Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (version 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803) Task Manager bug! #windows7 #windows8 #windows81 #windows10anniversaryupdate #windows10creatorsupdate

By Adriana with Windows 10 Mixed Reality and Chuwi Corebook. #windows10 #windows10creatorsupdate #mixedreality #lumia1520 #chuwi #corebook

Alhamdulillah sukses. Semoga menjadi ilmu jariah yang bermanfaat.

#paint3d #microsoft #bptikpjateng #powerpoint2016 #windows10creatorsupdate #microsofteducator

Add command prompt in the context menu. CMD is a lot better than Powershell. In the latest windows update microsoft replaced the CMD option with PowerShell in the context menu of your file explorer. We'll change that.

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Deutschland gehört zum vorbildlichen Update-Kreis der Windows 10 Nutzer
Was haben Kanada, Deutschland, die Niederladen, Dänemark, Finnland und einige andere gemeinsam? Alle haben über 90% auf das neueste Windows 10 Fall Creators geupdated. #updatewindows #windows #windows10 #windows10creatorsupdate https://lizenz-power.de/90-aktualisierungen-auf-windows-10-fall-creators-update/

Yay, paint 3D!!!😊This is fun! 🤩😍
Dear self, bakit ngayon ka lang nag-update ng Windows 10 🤔😆? Camera's not connecting and so mixed reality not happening now. Sad lyfeu. Sayang😪Anyways, I'll fix this laterr. Hekhekk.
#windows10creatorsupdate #paint3D

Are you kidding me after yesterday I got my laptop switched off at 2AM yep all them hours the first time the update didn’t even work let me put it into perspective I went to Asda last night and left the windows downloader on 89% I was maybe half an hour I get back and it’s on 93%.Then this this afternoon I knew what that notification was on settings before I even looked wtf is with all these software updates what did I do wrong Microsoft why can’t your updates be quicker like Dare I say Apple 🍎 I could update my phone and tablet 20+ times in the time it takes windows to reach 20% Rant over, Fin- 😋😋. FYI EVERYONE I AM NOT GETTING WHATSAPP NOTIFICATIONS I HAVE HAD TO UNINSTALL IT TEMPORARILY I MEANT TO SAY YESTERDAY #windowsupdate #windowsupdates #windows10 #windows10creatorsupdate

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