Let's see him🦄 !!There’s your motivation 💪🏻 love him everyday

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Filly N9BFT-KP Alexandria’s Angel turned one in September. Her dam, N9BFT-K Dr. Jay passed away last spring. So it’s only a guess, but she is possibly smaller than she should be because she stopped nursing abruptly at a young age. Her grandmother, N9BFT Queen Latifah is always by her side. Grandmothers are amazing that way. ❤️ She is presumably Bayberry’s daughter (she has his curly mane) but DNA samples have just collected, so we should know for sure before to long. She’s turning into a beautiful mare! And by the way, she and her grandmother are no longer with Bayberry, but are on the OSV with Stallion Mr. Frisky Hooves.

Queue “Wild Horses” by the Sunday’s and check out the most magical mountain-side wedding complete with wild ponies as guests of honor on the blog TODAY. If you only go to my website once in your life, let this be the occasion.

@seanweekly showing how to get the trust of the wild pony on the mountains of mid wales . This show how gentle and calm he is,at getting  he's subject to relax before he takes the photo .

Here’s another pic of the mama and baby pony, as we were finishing our hike and getting ready to leave the park. Thinking about being with these little cuties instead of having to be at work for the next two and a half hours.

When your happy to start with my face donkey 😀🦄SHARE this cute photo with your friends


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Got a horizontal version of this shot from @parabopress and I simply can’t wait for it to arrive!

Wildlife spotting up at Loch Druidibeg yesterday and met this wee cutie 🐴💕☺️ #campervan #autumn #scotspirit #wildponies #southuist

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