This Saturday we will be holding Hong Kong’s 🇭🇰 very first Wim Hof Method workshop ❄️ @reebokcrossfitasphodel
The WHM is a game changer that combines the power of breathwork, cold exposure and the cultivation of a strong mindset.
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One of the key components and what Wim Hof has been known for is his ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures (cold thermogenesis). Cold thermogenesis when activated is linked to various health benefits such as:
▪️Stimulate muscular, cardiovascular, and nervous system recovery
▪️Improve alertness and energy
▪️Enhance thermo regulatory ability
▪️Induce cold shock proteins
▪️Heighten immune system function
▪️Improving deep sleep quality
▪️Increasing pain tolerance
▪️Lowering body fat
▪️Increasing hormone levels
▪️Improving sexual performance and fertility
▪️Lowering blood sugar
▪️Cutting food cravings
▪️Improving adrenal function
▪️Decrease joint and muscular pain
▪️Enhance ability to control breathing during times of physical stress
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🔜Come and smash your own perceived limitations this Saturday and experience the next level in mind and body with a guided ice bath experience. They’ll be over 500 lbs of ice!
Only a couple of spots left!
👉🏻Sat Dec 15. Link in bio.

Functional Breathwork, Mindfulness & Cold Exposure for Human Optimisation.
📍 Hong Kong & Sydney Australia

Morning swim Hampstead pond #wimhoffbreathing #wimhof

Oynx is like why you awake at 4am doing washing, drinking coffee and all happy? 😀

Embracing the cold Wim Hof Style.. Cold exposure has many benefits. I regularly practice cold exposure through cold showers (daily) or by being outdoors in t-shirt and shorts. Today felt great at 1°C.

The first pillar of the wim hof method is the cold. The cold is your warm friend. Exposing your body to it in the right way starts a cascade of health benefits, including the buildup of brown adipose tissue and subsequent fat loss, reduced inflammation to facilitate a fortified immune system, balanced hormone levels, improved sleep quality, and the production of endorphins— the feel-good chemicals in the brain that naturally elevate your mood.
Planning on having a workshop at the centre in 2019..Keep an eye out for it.

Despite the snow ⛄️ and the cold 🥶, focus on your mind and body ❄️💙.

Kelly Mostard is #Holistisch #Wetenschapper die onder meer Wim "the iceman" Hof onderzocht. Mede door haar #onderzoek is #wimhof door de medische #wereld geaccepteerd als fenomeen om verder te onderzoeken. #Training in #koud #weer blijkt positieve impact te hebben op het auto-immuunsysteem en vele andere functies op het #lichaam. Kelly is onderdeel van een select groepje gecertificeerde instructeurs die volgens de Wim Hof Methode les mag geven. In aflevering 12 van de #eindbazen #podcast gaan we in op een natuurlijke benadering voor #gezondheid. #eindbaas #wetenschap

🇸🇰 Druhá časť fotiek z výstupu na Ďumbier počas Wim Hor Method pobytu v Nízkych Tatrách 🍁. .
🇬🇧Second part of photos from our hiking to Ďumbier hill during Wim Hof Method course in Low Tatras 🍁.
#javorpercussionist #javordivotvor #wimhof #wimhofmethod #wimhofworkshop #martinway #otuzovanie #hardening #iceman #icemen #otuzilci #zima #zima❄️ #snow #snowymountains #otuzovani #sneh #slovenskehory #hory #ladovemedvede #priroda #slovenskapriroda #naturallife #naturallifestyle #nature #naturelovers

Benefits of a later swim these days.. you get to see sunrise!! ☝️ that was sunrise, only one thing missing from it! 🤣

Rock the day y’all ... make it yours ✌🏼 #wimhof #vitaminsea #gratitude #wimrise #tuesdayvibes #feckthecold

No último final de semana participei de um workshop do método Wim Hof com @tim_vandervliet. Foi minha primeira experiência na imersão em água gelada (5 graus) sem nenhum tipo de proteção. A meditação foi fundamental na mudança de percepção da minha experiência. #wimhofmethod #wimhof #meditação #saúdemental #saúdeintegral #saulofong #métodowimhof #autoconhecimento

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