Just a quick trip to Hogwarts, a visit with the Queen, and some history. Cheerio London! #london #HP #buckinghampalace #windowtax #kg3

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The window tax was a property tax based on the number of windows in a house...to avoid the tax, some houses from the period can be seen to have bricked-up window-spaces (ready to be glazed or reglazed at a later date) #windowtax #london #raynesparkconstruction #raynespark #wimbledon #wimbleonvillage #lofts #extensions #loftconversions #investinliving #livethedream

Can you spot something wrong with this house? Of course it’s the bricked-up window. I suspect this is an example of window-tax avoidance. The window tax was a property tax based on the number of windows in a house, in force in England, France, Ireland and Scotland during the 18th and 19th centuries. To avoid the tax some houses from the period have bricked-up window-spaces, which could be reopened at a later date. In England the tax was introduced in 1696 and repealed in 1851. France had a similar tax, from 1798 to 1926, l’impôt sur les portes et fenêtres. As far as I know, there was never a window tax in Belgium which is why you don’t see a lot of bricked-up windows here.

-What's your window view Mr Shakespeare? --Darkness, eternal darkness

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Not being cheeky when I say I kind of love the view out of my window today - a bricked up window really gets my imagination going. #backlanes #mystery #intrigue #windowtax #whoknows #Dumfries #scotland #myworkingday

I felt so inspired and energised after hanging my 'Here' project @casementarts yesterday. I decided to hang around Tontine Street a little longer and take some more shots (this time on my phone) in the spirit of the project. The opening is tomorrow 2-5 and all are welcome x
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A painted window! Well not actually a window but at first glance it does look like one! 😁 I walk past this everyday on my school run and it’s one of those quirky things that my eye is always drawn to 👀 I can see signs that there might once have been a real window here, a black ledge that matches the others and the fact that it is set back slightly and not flush with the original brick work. Today we add or remove windows for various reasons, mainly when we are redesigning or extending our homes. However there was a time when windows were a costly commodity! Introduced in England and Wales in 1696 Window Tax was designed to reflect the prosperity of the home owner. In fact it was an alternative to income tax which at the time was greatly opposed due to the government intrusion into people’s personal affairs and the threat that this posed to their liberty. The tax was banded and as it suggests the more windows you had in your property, the more tax you would pay! However even by 1718 the government noticed a decline in the revenue it produced as windows were blocked up and new houses were simply built with fewer windows. As the industrial revolution progressed campaigners argued that the lack of light in mass housing and crowded cities was a source of poor health and disease. The Window Tax was finally repealed in 1851 and replaced with an inhabited house tax. Interestingly mock windows continued to be built into houses for years to come! This was usually to create a symmetrical look when the exterior of the property demanded it but an internal feature such as a chimney breast would not allow it...I wonder what the story is in this image? #homeswithhistory ❤️ #lovelearning #history #architecture #periodproperty #windowtax #mockwindow #exteriordesign #exteriorpainting #brickhouse #socialhistory #schoolrunmum #property #eastyorkshire

Have they bought back the window tax? #tax #windowtax #london #very #notinstagram

Right. So this Kytelers Inn. Very famous around Kilkenny. For 2 reasons. The owner was a woman who was found guilty of witchcraft and was condemned to burn at the stake right next door to her pub in Atonement Square (#forreal ). There are some theories she somehow escaped and was replaced by a servant. But the other interesting fact relates to the boarded up windows following Elizabeth I's need to raise funds for her war against the French which resulted in a Window tax. I kid you not!
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#canalcruise it’s hard to see but the first pic is #sevenbridges all perfectly lined up. The last picture is “the #skinniest house in #amsterdam#windowtax was a thing back in the day.

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