I am a wild woman. It would take a warrior to tame my spirit. #nikkirowe #wildwoman #wildwomanrising #wildsister #motherhood #birth #wildmama #risewomenrise

Today I affirm:
I am learning to lean into life,
into healing,
into the bold & risky,
pain and the joy
I open up and become willing πŸ’‹Xo Haley .
Happy Sunday! What are you affirming today? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ‘‡
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One of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life 😍 ... Yes, of course, I have tried the local pizza and gelato πŸ˜ŽπŸ’›πŸ€— #lavitaebella #dolcevita #italy #happinessis #happiness #happy #bossbabetravels #magicallife #girlbosstravels #girlboss

Some days, my life is an episode of β€œThe Epic Battles of Has-Her-Shit-Together-Woman vs The Anxiety Vixen”. I share this because the struggle is real and a battle of which one should not be ashamed. It’s past time to get past the stigma of mental illness by loving ourselves and each other. #anxiety #mentalhealth #wildwomanrising #loveyourself


Last night I was blessed with what I call "Sacred Me Time", and it has carried on through today.
This is space to just BE. When my everyday responsibilities ease, and I throw away the clock and just allow...
Sacred Me Time is for doing whatever it is I feel lead to do. πŸŒ™ .
This session has included watching all of Frontier Season 2 (OMG, so good!). Sitting on my front deck surrounded by wild plants, cloaked in the still, crisp winter night. Cuddles with my puppy πŸ’œ Curling up with my delicious current read. Casting some magic. Having trancendant moments with music. And getting paint all over myself! .
Sacred Me Time includes moments of "brain dead time", where we can just relax and have our minds transported on the waves of captivating stories and the creativity of others. .
And it has spaces of "nothingness", of just being with self, with minimal stimulation. It's amazing the things that come to us when we allow that kind of space! Creativity bubbles, shadow is realised and integrated, we connect on such a deep level with self and whatever else our focus is on.
Creativity needs the space of Sacred Me Time to truly be ignited. This is where creativity stretches and breathes. New ideas appear, solutions form, and our fire element roars to life! .
Remember to gift yourself with Sacred Me Time every now and then. It's lifeblood. In this clear space, when we are relaxed and engaged in activities we LOVE, so many of the problems we are facing are solved, the answers we need can surface. And let's not forget that joy lives here!

Oh, feels so good to be back again
Nah nah nah
I've been thinking 'bout time
I've been thinking 'bout space
I know I might sound crazy
But I'm tryna get down in a real good space
I just wanna be safe
I just wanna feel good every morning, every single damn morning that I wake
I've been looking for a place
Where the sun shines all the time
Good loving in my soul is what I crave
I ain't worried 'bout the hate
Last year was a good year for your girl
I've been keeping up with the paceπŸ‘‘
So don't be coming with the bull
Had a good year, now you starting to see my faceπŸ’‹
Ain't worried 'bout the fate
Kinda over all the hard times I've been through
(Love brought me to you)
And I kinda feel loose
My heart I choose
My heart been broke down in the dirt and I finally see blue
Raised hands feel focused
And I'm done being brokenπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘‘
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Just practicing car selfies 🀣😍, preparing for our 3,000 mile road trip πŸ›£! One work week left and then we head out on our first Adventure together! πŸ’•πŸ’‹ #Bigtree #wecute #wildwomanrising #carselfie #sodamngrateful #wanderlust #loveherbutleaveherwild #latergram

Let the storm of chaos wash away your fears
Your doubts
Let go of your insecurities
And when the storm clouds pass
Walk out with your head held high
With your ambitions bigger then
The storm itself
Rise before those
That said you couldn't
Rise with those
that believed in you
Dance with your circle
Create magic with your
Soul sisters
And lift those
That are traveling
Through their storm
Together we will recreate the magic
Of those before us
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F A I L U R E::
Failure is part of the success equation.
Feeling like a failure, messing shit up, having people you love judge you etc. it happens.
The difference really comes when you decide to continue. To persevere.
How has your perceived failures served you?
I wrote an article for @badasserymag that talks all about what failure has taught me about success. Interested?
Check it out. Link in bio. 😘
πŸ“Έ @thechakracoach πŸ¦‹
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The best ingredients for #yourbeautifullife are always available to you - or you can gather them.

For many years I was pretty unaware of this fact. And it made me feel so disempowered and frustrated. Trapped inside what others thought was a 'good life'. My life now is barely recognizable. For good. A life fully aligned with my values: Freedom, Love, Beauty, Spirit.

But I had to transform so much of who I was. To become the woman I really am. It wasn't easy. I had to shed my own skin again and again. I had to let go of beliefs, relationships, habits, security, career...you name it.
As one of my favourite mentors says 'it wasn't always pretty, but it was always beautiful'. Living a life that was not in alignment with my true essence was a very painful experience that was killing my soul. Merely going by, even inside a so called 'good life' is a total self-betrayal.

But creating a beautiful life for ourselves, one that is deeply aligned with who we are and what we love and are passionate about is the most profound act of self-respect and self-love you could go for in this lifetime.

Maybe you are having the feeling that you've OUTGROWN your current life. Or a particular area of your life. For a conscious, soulful woman that's totally natural at different stages of her life. Say YES to transformation. Be willing to uplevel your life. Be willing to learn whatever is needed.

Don't wait as I did in the old times for pain and frustation to take over and dim your light.

I am in one of those moments this year. And I am saying a full YES to a fascinating uplevel regarding my calling, my creativity, my daily flow and my spiritual path.

I feel it in my heart that if you stayed with me to this point your Feminine Soul is also calling you forth into some kind of liberation, into your next level of expansion and blooming.

And if you're there now I'd love to support you. So that you feel fully connected to your Wild Woman. Inside her lives the inspiration, intuition, clarity, inner power and fierce love for yourself and your life that will allow to create #yourbeautifulrevolution this summer.

Just DM me if you feel inspired to have a chatπŸ’•

La vita e bella! Te amo, Italy! #livingthedream #italy #dreamsdocometrue #loa

My job is holding space for women.
They feel safe enough to share their fears, challenges, emotions, tears. It’s a real honour and a blessing.
Their vulnerability and the beauty in their vulnerability has inspired me to lean into mine.
To allow emotions to flow freely in classes I attend.
Although I am the teacher for the space I hold, I am also the ever student. Grateful for the lessons and the mirror that arise.
So, thank you to all the women who have cried on the Mat or in a circle with me.
Thank you to all of you have have shared your body challenges, post partum changes and fears. Shared the dark and light of your soul.

You have given me permission to do the same. And together, we connect again with our divine feminine, heal the wounds of ourselves, our mothers and the women who have walked before us -to again reclaim our true essence, and the raw beauty and shakti power that comes with it.
Every time you are bold enough, courageous enough to be vulnerable and open, you pave the way for all your sisters to do the same. Our strength is not in our ability is mimic the masculine but in our trust and depth into our feminine. .

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Always come back to Istha Devata. The space of devotion. In your heart. Surrender to life. Again and again. To all of it. Breathe. Hold. Breathe again. Love. Loose yourself. In love. Over and over again.

Welcome home goddess. You are beautiful. In love.
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