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Battling chronic illness, the days seem to blur together. I had no idea it'd been so long since I'd posted here! But here we are, it's Fall. Hope all my photography and #tadaa friends are well! Some pretty Autumn plants, a quick hello to all of you!

Sometimes when there's no peace around you, you have to find a way to create some peace inside yourself. Going through photos of less chaotic times. This one taken underwater in the Atlantic at Bathsheba, Barbados. 🇧🇧

Find beauty in the ordinary. See like you're a child discovering everything for the first time. When you really stop to look, what we typically walk past without a second glance can be truly exquisite. Notice these things of beauty - they detract from some of the ugliness and hate we're all exposed to day in, day out.

Happy Monday, friends. Wishing you a good week ahead! 💜

Looking forward to a little vacation at a cottage on the water next month. Could definitely use some of this peace and quiet again. Life has been too chaotic for my liking of late. Time for a nature photography break.

Just some Friday pretty. Going to make a concerted effort to post here more. Hope all my #Tadaa buddies are well! 💜

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