And you, oh Cheddar, oh sweet, oh lovely Cheddar, you stand between her father's stomach and mine. #WilliamShakesBrie

We get it, it is hard to share Montgomery's Clothbound Cheddar. Even with the inlaws. This gem is from Neil's Yard Dairy in Sommerset England ♥️
#fortheloveofcheese #sharingiscaring

Now is the Winter of our contentment #WilliamShakesBrie
Tag someone who needs some melted Raclette cheese in their life this weekend 🙌🏼🧀
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The #midnightfeast with #williamshakesbrie - illuminating - the pleasure!
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If Fondue be the food of love, eat on.. #williamshakesbrie
Love this pic of our toastie @jamieson.anna!
#makerandmonger #allthecheese

Now is the Winter of our contentment #WilliamShakesBrie
When is it freezing out, have dinner parties inside! This here is one of our biggest crowd pleasers. Délice de Bourgogne is a triple cream cow's cheese made in Burgundy, France.
It pairs beautifully with marmalade or quince paste on crusty bread with a side of champagne 🥂
#makerandmonger #frenchcheese #tastethedifference #artisancheese

"Do you think because you are virtuous, that there shall be no more mac and cheese?" #WilliamShakesBrie
Were you lucky enough to get some of our Mac and Cheese in its opening weekend? If not, never fear! It will be on the menu every day for the rest of winter!
#allthecheese #makerandmonger #tastethedifference #realfood

"To thine ownself be truffle, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any oil." #WilliamShakesBrie
We only use fresh, in season truffles at #Makerandmonger and with the Prahran Market Truffle and Charcuterie Festival just around the cnr we're hunting through @damianpike 's stash for only the best of the best.
These little bad boys weighed 250gm each!!
#truffle #bestofthebest #tastethedifference #makerandmonger #eatfresh

"Off with his Leg! Now, by Saint Paul I swear,
I will not dine until I see the same" #WilliamShakesBrie
Need some spanish cheese to perfect your selection on International Tapas Day?
This semi-hard artisan Pata de Mulo is one of our favourite raw sheep's milk cheeses and comes from Castilla y León. It's name comes from its oblong shape which is made when it is formed on wooden boards and resembles the leg of a mule!
It has a mild citrus flavour with a firm and creamy texture.
#makerandmonger #internationaltapasday #artisancheese #cheeseislife

"My drops of cheese I'll turn into sparks of fire" #WilliamShakesBrie
The long weekend may be over, but we have the spark that will get you through to Saturday! It starts with Flaming and ends with Reuben 💪🏼🔥🧀
#makerandmonger #allthecheese #flame

If Fondue be the food of love, eat on.. #williamshakesbrie
Love this pic of our toastie @jamieson.anna!
#makerandmonger #allthecheese

Et tu, buffalo? - #WilliamShakesBrie
Yes indeed! - it's back!
Barry from Berry's Creek in Gippsland is making an incredibly delicious buffalo's blue by the name of Riverine. It's light texture and flavour stabs an after dinner cheese plate in the back - its great all day!
The lactic set yoghurt notes give way to a gentle blue spice that has your tastebuds wanting more. Pair with your favourite organic heirlome apples from our neighbours at @paddlewheelprahran
#australiancheese #buffalocheese #artisancheese #organicfood

"I would give all my fame for a pot of ale and grilled cheese"
Yep, that's right folks, you can eat our cheese and drink beer at the same time! Come down to @leonardshouseoflove tonight and tomorrow, there is even a special Raclette for the occasion!
#🤤 #🧀 #🍺

Tis an ill fan that cannot lick his own fingers #WilliamShakesBrie

Three nights only! The Raclette is making the crowds swoon with @robbinsislandwagyu joining the festivities.
Come find us at @leonardshouseoflove

#meltedcheese #allthecheese #makerandmonger

Oh raw milk, raw milk! Wherefore art thou raw milk? #WilliamShakesbrie
Did you know that we have one of the largest ranges of grass fed, raw milk cheeses in Melbourne? #tastethedifference

The course of true love never did run smooth #WilliamShakesBrie
Especially on cold foggy Melbourne mornings at #makerandmonger

I pray you, try and not fall in love with me, For I am more delicious than vows made in wine #WilliamShakesBrie

There's nothing like a Flaming Reuben on a Weekend morning! #🧀 #makerandmonger #allthecheese

A Reuben by any other flame would "not" taste as rich. #WilliamShakesBrie

To scrape or not to scrape that is the question... - #WilliamShakesBrie
When la religieuse crust is perfectly crisp but bubbling, that is the answer. - #makerandmonger

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