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could you imagine Mike with powers? you’re 3 most used emojis are your reaction! 😂😳🔥 (not mine) — follow (@badass_eleven) if you’re viewing! 💕✨

≫ love & war™
≫ ac: me cc: sxperlena dt: @awtozier obviously
guESs WhOs bAcK

homeboy is gonna like... get it.
for eden!!!
ac; sspookyjim edited cc;nunchi
i don’t stan him, I just think he’s hot

Which season of #StrangerThings was your favourite?💯🤔


name; Madison Wheeler
model ; lily collins
description ; Madison (Mads, maddie, lil wheels) Wheeler is the cousin to Mike, Nancy & Holly, she is sixteen. Madison moved to Hawkins a few months after the Hargrove’s. Madison currently resides in the wheelers house in the spare room until her parents can sort out there issues. Madison is a bright girl and despite her past is always usually happy. Maddie is very close to her cousin Nancy and Nancy is currently her only friend. She has a rough past that she doesn’t like to speak of and is very sensitive about it. Madison is obsessed with scary movies & puppies and is very dirty minded


⇢ this is the post i was really excited to show you guys! i really hope ya’ll like it!!

q- should i make more like this?

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