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I'll reserve judgement until more details are revealed but please believe that my side-eye is ready to be deployed at a moments notice. Will it focus on his time as #DetroitRed? That's the only period of time in his life I could see Hollywood wanting to exploit, glamorize and capitalize on. Time will tell... (PS, @blackvoices, get your life and spell his name right. Damn #YouHadOneJob😒😒😒) #MalcolmX #TreadLightly #WillDragYourAss #ByAnyMeansNecessary #BlackLikeVanilla
From @blackvoices: The life of #CivilRightsActivist Malcolm X will be the focus of an upcoming TV drama that’s currently in development. 
According to The #HollywoodReporter, independent studio Critical Content has bought to rights to the Pulitzer-Prize winning biography Malcolm X: A #LifeOfReinvention written by #ManningMarable. "#BoardwalkEmpire” writer #DavidMatthews has been tapped to write the pilot script for the series, which is not yet tied to a network. 
Marable’s book, published in 2011, is widely considered to be the ultimate record of the life of Malcolm X. Deadline reports that the drama series will draw heavily on previously unknown details revealed in the book about the outspoken black activist. 
#SpikeLee’s epic biopic “Malcolm X” starring #DenzelWashington is perhaps the best known onscreen depiction of the activist’s life. Washington received a Best Actor Academy Award nomination for the film.

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