollow

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