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2 jahre & der tag danach... #willneverforget @alfheller & @michaeleuringer ❤️&❤️=❤️ #auguri

#willneverforget && u telling me I gatta go back this hell hole/MLK....tf outta here😭🤚🏽

Sweet @terryrichardson I had so much fun ❤️ I was the lucky one to be working with you. #willneverforget #Repost @harpersbazaarus
"An editor from a women's magazine came up to me and said, 'Don't you feel terrible that you're playing a dumb blonde?' I said, 'I don't understand that question because I'm already liberated. Liberation comes from the inside.'" @officialGoldieHawn talks starting her acting career in the '60s, and how she's still the life of Hollywood's party after a 15-year hiatus in our June/July issue. Link in bio
Interview by @MHMakesithappen
Photography by @TerryRichardson
Styling by @JoannaHillman

Let's be honest, Skate Country rocked, but you know what rocked even more? My momma. She'd be a stunning 73 grandma today. I'm lucky to have had her 18 years in my world. Miss you birthday girl. We'll be celebrating you tonight. #happybirthday #belle #angel #willneverforget #withmealways

To my beautiful sweet Mom,Happy Mother's Day🌷 I love you so deeply and not a day goes by without you in my thoughts. #willneverforget #mymom

"Ya gotta ride the wiggle JP". This coming from my newly signed 16 year old teammmate as I was explaining to my crew what my bike was doing, Seeing the overwhelming amount of love & admiration people have shown the past two days over the passing of @nicky_hayden tells you the kind of person he was. Looking back, I was so fortunate to see it all unfold before me, Nicky was amazing & he never changed. He was kind, passionate, dedicated, competitive & always positive. That said, his jabbing & quick wit were second to none along with that unreal smile. I was his biggest fan & he had millions. I never stopped believing in him even though the past few years saw him on uncompetitive machinery, I knew how hard he worked. It was an honor & privilege being your teammate Nick & I'll never understand why you were taken from us so soon. Thank you for always having time to chat or text & setting such a great example for so many to try & follow. You were one of a kind & we'll all miss you. Thoughts to all the Hayden family, fiancée Jackie, friends & fans all over the world. RIP #69 #kentuckykid #willneverforget


It has been my dream to see elephants in real life and honestly nothing, not even the rain could ruin it. Has honestly been the BEST day of my life!! 🐘💕🇹🇭 #thailand#elephants#love#travel#amazing#lifegoals#willneverforget#sohappy#bestdayever

2 jahre & der tag danach... #willneverforget @alfheller & @michaeleuringer ❤️&❤️=❤️ #auguri

15년덕질의완성❤️🙌 @michellebranch

"My love it is a black rose (my love it is a black rose)
Held out to you by the hand of fate (held by the hand of fate now)
And as this dark romance grows...
It's not from the sun, but the starlight that's so far away
Above the Devil's garden"-Tiger Army
One of my favorite concerts 🐯🖤#willneverforget #tigerarmy#roseofthedevilsgarden

When you constantly say you have to bring me back the tropical sun, the ocean and sand #missioncompleted #ilovemygift #willneverforget

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