Last night!! Before slurping three bottles of Rioja 🤦🏼‍♀️ we only live once right! Spend the time wisely.... have the fun.... love hard & drink the wine ✌🏽 super Sunday is upon us.... San Miguel time and a nice long walk in order. Have a fabulous day 🖤 #sundayfunday #sunday #wine #wineheadache #red #walkingday #happy #beer #sanmiguel #happygirl #liveyourbestlife #lovehard #crazybitchesbelike #girlswithtattoos #inkedgirls #fuckthenorm

HIIT workout and wine tasting tonight @trufusion_stl . 🙌🏽💪🏼 Shoutout to the best neighbors for helping me finish off the leftovers. 🍷💙🍷 Not pictured- that bottle of 2017 Soleil. Vent. Âme that was the 🌟 of the night. Honorary mention was the Eulen Malbec/Syrah and the Dove Hunt Dog Pinot Noir.

Y’all, I have failed you. All this time and I never even really explained how to order wine if you’d like to try it! 🙈. I’m so glad a sweet friend brought it to my attention. ⠀
I’m honestly always hesitant to post this because <insert people pleaser tendencies> I don’t want to annoy anybody. I know I firehosed several people in the past out of excitement, and if that was you I apologize - seriously. I love this stuff and love sharing it so if you are interested, here you go! If you’re not, I posted a funny kitchen disaster story last night! 😉⠀
🍷How to order wine (swipe to see step-by-step photos)🍷 ⠀
✅Click the link in my bio⠀
✅Click Shop Clean-Crafted Wine⠀
✅Click the 3 little bars in the top left corner⠀
✅Click SHOP to browse; if you know you’d like to be come a Consultant, click “Sign me Up”; if you know you’d like to join the wine club, click “Join Now”⠀
✅Select which wine(s) you would like and add to your cart⠀
✅Click on the cart, scroll down and click Checkout⠀
✅Click Create New Account & complete the checkout process⠀

❗️Creating an account does not obligate you to buy anything; you will not receive spam emails (think Amazon account)⠀
❗️You can purchase a la carte bottles⠀
❗️Everyday volume discounts of 5% off 6+ bottles, 10% off 12+⠀
❗️Orders over $99 ship for free!⠀ WHAT “WINE CLUB” MEANS⠀
👍No fees to join, change options or cancel, no contract⠀
👍You’re putting your wine on autoship⠀
👍Higher discounts: 10% off 6, 15% off 12, PLUS a 10% coupon in each box that’s good toward non-autoship purchases⠀

👍Select the one you want from the product page and then choose:⠀
🍷6 or 12 bottles at a time⠀
🍷Delivery every 1, 2, or 3 months⠀
🍷All red, all white, or a mix of both⠀
🍷Sarah curates all clubs so wines included are pre-set; contact me if you want to be able to choose your own and I will work with you on a custom plan.⠀
😊Easy, convenient & delivered straight to your door!⠀
‼️Someone 21+ must sign for the package!! Won’t be home? Ship to the closest FedEx Office and have it held there for up to 3 days.⠀
🤔Want to know more about the company & what “clean-crafted” means? Watch my IGTV explanation! Questions??

Had an awesome evening but I think I got the "wine flu" or is it a "Grape Depression"? Either way it was worth it!
#wineheadache #wine #headache #cabernetsauvignon #stellakayawines

I don’t want to sound like a broken record but.........yeah. This. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
Alcohol amongst other things in wine (histamines) can cause a headache but rarely the sulfites. Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻 don’t put sulfite removal drops in your glass of wine 🍷😂
#Repost @the.cellar.rat

Did you know that black walnut (Juglans nigra) hulls are made of approximately 45% tannins? Tannins (yes, like the ones in wine) are a natural astringent, meaning they draw moisture out of tissue. This property can be medicinal, or not, depending on a person's health and needs. More commonly they are used for tanning (hence the name) animal hides. They are very dark in color, leading some people to use them as a natural dye for fabric, hair, or in our case, mud puddles!! #blackwalnut #tannins #juglansnigra #naturaldye #wineheadache #naturediscoveries

Our October wine tasting set is a great way to try out the clean crafted lifestyle. ~NV L’Original Rosé Provence, 🇫🇷
~2017 Fieldhouse Chardonnay, Sonoma, CA
~2017 Dove Hunt Dog Pinot Noir, Monterey County, CA
~2017 Eulen Identidad Malbec/Syrah, Mendoza, 🇦🇷 Perfect for
•Having a variety on hand for last minute guests •Hostess gift or dinner party
•The health conscious wine lover in your life
•The wine lover who stopped drinking because of wine headaches
•Just looking to treat yo self 🙌🏽😘

PJ party 🍷💕🦄💅🏼🌸🍾#wineheadache

That feeling when you get home after a (solo) two and a half hour drive on a hangover. #toooldforthis #wineheadache #munchies #homeisheaven #netflixnight #dimples

“Mandy I love this wine!! Question...do you know why it says ‘contains sulfites’ on the bottle if it’s clean-crafted? I thought it was sulfite-free.” It’s a great question and one that I get all the time. Here’s the deal:

Sulfites are a naturally occurring antibacterial and antioxidant. They exist on all sorts of foods, including the lettuce in your salad, the apple you cut up for your kiddo (ever wonder why they don’t INSTANTLY turn brown?), and the grapes your wine, yes even clean-crafted, is made of. They’re not harmful in small quantities, but many people begin to notice reactions to them in larger amounts, especially those with a sulfa allergy.
What does this mean for clean-crafted wine?
❌Clean-crafted does NOT mean the wine is totally sulfite-free, not does Scout & Cellar ever claim that it is
👍It DOES mean that every wine Scout & Cellar sources is lab tested to verify there is less than 100ppm of sulfites in each bottle (usually less than 50ppm). For reference, the FDA allows 250-350ppm per bottle in mass-produced wines. They require “contains sulfites” to be printed on the label of any wine that contains more than 10ppm.

I personally have 3 customers who are allergic to sulfites and can’t tolerate mass-produced wines, but with clean-crafted they do not suffer from their typical migraines, tongue swelling, red splotches or shortness of breath. Pretty cool!
Tag someone you know who has issue with high sulfite levels in wines who might benefit from this knowledge!! If YOU need a better wine option, DM me so I can help!🥂 #wine🍷 #sulfites #wineheadache #redwine🍷 #whitewines #roseallday #cleancraftedwine #staffordva #fxbg #washington_dc #wineboss #bossbabetribe #workfromhomemom #beyourownbossbabe #drinkwinemakemoney #mandypark #theinstagramlab #theinstagramlabinsiders

When you wake up with eyes like these and a pounding headache...the wine won last night.

Curious about what causes those dreaded wine headaches? Listen to our latest Splendid Table Selects podcast for the answers!
Download it wherever you find your podcasts.
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