The gangster of this morning 😂. This mail and his family entered our room at 8am and started quickly taking everything they saw.
First they took @famousamos.my. This proves that monkey got good taste😝.
So we started feeding them, gave away all our bananas, cookies... But needed to say more you give more demanding they are. At certain moment we had to lock the door as they brought all of the relatives 😋. Now we know what the meaning of the signboard on our balcony: be aware of monkey 🙄.
See the video in my stories.

Battling chronic illness, the days seem to blur together. I had no idea it'd been so long since I'd posted here! But here we are, it's Fall. Hope all my photography and #tadaa friends are well! Some pretty Autumn plants, a quick hello to all of you!

Sometimes when there's no peace around you, you have to find a way to create some peace inside yourself. Going through photos of less chaotic times. This one taken underwater in the Atlantic at Bathsheba, Barbados. 🇧🇧

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