An other one from the duo session.
They are both very accomplished in their (different) line of work and part of the conversation had to do with that, very interesting.
They are not professional models, but friends wanting to experience how it is to pose in the nude and be drawn by an artist. We loved it and decided we will do this again!

Special muse A wearing my jacket.
I bought it many years ago while visiting Rome, this wonderful leather jacket model "Napoleon".
If only the artist who made it could see it on her...
Compressed charcoal, white chalk, oil pastel on red paper 70x50cm.

Today I was visited by this muscular and lean bodied dancer/performer whom I've had the pleasure to work with more often.
Inspired by a photo in the feed of one of my followers on Instagram.

Making of 2 oilpaintings.
The Blue crawler 70x50cm oil on canvas which is sold and currently in Barcelona to participate in the Figurativas 17 art competition;
a small painting of @tekenmodel while she was lying on the floor with me looking down at her, starting with a acrylic paint base layer to speed things up.

You can BUY my art, just DM
Beautiful woman posing for a very old man, a mature woman and a middle aged guy.
It was a nice gathering for all involved.
Compressed charcoal and white chalk on paper 50x70cm

Few things are as beautiful to witness.
Oil pastel and compressed charcoal on paper, 70x50cm

Muse & painting.
Just a fun idea! The oilpainting is still waiting to be finished.

She made the suggestion to pose with a friend of hers. Last tuesday we finally made this a reality - it was very special, beautiful and intimate.

A bow to you. Have you recently started following me? Thank you, I appreciate it very much...In my art I try to express my admiration for/my fascination with the entire female body and spirit. As a result a few of my works can be viewed as so called explicit. Are there any parts of a body that offend you, or which you would rather not see? Please avoid my art and unfollow me now, my next post will be a drawing featuring a revealing pose.
Peace be with you!

Friends in my lineair style.
An other precious moment during the recent duo session we did.
Pencil on A3+ paper

The wind whistled and it was raining heavily.
We were in our private space, our little cocoon of friendship, nudity and art, for a while. This was a very nice improvisation of theirs.
Compressed charcoal on 70x50cm paper

Former model...
Muse, artist, dancer, inspirator, art therapist, sympathetic person...only posing for groups, she stopped modeling a couple of years ago, that is how it goes, I hope not with a few models I have really bonded with. Let's get old together and create art until we drop

It is a privilege getting to know awesome people like her thanks to creating my art. Read her blog, she described how it is, working with me as a model.
Here she supported her head in a peculiar way. Pencil on A3 paper

It is about...
form through light & shadow, beauty and meaning is in the eye of the beholder...
And the privilege to work together like this, creating souvenirs...

After we met, we worked as tutor and model during an in company training at an advertising agency. Those employees needed training in sketching and visualising, life drawing is one of the best ways to develop those skills.
She was an ideal model for that purpose, with classical proportions.
She had that certain "je ne sais qoui" so I asked but she did not want to pose for individual artists. Sad to say she also let me down by not showing when I organized a group session.
Today I came across an old sketch of her which I finished in this way in oilpastel 50x50cm.

A bit different
Acrylic paint drawn with the tube and shading with tape.
A model from a group session drawn years ago, I don't know anything about her

This is E.
I'm looking forward to an other session with my new old artist friend and his model/artist and lovely E. Also she and I have reserved two days to work outside if the weather permits. She very much likes to get a tan while posing!
Charcoalpencil on A3+ paper, no sketching, no eraser

5 minutes memory.
Time was almost up so I threw this one on the paper, with wonderful @dutchnudeartmodel
Yet an other souvenir of an intimate meeting, observing, conversation, synergy and admiration.

On my way to the Nasty Women exhibition in Alkmaar, Netherlands. Wondering about the quality of the art and how these two of mine are doing

Drawing in the old artist's studio.
My new old friend, the 91 year old artist, still enjoys life drawing although his eyesight is less than 15%. I introduced the lovely E to him and now we regularly meet to draw her. Present during this session was a model of his for over 40 years, an artist herself. In all those years working together as artist and muse many life events passed: she got married, had children, divorced...and has grandchildren now.
I would like to follow that example with all women willing to work with me, as I get attached a bit, but would be happy if it would be realized with a few.
These are just some fast linedrawings created during that session

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