Mid-week cellar inspo. Modulosteel black steel wine racks give this cellar a modern edge. Its modular system and range of accessories provide endless configuration options so you can personalise to your space and your wine collection.

You know we love French food. So the prospect of one of Melbourne's hottest, most progressive restaurants serving their version of "Bistronomy" (as head chef Charlie Carrington likes to call it) has us "très excité!"
Every four months Atlas Dining changes its menu to represent a different country's cuisine and from 15 May - 15 September, French cuisine is on the menu. Do yourself a favour and check it out.
Image: @broadsheet_melb

Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful women out there! 🥂🌸

This random spring ice storm in Toronto has got me daydreaming about our Orlando mini-moon where one of the many things I loved sampling at the #EpcotFoodAndWineFestival was this #GermanRiesling flight:

-Selbach Riesling Classic Dry (Mosel)
-Dr. Heyden Oppenheimer Sacträger Riesling Spätlese (Rheinhessen)
-Selbach Bernkasteler Kurfürstlay Riesling Kabinett (Mosel)

PS: No facial expression has ever represented “I’m only doing this because my wife begged me to,” quite like his does in this photo.

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I’m so happy it’s finally R O S É season! 🌹 I may or may not have already started stockpiling spring/summer rosés to feature here... stay tuned!

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with and I am so blessed, grateful, and proud to say that this lady is one of my five. She is one of the most determined, purpose-driven, and resourceful entrepreneurs I have ever met, she is a loving and dedicated wife and mother, and she’s a loyal, selfless, and inspiring friend. It doesn’t get any better.

You are love and your soul is pure gold. There is nobody in the world I raise my champagne glass and wish a Happier Birthday to! Thank you for being such a powerful part of my life— this past year in particular. Happy Birthday, CBP! I love you! 👯‍♀️🥂

Entertaining tip: choose a food that pairs well with more than one style of wine to give your guests some choice. Here are four very different wines, all from a different part of the world and they all pair beautifully with this prosciutto & provolone ravioli.

Prosecco is not just your typical brunch & mimosa sparkling wine. This extra-dry style from Tenuta Sant’Anna pairs well with several appetizers, main courses, desserts, and would also be your perfect palate cleanser between courses if you want to get fancy. The bubbles help lift the rich flavours of this light dish. $17.95

Carmenere, originally grown in the Bordeaux region of France, is now one of the greatest varietals out of Chile. It’s a medium-bodied wine with ripe fruit flavours, making it an easy pairing wine. Although best consumed young, you could cellar this Marques de Casa Concha Carmenere for up to five years to soften the tannins if you prefer. It’s easygoing approachability makes it a great hostess gift! $19.95

Malbec, like Carmenere, is another common South American varietal. It too is medium-bodied but generally less tannic with a shorter finish. This wine is great with all kinds of full-flavoured foods, grilled meats, and creamy sauces and cheeses. If you’re just getting into red wine, Trivento Reserve Malbec is a great place to start. $12.95

Lastly— Cabernet Sauvignon. An absolute staple. Fuller bodied with richer tannins, this varietal can handle zestier, meatier meals like lasagna. This particular California Cab from Bonterra Vineyards is 100% Organic and comes from a B-Corp company. $21.95

You don’t build a floor-to-ceiling wine collection without some intention of drinking it all one day, but here’s the truth: I won’t be drinking a drop for awhile because #itdoesntfitmymacros lol. I’m struggling a bit to come up with content to keep this account alive and fun, but trust that I will find lots! Maybe I could just talk about wine aromas... anyway, stay tuned! 🍷

Margarita with champagne in it? Yes please! 🍹🍾

The Mami Chula Margarita consists of Tromba Blanco + Champagne + Lemon Juice + Grenadine + Himalayan Pink Salt + Fresh Strawberry and was the perfect way to kick off the weekend while celebrating a birthday! I love this restaurant.

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Cheers to the end of my work week before a few days relaxing in beautiful California!

Getting the relaxation started early by raising a glass of Alsacean Riesling to the amazingly talented Joanna at Chronic Ink - Markham. Thank you for the impeccable touch-up on an already pristine tattoo that would’ve still been perfect if I didn’t consistently get stuck doing so many dishes...

Sonoma absolutely RUINED me when it comes to "real" wine...Ah Lawdy me that Cabernet Sauvignon from Mantra winery was THE best I've ever had!..but Indiana still produces some great wines! The Pink Moscato on the right (by Chateau Thomas) is good, not my FAVORITE Indiana Moscato, but good. The Strawberry wine (also by Chateau Thomas) on the left is like drinking strawberry jello before it sets, lol! Both are good for those nights when you're pretty much just like, "fuck everything including a glass, I just need to drink from a brown paper bag." I drank one of the 2 Moscatos last night, but had to work today so this 2 bottle girl stopped there. I don't have to work tomorrow so it's DEFINITELY a 2 bottle night paired with some Firefly (and NO chocolate since I finished it off this morning!) tonight. Diet be damned. I've got 17 lives to celebrate tonight, thoughts to be processed, and tears to cry. #wineho #wine #mywine #rose #thursdaynight #vino #vin #vinho #wineoclock #winerules #winetime #instawine  #winelover #wines #winestagram #winenight #winesofinstagram #highonwines #Wine #wineveryday #winefanatic #winewoman
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Okay, okay you caught me...
My shirt says “sleigh all day then Cabernet”, but my glass is filled with Malbec. ⠀⠀⠀
What side are you on? Red or white? I’m a red wine girl all the way EXCEPT for bubbly or a buttery Chardonnay 😍

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