St. Louis Missouri LDS Temple! The big 30! #willmoretempleseries

[Future] Independence Missouri LDS Temple
This is sacred ground we are sitting on. One day a temple of the Lord will be built here. If you look behind us, you can see the plaque that says “Temple Lot” #willmoretempleseries

Monticello Utah LDS Temple. We found ourselves in a very remote part of Utah and visited this small temple in a very small town. ☺️ #willmoretempleseries

Jordan River Utah LDS Temple. We attended the open house for this temple and the kids loved it. Anytime you have the opportunity to go inside a temple, you gotta go. It’s so neat to see the different interior to each temple. #willmoretempleseries

Paris France LDS Temple. I was in France and decided that I should visit this temple no matter how far it was. It was completely worth it. One of the prettiest temple grounds I’ve ever seen. It also had a small but wonderful visitor’s center complete with a model of the inside of the temple. If you ever have the chance to go, do it! #willmoretempleseries

Redlands California LDS Temple. We liked all the seating areas around the temple. #willmoretempleseries

Los Angeles California LDS Temple. This is one of the biggest temples we’ve seen so far! Plus it had a really big Visitors Center too. Definitely a fun one to visit. #willmoretempleseries

Fresno California LDS Temple. As a youth, I had attended the open house of this temple. I had a few memories of this place when we came back. #willmoretempleseries

Sacramento California LDS Temple. We got really lucky with this one, because it was actually closed for maintenance. We took a chance and went up to it and still took this amazing picture. #willmoretempleseries

Oakland California LDS Temple. Notice how this temple doesn’t have an angel Moroni on top. It’s one of the few temples that doesn’t have one. #willmoretempleseries

San Diego California LDS Temple. For about 8 months we lived near this temple and visited a few times. #willmoretempleseries

Cedar City Utah LDS Temple. We actually got to go inside this temple during the open house. My kids loved seeing the beauty of the inside after visiting so many temples. It was an amazing experience to be able to take them. #willmoretempleseries

St. George Utah LDS Temple. Fun fact: this is the oldest temple still standing in the LDS Church. #willmoretempleseries

Las Vegas Nevada LDS Temple. This temple has some beautiful mosaics on the ground. The day we visited it was really hot too, not that much of a surprise though! #willmoretempleseries

Logan Utah LDS Temple. The main reason we were able to see 13 temples in 1 road trip was because I had a cousin getting sealed in this temple. The Logan temple is very unique in its color and has a fun grounds to explore. #willmoretempleseries

Ogden Utah LDS Temple. Fun fact, this temple looked way different before it has been remodeled. #willmoretempleseries

Salt Lake City Utah LDS Temple. This is obviously the temple that has the most to do. We visited only one of the visitor centers! #willmoretempleseries

Draper Utah LDS Temple. The kids had fun sliding on the railings at this temple. It also had an amazing view! #willmoretempleseries

Mt. Timpanogos Utah LDS Temple. This is where Kevin and I were sealed so bringing our kids here was very special. #willmoretempleseries

Provo Utah LDS Temple. This temple has some unique things about it. My kids especially loved the 3 water fountains. #willmoretempleseries

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