The Big Chill by Lawrence Kasdan (1983)
"Karen: I know this is hard but it's all beautiful.

Sarah: Yeah we put on a great funeral here.

Michael: [sarcastically] Yeah, maybe I'll have mine here.

Sarah: We give first priority to people who kill themselves in one of our bathrooms. [the three stop smiling]

Sarah: That was a terrible thing to say... I don't know why I said that."
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With a slight exception with The Fly, this and Eastern Promises is about as mainstream as Cronenberg ever got before going back down to crazy town. A History of Violence is less Cronenberg’s usual twisted minds and perversion of bodies, and more on personal identity and its affect on family. And even then Cronenberg proves to be the master.

Tom is an all around small town American and family man who just likes running his little corner diner. His life changes when 2 gangsters raise hell in his shop, looking to kill Tom. Only Tom jumps to action and shoots them first. Attracting the attention of more gangsters who call Tom By another name: Joey, there’s little to believe Tom could know these men. But then again, if Tom was just the well mannered nice guy everyone knows he is, Tom would have died.

So Tom really is this Joey btw, but that’s not the point of the movie. The twist doesn’t matter. What matters is this theme of duality and the damaged trust Tom’s wife and son now feel to a man who has lied to them for years. Even though the family has their own duality they are afraid of just how far Tom is in relation to Joey. But Tom doesn’t want to be man he used to be, he wants love, which the film’s emotionally journey asks if we can truly change completely and escape our history. (In the case of Gunn, the answer is no, apparently. Account hacking Liberal bastards). As much as I love Cronenberg’s surreal horror stuff, this film, in its heartbreaking dramatic intimacy and warmth in the family, is satisfying to see from the director. He takes a mainstream genre and makes the violence harder to stomach because real people are afraid of public shootings and those who comfortably take a life. From an evolutionary view, they can’t survive in a violent world like Joey can. Does Tom deserve love and belong with his family? #nowwatching #cinephile #lovemovies #cinema #movies #movie #film #cinephilecommunity #dvdcollection #dvds #moviecollection #ahistoryofviolence #davidcronenberg #viggomortensen #edharris #williamhurt #mariabello

Watched "Altered States" again. This movie just keeps getting better and better. Masterpiece. #kenrussell#alteredstates#williamhurt#jessicalange#movie#1980#horror#bodyhorror#birthofaman#isolationtank#nowwatching

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Into the Wild (2007)
• ⭐️ Emile Hirsch
• ⭐️ Marcia Gay Harden
• ⭐️ William Hurt
• ⭐️ Vince Vaughn
• ⭐️ Catherine Keener
• ⭐️ Kristen Stewart
• ⭐️ Hal Holbrook
• 🎬 Sean Penn
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Kiss of the Spider Woman
Pencils on paper

Last night we started watching the TV miniseries of Dune. Far more linear and less interesting than the David Lynch version, but more faithful to the book. Worth watching.
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O melhor tipo de filme é aquele que te faz refletir, deixar suas convicções e ideologias abaladas, te deixar questionando inúmeras coisas durante horas, dias, meses. E nada melhor do que iniciar aquele momento de ruptura e mudança tão desejada, fazendo dele a sua própria sessão de terapia. Filme preferido, definitivamente, pra toda a vida! #intothewild #nanaturezaselvagem #seanpenn #emilehirsch #williamhurt #marciagayharden #halholbrook #catherinekeener #kristenstewart #eddievedder #chrismccandless #christophermccandless #alexandersupertramp #movie #classic2000s #classic2000smovie #movie2007 #2007

In Noise (2007), Tim Robbins plays a New Yorker who’s fed up with car alarms to the point where he vandalizes them. As he resorts to being a vigilante known as The Rectifier, we see his relationship with his wife decimated. When the law’s about to catch up to him, a new woman enters the fold to help him with a new way of going about his plan to stop all the extraneous noise. This film tries to go in a bunch of different directions with its message, but it doesn’t deliver on any of them. Trying to be a comedy at times, it’s usually in places that offset the darker tone of the film. Philosophical messages of the human condition and how we’re all sheep is tied in, but rarely comes across as meaningful enough to evoke change. Characters seem so conflicted with their emotions at points, only to suddenly adopt new ways of thinking. All this happens without much screen time having gone by to even show us how they made such a drastic change. For example, the wife of The Rectifier goes from calling the guy crazy in one scene to being pleased with him in the next. It’s things like this that make the viewer weary of how much context was really put into the film. All in all, the motives of the characters seem far-fetched based on how they respond to change. The movie tries too hard to deliver a message, while forgetting to focus on the screenplay and character arcs at hand. If more time was put into making a movie out of it, Noise could’ve delivered. Rather, it’s a middling attempt at using entertainment to make people think differently.
Let us know what you think about “Noise”!

#PosterADay No. 200: Broadcast News

I CANNOT believe I’ve made it to 200 already! Yikes! The year is flying by. I’ve done 200+ posters but so far none of them mean as much as Broadcast News does to me. This is a movie I had seen on cable here and there a couple times throughout the hears and never thought much more of. A couple days after the 2016 election, in pure mental and physical exhaustion, I put this movie on just as a distraction. I’ve never felt more engaged, loved, or happy while watching a movie. Every time Holly Hunter suddenly broke out in tears so did I. Every time Albert Brooks had a witty retort I’d break out into a full body laugh. I was in one of the worst, most anxious periods of my life, wrestling with whether or not to come out, trying to comprehend a world on the brink of disaster, and this sly 80s comedy/drama just nonchalantly put its hand on my shoulder and let me cry it out. Needless to say I came out the next day and have never looked back. Thank you, James L. Brooks. You saved my life.

The heatwave continues with Lawrence Kasdan's Body Heat. This film sizzles. From the career best performance by Kathleen Turner to the magnetic turn by Mickey Rourke this film cranks up the heat. You will sweat just watching this film.

Robin Hood

Today I checked out Altered States, a wildly ambitious sci-fi flick from Ken Russell. It's crazy to imagine there was a time when Hollywood would allow filmmakers to go all out from a creative perspective. I could guaranteed that modern Hollywood would'nt make one like this at all. This one is just wild. Ambiguous from a visual and storytelling perspective. An utter dream-like hallucinatory adventure of a man who his trying resurrect his more primitive self. One of the more underrated sci-fi films of the 80's. This one is on Filmstruck.

Score: 9/10

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