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I don’t think I’m equipped to live in a state where the ocean isn’t within 80 miles. NC has the perfect beaches in my opinion. I’ve been to better beaches like Clearwater, FL, but those beaches are populated. The beaches in the northeast suck. And Myrtle Beach is flat out disgusting. I like a beach that isn’t crowded, there aren’t a lot of tourist, and the weather is just right. Here I can pull up on the beach, or park my car less than 20 seconds away. The traffic isn’t bad, and the people leave me alone. In NC we don’t have boardwalks which cut down on the street hustlers. Miami, Tampa, Myrtle, and beaches up north are full of street hustlers. Jewelry, drugs, pay for parking, overpriced hotels, and more are all over the place at those beaches. Down in Wrightsville, Caroline, Kurr Beach, or the Outter Banks we don’t have those issues. #carolinaboy #NC #NorthCarolinaBeaches #wrightsvillebeach #carolinabeach #kurrbeach #theoutterbanks #beachtherapy #beachclarity #southeast #wilmingtonnc

We love this photo that BJK Photography took of one of our dancers in 2016 back when Miss Sarah taught at 4ever24fit! #bjkphotography #downtownwilmington #DIOWilm #wilmingtonnc

// I’m taking a trip to Washington and Oregon mid September. A trip to the west coast always seems to get my creativity flowing. Let me know if you’d like to link up and shoot.

In the photo: @xoxomorgana

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This message is for me, but it might be helpful for you too.

Allow yourself to fail. There is so much good stuff beyond your comfort zone. Let yourself go there. See what you can get away with. Really push beyond your limits of doing things "right" and just experiment with what you can do.
I'm really excited about the projects that I've been working on all Summer. I really want them to go right and I'm scared to make tickets available because I want them to be received well. They feel like my babies! I don't want them to get hurt. I want them to feel loved and appreciated. I want them to be wildly successful.

The thing is, as much as I want that, it is OK if they fail. My creations have failed before and it was OK. They failed again and still it was OK. I'll likely create more things that will fail and that is perfectly fine. It shows that I'm pushing through my limiting beliefs and really reaching for what I want.

The Universe rewards the bold. The Universe regularly rewards my bold actions. When I was a sophomore in high-school I had a 30 in chemistry. I needed an 85 to apply to the Texas Bioscience Institute. I applied and I got in! That allowed me to start college full-time at 15, get a 98 in my first semester of college chemistry, and eventually get my degree before my diploma. That happened because I wasn't afraid to fail.
Yesterday it didn't feel OK for this project to fail. Even this morning I was a ball of anxiety trying to psych myself up to publish these tickets. Tonight, as I write this, affirming what I already know, I'm ready. I'll be OK if this fails. I'd publish them right now if I knew how to make my website work 🤔Which means tomorrow I'm going to present my newest babies to the world 👶 (I feel like a pregnant woman in the early stages of labor. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.)

Of cat & mouse 5x5.Holler if you want to get tattooed. Thanks for taking a look!

We have been walking the crap out of this small historic area.
Today was our last walk here, made me sad because I truly love the vibe here in Wilmington.
Can’t wait to visit again soon 😫
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